Att Claim Reward Navigational

Att Claim Reward	Navigational

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Att Claim Reward Navigational

Att Claim Reward	Navigational

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AT&T is still trying to track down former customers for part of the $60 million settlement. Igor Golovneov/Sofa Images/Light Rocket via Getty Images

If you’re a former AT&T customer, you may have to pay part of a $60 million settlement that claims the carrier intentionally throttled data speeds without proper notice. But today is the last chance to file a claim.

In a 2014 lawsuit, the US Federal Trade Commission alleged that at least 3.5 million AT&T customers with unlimited plans had their data speed reduced when they reached their monthly limit, a practice known as “data throttling”.

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According to the FTC, some networks are down 80% to 90%, with users reporting that video streaming, web browsing and even GPS navigation have become “difficult or unavailable.”

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In a statement to , an AT&T spokesperson said the company denies the allegations, but chose to settle “rather than pursue the resulting lawsuit.”

In a deal struck in 2019, current subscribers were given a credit on their accounts and many former customers were refunded by mail. But AT&T is trying to pay up to $7 million to former customers who don’t have contact information.

Here’s what you need to know about sharing, including who is eligible for payment from AT&T and how to file a claim.

Att Claim Reward	Navigational

Existing AT&T customers must have received credit on their account and are not eligible for this offer. Previous customers who have already received a check from AT&T are also ineligible.

An FTC spokeswoman said the amount each consumer receives depends on how many people file valid claims.

In the initial stages of reimbursement, current and former AT&T customers receive between $10 and $23, depending on the location they live in.

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