Americares Ukraine Donation

Americares Ukraine Donation – If you’re thinking of donating, here are some organizations helping Ukrainians.

The Medical Foundation is working with the US Ukraine Foundation and other organizations to support the Ukrainian medical community and refugees in need. The Disaster Medical Response Center is preparing to deploy wound care, surgical supplies, and medical supplies.

Americares Ukraine Donation

Americares Ukraine Donation

Come Back Alive is a Kyiv-based organization that provides basic necessities, food and supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What Our Nonprofit Partners Are Doing To Support Ukraine

Médecins Sans Frontières/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is working to provide emergency aid in Ukraine and is sending teams to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. This is how organizations help.

Due to the situation in Ukraine, thousands of people have left their homes and thousands of people have moved to neighboring countries. The Red Cross of Ukraine is providing assistance, first aid and psychological support to those affected by the conflict within the scope of security. The Red Cross Societies of neighboring countries, with the support of the IFC, are helping people leaving Ukraine with accommodation, basic medical equipment and health care.

Jewish organizations across the country have raised $4 million to help those in need in Ukraine. Here’s how the Jewish Philanthropic Association of Upper Fairfield County can help.

In addition to collecting donations in Ukraine, the non-profit organization Razom in Ukraine is also publishing news and information about the pandemic in New York City. You can find more details on their Instagram page.

Support Ukraine Right Now With These 5 Resources

Your donation to Save the Children Ukraine’s Crisis Relief Fund will help provide immediate relief to children and families, including food, water, hygiene kits, and emotional and financial support.

Contributions to the U.S. Fund of Ukraine go to social programs, refugees, Operation “Ukrainian Airlines” and the Kyiv Refugee Initiative.

World Central Kitchen provides a variety of fresh meals to Ukrainian families who have fled their country and are still living in the country. This winter, the Razom Health team, together with Americanres, Zdorovi Agency, and Patients of Ukraine, donated 11 high-quality generators to Ukraine. Ukrainian hospitals are located near the front lines and in sparsely populated areas.

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Americares Ukraine Donation

In October 2022, Russia attempted to target and destroy Ukrainian infrastructure. A constant barrage of missiles and kamikaze drones targeted power plants, power lines and other civilian objects. In November, some places were without electricity, heat and water. 50% of the power plant was destroyed in the aerial bombardment. To date, emergency power outages continue for 10-12 hours or more in some parts of Ukraine.

Direct Relief Ranked 5th Largest U.s. Charity In 2022 By Forbes

After the 24 February 2022 invasion of Ukraine as a whole, a large part of Razom’s budget was allocated to support Ukrainian hospitals. The Razom Health team quickly stepped in to help the Ukrainian healthcare system, providing hospitals with essential medicines, drugs and equipment.

30 operations in 4 days: Canadian and American surgeons “Welcome the future” in Ivano-Frankivsk Read more »

Razom’s cooperation with the Americans greatly helped Razom’s work in Ukraine. Since March 2022, Americans have provided more than $70 million in grants to 74 organizations to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. As for Mr. Razom, he provided medical supplies at the beginning of the war and continues to play an important role in providing medical care to Ukraine.

Ioanna Ivaniv, Americares Partnership Coordinator at Razom Health, said working with them has been very successful. With a $250,000 grant from the Americans, Razom officially launched a project to provide hospitals in Ukraine with high-capacity generators.

Ukraine Refugee Fund Gets 3 New Matching Grants Totaling $150,000

…The U.S. Ukraine response team was looking for ways to help Ukraine’s underpowered hospitals… From day one of our response, our relationship with Razom and our well-organized system did it all. The team at Americares is free to support Razom in this important and time-consuming task. Jack O’Rourke – Deputy Director of the American Office of Ukraine answers

The first step was to reach out to our partners on the ground, the Zdorovy agency, and Ukrainian patients to find out which hospitals were most important. Two non-governmental organizations worked to improve and improve health care in pre-war Ukraine and developed a leading and reporting system. They monitor hospitals, implement quality control systems, and make their reports public.

Razom Health has been working with Odwala and Zdorovi for many months, implementing several projects together and building a relationship of trust. These organizations helped select the required hospitals based on the following criteria.

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Americares Ukraine Donation

Initially, 22 hospitals were selected for the project according to the information of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Razom sent electricians and engineers to assess the site’s needs and capacity. As a result, 11 hospitals signed a contract with Razom and started building generators.

How To Help The Ukrainian People With Global Impact Charities

At the same time, Razom offered the opportunity to purchase products using Prozorro – a popular public platform that guarantees the availability of orders (diseases) in Ukraine. Two Ukrainian companies competed and the most experienced company in this field won.

Currently, 9 out of 11 generators have been supplied and installed in regional hospitals such as Dnipro, Krivoy Rog, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Odessa. With the $40,000 saved from the aid, Razom plans to buy another generator and donate it to one of the war-affected hospitals.

Natalya Tulinova, the founder and CEO of Zdorovi Agency, recently visited 21 hospitals in Kherson, an area still under artillery fire. It is said that Kherson was not included in the database of Ukrainian hospitals because he was working when the database was created. Therefore, this support is not received as quickly as in other regions.

One of the biggest concerns is ball injuries. As scary as it sounds, hospitals need surgical drills and saws used for amputations. Diagnostic equipment such as neurosurgical microscopes, intensive care beds, wheelchairs, portable ultrasound machines, and X-ray machines are among the essential equipment found under the collapsed buildings and for patients wounded by bullets and explosions.

Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

Razom is a Ukrainian multipurpose service: stop bullets (advocacy), stop bleeding (tactical medicine), keep people alive (hospitals), keep Ukrainians in touch (radios, generators), connect the world to Ukraine (and you). We are determined to win.

This is our first newsletter of the year, and it’s been a long time coming, so you’ll see lots of new news from us in this issue. After completing our year-end holiday fundraiser (we raised over $8 million, you guys are amazing), the Razom team decided to focus on our work and impact in 2022 to better prepare for 2023 (although we’re still running our program). To do this required an understanding of the scale and length of the war, which sometimes seemed like a daunting task. I think it will last one day and another.

Almost a year later, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, perhaps the most diverse military forces in the world (consisting of specialists, musicians, dancers, Olympic athletes, history teachers, journalists, volunteers, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers … You are 6 members of the Ukrainian Army Did you know that 1 in every woman is a woman?) Ukraine defended its country and freed itself from a genocidal regime and its consequences. Razom has supported these First Responders and Defenders since the beginning and will continue to do so.

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Americares Ukraine Donation

Ukraine’s healthcare sector has been under enormous stress and problems for almost a year, which is not only a war zone, but also the bombing of hospitals, schools and schools, endangering and threatening the lives of countless people across the country. . , shops, theaters, apartments, houses, basic water, electricity, etc. From the beginning, Razom has supported and will continue to support doctors and hospitals in the hottest regions of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Bagel Store Owner Donate Proceeds To Ukraine In Conn.

NGOs that rose up in Ukraine in support of the development movement in an unusual form (similar to the Maidan, which Razom himself was born in 2013-2014), have been recovering for almost a year. Razom has supported these major Ukrainian organizations from the beginning and will continue to support them.

Individually, all of these efforts will save lives and, combined, will help Ukraine win the illegal war. The people of Ukraine have resisted and turned back these threats for 356 days, but today, more than ever, they need your continued support. Every time you donate, send it to a friend, repost it, tweet it, invite your representatives, get together, do what Ukrainians do – you are part of the resistance and success.

In the first half of February, Razom’s teams issued 132 orders to first responders and defenders, most of them in eastern Ukraine. We also transferred 4,500 IFAKs to the main force for immediate deployment in the event of an attack on the first anniversary of the assassination. During the months of December, January, and February, Razom filled 641 smart drug prescriptions (745 of which went to hospitals and non-governmental organizations).

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