At&t Claim Rewards

At&t Claim Rewards

At&t Claim Rewards – I made the mistake of choosing my rewards when they were available, not realizing that SWU expires 1 year from the date of choice. They now expire in July.

AA’s customer service has denied any delay in expiry date. Do they have any recommendations that aren’t free?

At&t Claim Rewards

At&t Claim Rewards

The “trick” is to find a future flight with C location (that you don’t want), write it down, use SWU to clear them, then when you find the flight you want, call and change your ticket to the one you really want. My understanding is that it should be a change (same PNR), not an exchange (paying for new PNR with old ticket). I have never tried this.

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This works with the caveat that when you select the new flight you wish to transfer to, there must be an upgrade on at least one leg in each direction you use SWU. I believe you can’t wait for all legs or carry an expired SWU (I haven’t checked this myself, but I have checked that an expired SWU can be used on other flights with a SWU until the ticket expires.

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve already picked one. I was procrastinating and it slipped my mind until I saw this thread. The FT report saves the day again.

Flip a coin here and between 2 more SWUs (already have 2 at the end of 2022) or add another 30k miles to my account. Don’t like the idea of ​​using or losing SWUs when it’s hard to confirm them in advance, and you can use miles for upgrades (with competitive pricing and lower cost than it seems). But I’m sitting on several miles and I used one, not friends/family.

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Options received after February 28 – but again – may be different. I have selected 1 and there is one more. It ends on April 23

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Also, the system won’t let me choose and I have to call AAdvantage. They are not 24 hour service, so don’t delay!

If the body is overwhelming and the answer is not forthcoming, it seems that most have waited until today to decide their choice.

So I forgot. I haven’t been here in a few days. I’m obsessed. The AAdvantage desk will open in 3 hours. Does anyone know the terms and conditions or have a forgotten experience? Can you tell me I live in the Aleutians, Alaska and the computer is not working?

At&t Claim Rewards

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