National Parks Foundation Donation

National Parks Foundation Donation

National Parks Foundation Donation – We all need to help preserve the landscape and history of our national parks. The National Park Foundation helps direct charitable giving to the National Park Service’s greatest needs. See how your gift can help make the park better.

NPF is the proud host of the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, which invites us all to reflect on the magnificent power of gardens. CBS aired the 1523 ceremony in 2023.

National Parks Foundation Donation

National Parks Foundation Donation

Explore our programs and partnerships across the National Park System and learn how you can give to the areas that interest you most.

Apple Celebrates 105 Years Of America’s National Parks

Thanks to the generosity of donors, NPF does great things in the parks. However, there is still work to be done.

What happens when the bears are moved from the park? A bear traveled 1,000 miles to his home in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Between visits to your favorite parks, our newsletters are a great way to learn about the latest state park projects, programs and opportunities.

Our work in the parks is dependent on the generous and ongoing support of our partners. This tradition of giving is vital to preserving America’s most special places. Donate $10 to the National Park Foundation with every paid purchase through August 29th.

Outdoor Organizations And Nonprofits To Support

Since 1916, the National Park Service has been responsible for protecting nature’s wonders and making them accessible to the public. (Photo courtesy of Austin Mann Photography. Taken on iPhone 12 Pro.)

As the US National Park Service turns 105, today it’s sharing new ways for customers to learn about and celebrate America’s parks. This week through August 29th, $10 will be donated to the National Park Foundation for every purchase made through the checkout, in-store app or in a US store.

Observational event contests and exclusive content collections also allow customers to tour the parks or celebrate from home. These collections include maps, app stores, TV apps and podcasts, books and music.

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National Parks Foundation Donation

“Every year, our national parks get better and better,” said CEO Tim Cook. “We are honored to play a small role in helping more people explore the park, learn about its history, and renew their love and appreciation for the planet we share.”

Give & Grow Donations

Contributions from the National Park Foundation support youth programs, including the Science Diversity Internship Program. Internships provide underrepresented youth with meaningful, hands-on work experience in professional natural resource sciences.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to work for NPS,” said Edwin Torres, who recently interned at Central Washington University in North Cascades National Park. “I see these parks as spiritual spaces that help you connect with nature. I always consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to work in these parks, and through this program I have learned skills that will help. “I am majoring in natural resource management, and I believe I can use my experience in this program to address the dynamic challenges facing our parks.”

“National parks are places to marvel and learn,” said Will Schaffroth, president and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “Through ongoing partnerships and a commitment to connecting young people with America’s diverse natural and cultural heritage, we are helping the National Park Service excite and engage students with educational opportunities across the nation.”

Discover more than 400 National Park Service-protected areas on a map with 24 contour lines.

Florida State Parks Foundation

Maps is a collection of 24 guides selected by the National Park Foundation to help people discover and experience these treasured landscapes. These guides cover more than 400 places protected by the National Park Service, hidden gems and exciting urban escapes, from a stone’s throw from America’s biggest cities to parks where kids of all ages can explore, learn and thrive. Users can also save national parks to My Guide, create personal guides and share them with friends and family as they plan trips.

The App Store is celebrating the National Park Service by highlighting the official National Park Service app as its App of the Day. Users can further enjoy the beauty of the national parks by exploring a collection of essential apps for travelers that highlight apps like RV Rentals to help travelers plan their trips. AllTrails: WaterMinder, a water reminder for hiking, biking and running, adventurers with new outdoor trails.

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TV app users can find collections on Watch Now that celebrate the history, stories and wonders of national parks, featuring documentaries such as Ken Burns’ National Parks: America’s Best Ideas and Free Solo.

National Parks Foundation Donation

Through August, the station will feature a collection of programs focused on exploring and celebrating the great outdoors for listeners across the United States. At Books, customers will find a collection of books for adults and children that encourage families to get outside and explore our state parks. With Music’s “Nature Waits” playlist, listeners can hit the game even if they can’t go outside and sit back and let their imaginations wander.

Memberships And Donations: Regional Parks Foundation

On August 28, users from all over the world are encouraged to appreciate the natural beauty of national parks by participating in an event challenge. Watch users can earn limited-edition prizes and animated stickers by completing a walk, walk, run or wheelchair workout of over a mile that day.

On August 28, Watch users can win limited-edition prizes with an event challenge inspired by the national parks. Apple will donate to the National Park Foundation through Apple Pay through August 29th at US Apple stores and Apple websites.

Updates to Apple’s website include new additions related to Apple Pay. On the bottom of the cover, a section reports that Apple is donating funds to the National Park Foundation.

From August 23rd to August 29th, Apple will make a donation to the organization for every Apple Pay purchase made at an Apple Store, Apple website, or Apple Store app between those times. “Celebrating our National Parks,” Apple said in the announcement, as the U.S. National Park Service celebrates its 105th anniversary in 2021.

Memorial To Rockefeller Foundation Donation Establishing Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Newfound Gap, Border Of Nc And Tn. Digital Photograph Stock Photo

The terms and conditions state that the store is eligible for trades in US stores, limited to the first 100,000 trades, and has a minimum purchase of $10. It’s not clear how much Apple will pay for each qualifying transaction.

The offer echoes a similar promotion launched around the same time in 2020. In this case, Apple donates $10 to the National Park Foundation for every qualifying transaction.

Apple Watch owners can celebrate National Parks with an event challenge on August 28, with prizes awarded for completing a one-mile walk, run, walk or wheelchair workout (1.6km) or more. Participants also choose cartoon stickers of messages.

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National Parks Foundation Donation

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Ohio State Parks Foundation

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National Parks Foundation Donation

It is reported that Apple is preparing to release the Vision Pro to consumers in February, with last-minute supply chain, accessory suppliers and developer activations underway. After celebrating the back-to-school season last week with an exclusive Apple Pay offer, Apple today announced a new promotion aimed at supporting America’s national parks. The company has pledged to donate $10 to the National Park Foundation for every Apple Pay transaction made at Apple over the next week.

National Park Foundation And Union Wine Company


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