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Donate Aspca – Thank you to our amazing supporters who shop at AmazonSmile, we’re honored to announce that they’ve helped us raise over $10 million to date to support our lifesaving work.

AmazonSmile is a charitable program that generates significant funds for the charity of your choice when you shop at or when AmazonSmile is included in the Amazon Shopping app. When you complete a purchase through AmazonSmile, 0.5% of the product purchase price is donated to a charity of your choice.

Donate Aspca

“Thank you to everyone who uses AmazonSmile to support our efforts to save and protect the lives of animals,” said President and CEO Matt Bershadker. “The community plays a vital role in helping endangered animals survive and thrive, and we are always delighted to see such a committed and compassionate response.”

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At no extra cost, shopping with AmazonSmile helps us continue to support the nation’s most vulnerable animals. Simply visit to select the charity of your choice and turn on AmazonSmile in the Amazon Shopping app.

Don’t forget! You can support various program groups by donating items we need through our Amazon Smile charity listings.

We sincerely thank everyone who chose to help us through AmazonSmile. This exciting chapter would not have been possible without each of you! The biggest hurdle our team faced was deconstructing the current architecture and finding ways to deliver better calls to action that resonated with different key user groups. The donation process needed tweaking due to inconsistent messaging and a clunky form experience—some users landed on the donation page but took no action, while others hesitated to become monthly donors even though they were known to donate frequently. We found the taxonomy and call to action around various major animal issues confusing for their audience. This was the first step we took to work together on the architecture and overall navigation with stakeholders and users to see if we could minimize high-level navigation as much as possible through simple tagging exercises, and more. Clearly send messages that align with the ASPCA brand message.

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My team and I began this journey by first conducting multiple rounds of interviews with learning and resource teams, engagement teams, marketing and executive leaders to better understand their expectations and goals for the position. We found a lack of communication between groups around content that aligns with the ASPCA strategic plan, and beyond that, no sense of healing. The site is filled with old content, duplicates and dead links. This was partly because the current CMS platform was a bottleneck preventing content from being published in a timely manner, which was difficult to maintain internally.

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Expand and improve engagement around donations and fundraising by creating ways to track progress and valuable content by making active donors feel valued and recognized.

Develop effective ways to demonstrate how donor funds are being used to support key animal groups by demonstrating results. This focused on initiatives and goals in the ASPCA’s strategic plan to increase shelter pet adoptions and strengthen animal protections under the law.

Create a sense of empathy and urgency with content to attract potential donors and provide clear and simple ways to donate.

Donate Aspca

While it’s clear that the ASPCA website is outdated and in need of some love, we wanted to gather more information about how often users visit the website. We’ve explored the type of content that pulls them back, the drivers that make them give or give away, and overall current likes and dislikes. We also took the opportunity to use eye tracking software to verify a few pain points you encountered on the website.

You Helped Us Surpass $10 Million In Amazonsmile Donations To Help Animals In Need

Based on data gathered from ten rounds of 60-minute interviews, we developed personas for each of our key user groups.

With conversations from user interviews in mind, we want to assess how other visitors use the site and understand what their behavior is. After requesting access to the ASPCA’s Google Analytics, we were able to review the data, including the channels visitors come from, pages receiving the most views, and top search results.

One of the biggest themes we found is that many competing organizations are aligning their mission to help users understand what the problem is, what the solution is, and how they can help. Other topics provided clarity on how different donation amounts are used and the benefits of being a monthly donor as a one-time donor.

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We pulled 5 users from our initial interviews and presented them with three possible navigation options. We asked what you can expect to find behind each label and which combination is the most recognizable.

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The combination of “animals in crisis”, “our response” and “how to help” was most familiar to 3 out of 5 users, but “key issues” was the most accurate label and caused the least confusion, meaning users were asked to explain what they meant. Some users felt that “our work” was only about the work the ASPCA had done in the past, not the goals it was working towards in the future.

Using data gathered from the labeling exercise, we worked with the ASPCA to develop the most effective labels for high-level navigation of the new site architecture. We cut out all the available areas and started trimming the fat. The primary advantage of our high-level navigation solution is that it translates well into the structure of each animal group. This provides a more personalized, meaningful and consistent experience for users with specific needs.

We began creating and testing wireframes to ensure our navigation aligned with the donor journey and directed visitors to key decision points within the website. I worked closely with visual designer Samantha Cattoggio to ensure we delivered a cohesive and modern experience that aligned with the brand message.

Donate Aspca

The purpose of the new design was to raise issues about key animals in distress, facilitate communication of the ASPCA’s goals, and guide visitors in ways to take action.

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We use evocative images and facts to create context and personalized calls to action that drive empathy and, as a result, increase donations.

The new donation form provides a more user-friendly experience and expands the benefits of becoming a monthly donor.

Overall, users found the site more intuitive – making it easier to find the information they needed.

Users found it easier to fill out the updated donation form and easier to navigate donation channels. This ultimately helped improve their understanding of the benefits of being a monthly donor in the donation process.

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Signing up and registering for fundraisers just got smarter and easier. Fundraisers ended up with a more efficient model for tracking their progress. Spread the word about your fundraiser on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media outlet with these easy-to-use shares.

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“Thank you!” Don’t forget to say. Share one of these thank you cards with your supporters and let them know how much you appreciate their gift.

You can paste this text into any email or word program you use regularly. Please feel free to edit these examples and make them your own!

Donate Aspca

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my birthday. I am so happy to have a friend like you with me on this special day.

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The greatest gift you can give this year is to help vulnerable animals in need. In lieu of a gift, please consider donating to my fundraiser: [INPUT URL]

Your donation will help rescue, protect and find loving homes for vulnerable animals across the country. And the mission is very important to me, and I appreciate your help supporting these critical efforts. Together, we work to end animal cruelty, save at-risk animals from harm and neglect, and find them the loving homes they deserve.

Thank you so much for helping me support it. I have dedicated my next athletic event to support their efforts to rescue animals in need nationwide. I am so lucky to have a friend like you on my fundraising journey to help more animals get the second chances they deserve.

It’s very special to me and I want to help make a difference for endangered animals. Please consider donating to my fundraiser: [INPUT URL]

Aspca Rescues Nearly 300 Animals With Help From Fedex

Your donation helps us rescue, protect and find loving homes for animals across the country. I appreciate your support and mission, and for helping me support these critical efforts.

Thank you so much for helping me support it. I am so lucky to have a friend like you on my fundraising journey to help more animals get the second chances they deserve.

Your donation helps

Donate Aspca

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