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App developers cannot bribe users to enable in-app tracking, Apple has warned, with apps banned from taking a range of actions to try to influence what a user chooses in the App Tracking Transparency Notice.

Att Reward Claim Navigational

Att Reward Claim	Navigational

As part of the launch of App Tracking Transparency, Apple’s feature to give users the ability to prevent certain apps from tracking their online activities for advertising purposes, Apple has written guidelines for developers to follow. As part of these guidelines, Apple lists things that apps cannot do to convince users to enable tracking in the ATT notification.

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In the Human Interface Guidelines on Apple’s developer website, specifically under “Access to User Data,” Apple has included a section that explains what developers cannot do in conjunction with tracking requests. As reported by

“Don’t offer incentives for approving a request,” Apple writes, and developers can’t “offer compensation to people for granting permission.” Developers also cannot “withhold functionality or content or make your app unusable until people allow you to track them.”

Additionally, developers are prevented from displaying a pre-warning message that mirrors the functionality of a system warning, including creating a button that uses “Allow” or similar terminology on the pre-warning screen. Applications are also prohibited from displaying an image of the alert itself in a modified form, such as an image that highlights the “Allow” option.

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Apps can display a pre-warning screen to convince users to allow tracking, but ideally they should explain in more detail why the user should allow this to happen, such as for advertising that matches their interests. The screen should also have just one button to bypass and open the system alert, with this button using terms such as “continue” or “next”.

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All apps submitted to the App Store must have App Tracking Transparency enabled, if applicable, starting April 26th. Apple has already warned developers that any apps that attempt to bypass ATT will be rejected from the App Store.

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