K9 For Warriors Donations

K9 For Warriors Donations

K9 For Warriors Donations – Funds were raised to help the organization provide service dogs to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service.

As of Wednesday night, the total amount raised was $516,218. You can continue to donate until midnight Friday for the final total to be counted.

K9 For Warriors Donations

K9 For Warriors Donations

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K9s For Warriors’

Each year, First Coast News helps raise funds to help build a kennel that serves a special purpose for dogs. They help veterans who are struggling with suicidal thoughts or suffering from PTSD.

“I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012. I was married and had three children,” said U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Olson (retired).

Olson served five years as a petty officer second class in the U.S. Navy and three and a half years as a sergeant in the U.S. Army.

His experiences while serving his country deeply affected him. Olson was constantly awake, struggled with anxiety and depression, and went through a divorce.

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“We had some traumatic events in the unit I was in, which caused some PTSD. “I struggled with it,” Olson said. “When you go out, you lose the spirit of service.”

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Everything changed when he got his own service dog named Sigma. The 6-year-old Labrador retriever knows when Olson is in physical or emotional pain.

“He could tell when the tone of my voice was changing,” Olson said. “He usually comes and interrogates me.”

K9 For Warriors Donations

Daniel Olson served his country in both branches of the military and returned with physical pain and post-traumatic stress disorder because of it.

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“Unfortunately, our donations are down 50% this year,” said Rory Diamond, CEO of K9s for Warriors. “Even during the pandemic, we try to train dogs and help veterans.”

Due to a lack of donations, the group’s service dog waiting list has grown from two to four years, Diamond said.

“K9s for the Warriors were created about 10 years ago. We rescue dogs. We train them to be great service dogs for our disabled American veterans,” Diamond said. “So far we have matched approximately 650 warriors with new service dogs.”

Vacant land in Ponte Vedra will be home to the largest K9 service dog training facility in the entire country and will be funded by public donations.

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“That [having a service dog] is now a responsibility that you have because you’re responsible for something else. “It gives you a purpose,” Olson said.

“Service dogs are there and they bond with you. They are your best friends. “They are always there for you,” Olson said.

Olson currently works for a non-profit organization and helps give hope to other veterans with an understanding and friendly presence.

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K9 For Warriors Donations

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