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Donate To Bidens Campaign – Biden’s Donation Boost Plan: Focus on Obama and TrumpPlus: The Mothership of All Hollywood Sci-Fi Memorabilia Just Landed

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Donate To Bidens Campaign

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Biden Campaign Corrals High Dollar Donors While Facing Reelection Headwinds And Lagging Poll Numbers

With dollar donations falling to many campaigns, President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is looking to boost donations and finish strong in the September 30 quarter: former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Two of Biden’s new successors are already or are expected to be the focus of announcements soon. Biden’s campaign is running promotions on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win plane tickets and hotel stays to meet him and Obama. As of Monday, according to Meta’s ad library, the campaign had run more than 300 ads with the promotion using 10 different graphics, half of which were gradients.

Digital ads promoting a chance to win plane tickets and hotel stays to meet Obama and Biden. Credit: Biden Campaign

Obama also appears in a video ad for the Biden campaign, asking supporters to donate. The spot ends with Biden on camera, as if filming, thanking his former boss: “Thanks, Obama.”

Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign Pledged Not To Take Special Interest Money — But Not His Pac

Trump rarely appears in Biden ads these days. When he does, it’s usually with other Republican candidates lumped together as “MAGA” extremists, like this ad about abortion on the Google platform. In the coming weeks, campaign officials told NBC News that the campaign will focus more on messages that Trump and his allies are a threat to democracy.

They sent screenshots of a digital ad featuring Obama and Biden (above) and a graphic introducing Obama and Biden in the campaign’s text listing (below). Credit: Biden Campaign

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It’s no surprise that Biden emphasized the 44th and 45th presidents of the United States in his campaign. Not only has it worked before (see: 2020), but Obama and Trump are the most and least popular presidents, respectively, among Democrats. In an August Pew Research Center poll, 58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said Obama has done the best job as president in the past 40 years, while 2 percent said the same of Trump, who is tied for last with President Bush. . Only 7% said Biden did the best job.

Donate To Bidens Campaign

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Tuesday he will ask a House committee to open an impeachment inquiry into Biden. On social media, White House spokesman Ian Sams called it “extremist politics at its worst”.

Biden Says He And Dems Raised $71m, Trump Leads Gop And More Fundraising Takeaways

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After a year-long, $50 million renovation, the White House Situation Room opened last week for meetings with Biden and national security personnel.

More than just a room, the Situation Room occupies 5,500 square feet in the West Wing, with several conference and office spaces. John F. The main conference room named after Kennedy (above) has leather seating for 12 people and the president at a desk, with leather chairs around the perimeter of the room. The observatory (below) is a 24/7 operations center. I guess you can go into god mode on Netflix there, right?

After the failed Kennedy-led Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, members of the Obama administration’s situation room learned of the mission to take out Osama bin Laden in 2011. It was last renovated in 2007.

Here Are The Billionaires Backing Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign, As Of March 2020

According to the Associated Press, the space’s renovation includes offices with mahogany paneling from Maryland, stone from a Virginia quarry and glass panels that can be turned opaque for privacy with the push of a button.

President Joe Biden cuts the ribbon for the renovated State Room at the White House, Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023. Credit: Adam Schultz / White House Handout

Mark Gustafson, manager of the Situation Room, told the AP that Biden thought “the update was amazing” when he visited it last week, and Gustafson remarked that while past visitors have been disappointed, the space has not lived up to expectations. That will no longer be the case.

Donate To Bidens Campaign

“2001: A Space Odyssey” astronaut spacesuit set (left), Nichelle Nichols’ “Lt. Uhura” Starfleet Uniform from “Stark Trek: The Original Series” season 3 (top right), and the Starfleet Communicator one from “Star Trek: The Original Series” ” (bottom right). Credit: Heritage Auctions

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Cryptocurrency Ceo Donated Second Largest Amount To Joe Biden’s Campaign

Before his death last year at age 76, model designer Greg Jean was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and an Emmy for his work on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Now his collection of Hollywood props and sci-fi memorabilia is headed for auction.

More than 550 items from Gene’s collection are being sold through Heritage Auctions, including models of the alien mothership and Devil’s Tower he built for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

Gene swapped and collected props from other movies throughout his career, so in addition to plenty of “Star Trek” memorabilia (William Shatner’s Captain Kirk laceless hair, anyone?), there are also “Star Wars” items, including a complete, original Stormtrooper. is costume (bids start at $200,000) and a Red One X-wing Starfighter miniature (bids start at $400,000).

L.A. Originally, Gene graduated from Cal State Los Angeles and created models and miniatures for industrial lighting and magic, Walt Disney Imagineering, and defense contractors such as Lockheed and Hughes Aircraft.

Biden Puts Climate Change At Center Of Presidential Campaign, Calling Trump A ‘climate Arsonist’

“It was an inspiration,” said Joe Maddalena, executive vice president of Heritage Auctions, in a statement. “Being able to curate his collection is one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done because I feel like I’m a custodian of my friend’s treasures.”

An artist is selling a collection of men’s underwear he left behind for $50,000. The artwork consists of 68 pairs of vacuum-sealed men’s underwear. [Artnet News]

Presidential centers from Hoover to Bush to Obama united to warn about the fragile state of American democracy. In a joint statement for the first time, 13 presidential libraries said in part

Donate To Bidens Campaign

Americans have a vested interest in supporting democracy and human rights movements around the world because free societies elsewhere contribute to our security and prosperity here at home. But that interest weakens when others see our house in disarray. The world will not wait to solve our problems, so we must both continue to strive for a more perfect union and support those who seek US leadership abroad. Each of us has roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Our elected officials must lead by example and govern effectively for the American people. This, in turn, will help restore confidence in the public service. The rest of us should engage in civil conversation; respecting democratic institutions and rights; advocacy for safe, secure and accessible elections; and contribute to local, state or national improvement.

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Chart: How The Single Highest Donation Differs Between 2020 Candidates

I’m a fake brand, in a fake world: Secrets behind designing a great fictional brand for TV and film. Dough Beer, Dunder Mifflin Paper, Wonka Candies, Barbie merchandise…we’ve seen machine-made brands move seamlessly from the screen to the real world. So what is the key to their success? [that’s nice]

How personalized license plates took over America. There are over 8,000 plates in all 50 states plus D.C. [Fast Company]

An actual plaque on the shower door at Ronald Reagan’s home in Pacific Palisades, California, called for approval by then-President Jimmy Carter in 1980. The original General Electric Showcase House was built for Reagan in 1956 when he took over the company’s headquarters. “General Electric Theatre”, and architect William R. Designed by Stephenson. Thirty S&P 500 CEOs vote for Biden with their wallets, though 15 don’t support Trump.

S&P 500 CEOs combined to give more money to Trump’s campaign than to Biden’s campaign, even though the Democratic challenger had more S&P CEOs as donors.

Trump Raised 5 Times As Much Money From America’s Top Ceos As Biden

As the Nov. 3 election spurred record campaign contributions, S&P 500 CEOs are helping fund the war chests of President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, as well as other Republican and Democratic politicians.

In their personal politics, these CEOs have tended to give more to Trump than to Biden. About 15 CEOs of the S&P 500 US:SPX gave $2.489 billion to fundraising groups affiliated with Trump’s main campaign committee, the Republican National Committee or pro-Trump super PACs.

Meanwhile, 30 CEOs have given $536,100 to Biden’s main campaign committee, the Democratic National Committee Joint Groups, or pro-Biden super PACs. The figures come from an analysis of Federal Election Commission data processed on individual contributions made between January 2019 and August 2020. This includes anyone taking the position of CEO of a company that is part of the S&P 500 in 2019 or 2020.

Donate To Bidens Campaign

As shown in the chart below, the S&P CEO

Nigeria Not Donating $600m To Biden’s Campaign Over False Trump Links To Separatist Group

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