International Rescue Committee Donate

International Rescue Committee Donate

International Rescue Committee Donate – The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides a wide range of emergency assistance and long-term support to vulnerable refugees – including at-risk groups such as women and children – to help them cope with and recover from the crisis. All donations go directly to IRC for immediate use in Tigray, Ethiopia with local partners. The needs are urgent and we can do something! Donate directly on IRC at All donations are 100% safe and tax deductible through the International Rescue Committee, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Ethiopia’s Tigray region is struggling with multiple humanitarian crises. The UN is calling for urgent action and support to save lives. I lived and worked in Ethiopia, this country has a special place in my heart. The current conflict and instability in Tigray is absolutely tragic, with over 70,000 refugees fleeing ongoing violence in the region and over 1.7 million displaced.

International Rescue Committee Donate

International Rescue Committee Donate

It is with a burning desire to help that I am raising funds and awareness by participating in the MARATHON DES SABLE in October 2021. While these funds cannot alleviate political strife, they can provide urgent relief to those who need it most. many – vulnerable and vulnerable women. children at risk of exploitation and abuse. I can no longer passively watch the growing humanitarian crisis, so I am running… running for Tigray.

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All donations go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to distribute aid and supplies to Tigray. The IRC is on the ground providing critical medical care, clean water and other aid to Ethiopia and other crisis-affected areas. Your donation can help them reach families who are struggling to survive.

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