Irc Donate

Irc Donate

Irc Donate – The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian aid, relief and development. Emily Martin, Associate Director at IRC, shares the organization’s strategy for increasing donations by building a multi-channel, complete approach to digital marketing.

As digital aggregators for the International Rescue Committee, an organization focused on the plight of refugees for nearly 90 years, we have built a track record of effectively connecting donor support to families affected by the world’s worst humanitarian crises. With the money we raise from a global community of donors, the International Rescue Committee makes a lasting impact by providing health care, helping children learn, empowering individuals and communities to become self-reliant, and always striving to address the inequalities women and girls face.

Irc Donate

Irc Donate

These efforts can only be achieved with a continuous increase in donations, even though the number of families in need increases every year. In fact, by 2021, the International Rescue Committee and our partners will reach more than 31.5 million people in crisis-affected countries. Although the challenge is long, we remain optimistic and persistent in our mission.

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We saw a new opportunity in 2022 to rethink our digital marketing approach and increase donations. We redesigned our strategy in three key ways, resulting in a 42 percent increase in new donors compared to our control groups. Here’s how we did it.

Our fundraising efforts have historically focused on low-path goals. In order to create awareness, interest and conversion throughout the donor journey, we needed to build a complete conversion strategy.

Initially, our team was hesitant to expand its strategy. For many years, direct response search campaigns have successfully supported our goal of finding donors willing to contribute. But we knew that increased awareness on digital channels would be key to building the next generation of donors. We wanted to share deep, honest stories about how a global force of philanthropy can impact families in need in real ways. Our team has learned that brands running direct response ad and branded video campaigns saw their branded campaigns achieve a 28% increase in conversions.

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That’s why we turned to YouTube to open up rich, new formats for storytelling and connecting with donors in ways that complement our search campaigns.

What Your Support Means During The Covid 19 Pandemic

We used video outreach campaigns to spread our urgent messages, resulting in over 7 million views, 57 million impressions, and a 90% relative increase in brand searches. Our approach on YouTube helped generate awareness and intent among new potential donors to open their wallets.

The new whole-funnel approach described above has helped us see how multiple campaigns can come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. To further increase performance, we then needed to consider being more responsive to customers who are “ready to donate” wherever they are across channels. Costs and competition were high in our low search campaigns, and we were finding it difficult to identify incremental conversions with a profitable ROI. To unlock cheap conversions, we wanted to explore how we could expand our performance campaigns beyond search and look at cross-channel opportunities to continually increase donations.

After growing the top of the funnel with video campaigns that reach audiences, we then added top-performing video campaigns to enrich the middle to bottom funnel. Instead of standalone search campaigns, we’ve successfully developed performance campaigns across multiple channels. Thanks to better-performing campaigns, in particular, we were able to reach all of Google’s advertising channels — YouTube, Display, Search, Discovery, and Gmail — from one campaign.

Irc Donate

This strategy increased direct responses and donations at customer touchpoints. Here’s a picture of how we put together digital advertising campaigns to bring your cross-channel strategy to life.

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Become An Irc Monthly Donor

As we tested these new campaign strategies, we needed to understand how effective our investments were. This has prompted us to take a hard look at our measurement practices to ensure we are measuring the impact of marketing on our donor-permitted goals.

Thanks to the introduction of communications and advances in machine learning conversion modeling, our team has been able to automatically uncover a more complete picture of our donor journeys. By choosing a conversion optimization model, we were able to accurately record which campaigns, keywords, and ads had the greatest impact on our conversions. This allowed us to see the connections between our campaigns and invest more in valuable ad campaigns that led to more donations.

Together, these strategies help us diversify our digital strategy to build demand and increase conversions across channels – all while improving our measurement base – so we can measure the full impact of our marketing. Our mission is to make our programs a model for global humanitarian response. Our advanced, comprehensive approach to Google Ads has allowed us to increase donations and achieve this mission.

Get direct access to relevant content and latest ideas straight to your inbox by signing in with your Google account. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides a range of emergency assistance and long-term support to vulnerable refugees – including the vulnerable. Groups such as women and children – to help them cope with and survive the crisis. All donations go directly to the International Rescue Committee for immediate use in Tigray, Ethiopia with their local partners. The needs are urgent and there is something we can do! Donate directly to the International Rescue Committee at All donations are 100% secure and tax deductible through the International Rescue Committee, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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How Not To Miss International Rescue Committee Updates On Facebook

The Tigray region in Ethiopia is suffering from many humanitarian crises. The United Nations calls for urgent action and vital support. Having lived and worked in Ethiopia, this country holds a special place in my heart. The current conflict and unrest in Tigray is extremely tragic with more than 70,000 refugees fleeing the ongoing violence in the region and more than 1.7 million refugees.

With a burning desire to help, I am raising funds and awareness by participating in MARATHON DES SABLE in October 2021. Although these funds are unable to address political conflict, they are able to provide immediate relief to those who need it most – poor women and children who They face abuse and exploitation. I can no longer stand the growing humanitarian crisis, so I’m running… I’m running for Tigray.

All donations are sent to the International Relief Committee (IRC) to provide relief and relief in Tigray. The International Rescue Committee provides critical medical care, clean water and other assistance on the ground in Ethiopia and other crisis areas. Your donation can help them reach families struggling to survive.

Irc Donate

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