Usc Msw Scholarships

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For weeks, Karen Bass faced intense questions about her free USC master’s degree while in Congress.

Usc Msw Scholarships

Usc Msw Scholarships

The Times reported last month that Bass had been awarded a scholarship to the USC School of Social Work and that the $95,000,000 scholarship had drawn him into a corruption case involving the former dean of the school, Marilyn Flynn.

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Amidst the controversy, Bass was pressed by one of the moderators at a mayoral debate last week, Seth Lemon, who asked, “Just to be clear, have you officially filed?” – he asked.

“I applied to the program,” Bass confirmed. The congresswoman then vowed to apply for USC’s master’s in social work.

The Bass Campaign features KNX Newsradio as a USC app this week, complete with summary and essay.

But the documents released by the “Bass” campaign are not applications for admission to USC’s social work master’s program, The Times reported. The form is an application to attend “restricted status” classes.

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USC’s “restricted status” program allows people to take courses without entering a degree program and is prohibited from receiving financial aid.

According to prosecutors, L.A. Mayoral candidate Karen Bass Scholarship and her dealings with USC are “critical” to the corruption scandal at the university.

Bass’ application — anonymous and unsigned — specifically states that she did not apply to a master’s program in social work, but later planned to, and indicates that she was not officially accepted when she began courses at 2012.

Usc Msw Scholarships

The document shows that when Bass was offered a full scholarship by USC’s dean of social work in 2011, before he was accepted into the social work master’s program, an unusual sequence of events raised questions about the preference of the elected official.

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Bass spokeswoman Sarah Leonard Sheahan and other campaign staff did not respond to multiple requests for comment, including when the congresswoman brought the petition. His campaign also did not provide The Times with a copy of the petition published by KNX Newsradio.

His opponent in the mayoral race, Rick Caruso, repeatedly criticized Bass for accepting the scholarship and later proposed legislation that would have extended federal funding to USC and other private universities, saying , “He got a strong scholarship just because he was a strong member of Congress.”

In a statement this week, Caruso again urged Bass, a former USC dean indicted last month in a bribery case involving Mark Ridley-Thomas, to hand over his emails and communications. one of Bass’s political allies.

“Voters deserve this information now within weeks of the election,” Caruso said in a statement.

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Karen Bass and Rick Caruso attack each other’s character and ethics, especially when it comes to their mother.

In an interview last year, Bass said she initially applied to USC’s master’s in public administration, a degree offered by the university’s School of Public Policy, which is separate from the school of social work.

Bass said she thought her status as a former USC employee qualified her for free tuition, but when she found out she had to pay for the program, she didn’t pursue her MPA degree.

Usc Msw Scholarships

During that application, she sent letters of recommendation to social work professors, and word of Bass’ interest in graduate school reached Flynn.

Bass’ Usc Application Shows She Had Scholarship Before Applying

Congressional records confirm Flynn’s appeal “about participation in USC’s dual MPA/MSW program.” The program was to be completed online, and Flynn voluntarily offered Bass a full-tuition scholarship.

The scholarship was unusually generous: it was not advertised to other students, there was no application process, it was not awarded every year, and, as Congress representatives later noted , “the grant was made entirely by Dean Flynn.”

House ethics officials said that “the Dean’s Scholarship clearly meets the definition of a gift,” and Bass’ status as a congressional lawmaker “was a factor in the awarding of -scholarship from USC.”

However, Joe Bonner (R-Alabama) and Linda Sanchez (D-Witter) wrote a letter supporting the repeal of the “gift rule,” concluding that it would be an “unusual exception” that would help Bass in his official duties.

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Bass began his studies in January 2012, taking one course per semester for the following year. In 2015 she graduated with a master’s in social work rather than a dual degree program.

The full value of his scholarship was not disclosed in congressional documents until 2019, when he added tens of thousands of dollars in undisclosed grant-related amounts to documents from previous years. Bass combined the offending files with former employees.

In an interview last year, Bass told The Times that her scholarship and studies led to a career dedicated to child welfare, and that as a newly elected member of Congress, she wants to focus on politics.

Usc Msw Scholarships

“I wanted an opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of the child welfare system,” Bass said.

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The reporter noted that Bass was in a very different financial situation than most social work students, who at the time had a congressional salary and rental property in Sacramento, and asked if he received tuition money that should have gone to another student.

Bass responded by repeating the question. “Do I feel like I got it from someone else? No, he said.

Matt Hamilton is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting with colleagues Harriet Ryan and Paul Pringle and was part of a team of journalists who won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. A graduate of Boston College and the University of Southern California, he joined the Times in 2013. Social work education touches more lives than just our MSW students. Whether they are applying classroom learning to their internships or conducting research to develop society’s next great social innovation, our students give back to others every day. Our graduate students counsel children in schools, help veterans manage resources, lobby for policy change, and even create visionary solutions to society’s most pressing issues.

At some point in our lives, we will interact directly or indirectly with a social worker. Whether it’s coordinating health care services for elderly parents, signing a petition to support a cause we love, or meeting with our child’s school guidance counselor. Social workers play an important role in helping the people and communities we thrive on.

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Many of our students need financial assistance to pursue their educational dreams. Over 90% of our MSW students need financial aid and/or scholarships to complete their degree. As we approach our centennial year, help us provide an impressive 100 scholarships to ease the debt burden of these deserving students.

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Our MSW students contributed 1.2 million hours of service during their internships in 2018, with a community impact of more than $34 million. Our students work with a variety of clients in a variety of settings. Helping the homeless transition from school children to scholarships to social work students takes it further than many realize.

Social workers play an important role in solving a wide range of complex problems and conflicts to help individuals and communities live happier and healthier lives. Social workers help people of all ages and backgrounds every day and provide a variety of services, including:

Usc Msw Scholarships

Society needs help. We are preparing an educated workforce to meet the greatest challenges of our time. Our Master of Social Work (MSW) program combines online learning, virtual and in-person practicum, and comprehensive support services to prepare you to become a practitioner and leader. field

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We were the first private, elite institution to offer online. Our expertise in online learning and social work will benefit your career, your network and ultimately your clients.

Social work is centered on personal relationships. Our online platform was designed from the ground up to create a collaborative environment so you can build real relationships with your peers and professors — inside and outside the classroom.

Through @USC’s online platform, you can meet for group discussions and team projects, track your assignments and progress, and engage in discussions about classwork and interests personal. You can also create virtual groups with classmates who have similar interests or live in your area.

As taught by USC professors, seminar-style classes are small—about a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio—to encourage conversation and collaboration. No back rows in class @USC: You’ll actively participate in discussions with your professors and peers.

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Practical work is central to any social work programme. where is she

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