Aspca Donate

Aspca Donate

Aspca Donate – The biggest hurdle our team faced was breaking free from the current architecture and finding ways to deliver better calls to action that communicated with different key user groups. The donation process needed an overhaul due to inconsistent messaging and rigid forms. Some users were entering the donation page but not taking any action, while others knew they donated often but were hesitant to become monthly donors. We also found that animal themes and calls to action made a confusing taxonomy of different keywords for your audience. This was coupled with work on architecture and general navigation, so the first actions we took were simple tagging exercises with stakeholders and users to see if we could reduce the high-level navigation as much as possible, while still delivering a clearer message. . Messages that align with the ASPCA brand message.

My team and I began this journey initially by conducting several rounds of stakeholder interviews with education and resource teams, engagement teams, marketing and executive leadership to better understand their expectations and goals for the site. We found a lack of communication between teams around content that aligned with the ASPCA’s strategic plan and no sense of curation either. The site was also full of legacy content, duplicates and dead links. In part, this was because their current CMS platform became a bottleneck preventing them from publishing content in a timely manner, which was difficult to maintain internally.

Aspca Donate

Aspca Donate

Extend and improve engagement around donations and fundraising by creating ways to track progress and cause-related content, making active donors feel more appreciated and recognized.

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Develop effective ways to support key animal groups by revealing the results of how donor money is used. This led to a focus on the initiatives and goals of the ASPCA’s strategic plan, which is to increase pet adoptions from shelters and strengthen animal protections under the law.

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Create empathy and a sense of urgency through content to engage potential donors and provide clear and simple ways to donate.

While it was clear that the ASPCA website was outdated and in need of some love, we wanted to collect more data on how long users were visiting the website. We look at the types of content that are pushed back, the drivers who are hesitant to give it or give it, and the general likes and dislikes of the current experience. We also took the opportunity to use eye tracking software to validate some of the pain points they experienced on site.

We develop personas for each of our key user groups based on information gathered in ten 60-minute interviews.

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With user chat conversations fresh in our minds, we wanted to assess how other visitors use the site and understand their specific behaviors. After requesting access to the ASPCA’s Google Analytics, we were able to see data, including which channels visitors came from, which pages got the most hits, and top search results.

Some of the big themes we found were that many of the competing organizations were aligning their primary navigation with their mission of helping users understand what the problem is, what the solution is, and how they can help. Other topics covered how different donation amounts were being used and communicated the benefits of being a monthly donor and providing transparency about being a one-time donor.

We extracted 5 users from our initial interviews and presented them with three possible navigation options. We asked them what they would expect behind each label and which combination is most intuitive to them.

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Aspca Donate

A combination of “Animals in Crisis,” “Our Response,” and “How You Can Help” was the most intuitive for 3 out of 5 users, but “Top Topics” was the most accurate and least confusing label for users. they asked to explain what they thought it meant. Some users believed that “Our Work” only suggested the work the ASPCA had done in the past, and not the goals they were working toward in the future.

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Using the information gathered from the tagging exercise, we worked with the ASPCA to provide the most effective tags for the top navigation of the new site architecture. We start by breaking up all the existing areas and trimming the fat. A major advantage of our top-level navigation solution was that it also translated well into the structure of each animal group. This would provide a more personalized and consistent experience to users with specific interests.

We began building and testing wireframes to verify that our navigation aligned with the donor journey and guided visitors through the site to key decision points. I worked closely with visual designer Samantha Catoggio to ensure we deliver a unified, modern experience that aligns with the brand message.

The goal of the new design was to highlight key animal issues in crisis, facilitate communication of the ASPCA’s goals, and facilitate ways for visitors to take action.

We created contextual and personalized calls to action using emotional images and events that elicited empathy and consequently increased donations.

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The new donation form provided a more user-friendly experience and promoted the benefits of being a monthly donor.

Overall, users found the site to be much more intuitive, making it easier to access information that is important to them.

The updated donation form is easier for users to fill out and the donation channels are much easier to navigate. Ultimately, this helped improve their understanding of the benefits of becoming a monthly donor during the donation process.

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Aspca Donate

Registering and registering to fundraise is more intuitive and easy. They also achieved a more efficient model for tracking their fundraising progress. Thanks to our amazing supporters who shop with AmazonSmile, we’re honored to announce that to date it’s helped us raise over $10 million to support our life-saving work.

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AmazonSmile is a charitable program that generates critical funding for the charity of your choice when you shop at or shop in the AmazonSmile app with AmazonSmile enabled. When you complete a purchase through AmazonSmile, 0.5% of the purchase price of selected products will be donated to the charity of your choice.

“We thank everyone who uses AmazonSmile to support our efforts to save and protect the lives of animals,” said Matt Bershadker, President and CEO. “The public has a crucial role to play in helping vulnerable animals survive and thrive, and we’re always delighted to see such a committed and compassionate response.”

At no additional cost to you, shopping with AmazonSmile helps us continue to help the nation’s most vulnerable animals. Visit to select your preferred charity and activate AmazonSmile in the Amazon Shopping app.

Don’t forget! You can also support different program groups by donating items we need through the AmazonSmile Charity Lists.

Donation Wish Lists

We thank everyone who has chosen to support us through AmazonSmile. Reaching this exciting milestone would not be possible without each and every one of you!

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