Texas Hammer Lawyer

Texas Hammer Lawyer – We understand that. Our local list of weirdest and funniest ads is doing what advertisers want us to do by sharing our digital bits of celluloid for more people to see. Today, when there are videos of cats jumping, skateboarding accidents and recklessness.

Bryan Wilson, aka The Texas Law Hawk, burns ice sculptures for justice or something. Screenshot by Danny Gallagher

Texas Hammer Lawyer

Texas Hammer Lawyer

We understand that. Our local list of weirdest and funniest ads is doing what advertisers want us to do by sharing our digital bits of celluloid for more people to see. Today, when cat videos, skateboarding accidents and My Pillow guy stories dominate, filmmakers go crazy. – To expand local marketing.

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We don’t care. We want to celebrate the gems that still make us laugh, whether on purpose or not.

When it comes to local advertising, there’s only one place to start. Advertisements for the accident law firm of Jim Adler & Associates are stuck in the minds of every Dallas resident with television or the Internet. Adler appears in every ad carrying his hammer in a holster, because of course it’s the “Texas Hammer.” Duh And to his credit, because the ads continue to go viral and once earned an entire “And now…” segment on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.

Adler speaks with the confidence of a flirtatious high school opponent before taking the field; the specific iambic pentameter requires the word “hammer” to be emphasized regardless of context. He appears in almost all of his commercials, and sometimes his son and lawyer partner Bill Adler are too afraid to run over a semi truck that’s screaming at the top of their lungs, even in front of him. We don’t know what the semi truck did to him when he was young, and we never want to know.

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Adler has a rival who is so thirsty for justice that he has to get it out of his system or he will explode like a speed bus. Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Bryan Wilson calls himself “The Texas Law Hawk” and his ad is like a PG version of the movie Alex had to watch in A Clockwork Orange.

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Wilson is a DFW player who also gained international fame thanks to a story on BBC News calling him “America’s Toughest Lawyer” and his appearance in a Taco Bell commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Their advertising isn’t just a promise that customers will get it… In fact, it’s not entirely clear what, or how, they’ll do it. Unless, of course, part of the American court system involves yelling like a professional boxer at every opening and closing ceremony and catching fire from an ice sculpture. Wilson calls himself a “pot,” but by burning one, is he saying he’ll fight another legal criminal, or is he expressing some repressed self-loathing in his judicial spirit leadership? Either way, it’s one of the funniest requests for help we’ve ever seen.

It was one of Dallas’ weirdest partnerships since the Texas Rangers teamed up with Death in the late 1980s, literally selling nachos to fans. The car dealer’s spokesman and big new eyewear maker, Joe Greed, has struck a deal with WWF boxer The Ultimate Warrior to appear in a series of quirky commercials for the Westway Ford dealership.

The ad features a couple attempting hypnosis, doing a prison break and asking consumers to buy a car that has been infected by a sudden snail attack. It will make sense if you watch it to the end (sort of). We will not be responsible if you shake your shoulders during the big show.

Texas Hammer Lawyer

It’s like watching your dad dance to his favorite songs as a kid, when you watch local commercials to catch the magic of a hit movie. You don’t know if you want to keep it or if you want to study it further to save the memory forever.

How Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer, Pounded His Way Into Our Hearts

A local insurance agency tries to recreate the western comedy The Three Amigos, starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short, with their sombrero-wearing trio called (wait for it) The Young Amigos. Instead of using their show to save a small town from crazy Mexican gangsters, these friends use their knowledge of revenue trends and top ratings to make money (…like a dog. Well, it doesn’t sit well, but it’s funny. try

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Every major advertising market in the country has a car dealer, religious center, notary public, gun shop or actuary trying to cash in on the hip-hop boom of the year 80. 80 by “raping” what they did. possible for their customers.

Dallas had its own when the Nissan Trophy embarrassingly investigated its car sales, Jake Paul might have questioned the music behind the now-famous jingle. It doesn’t need to be described because anyone who has been to a weekday karaoke night has seen it. A drunk guy in a suit stands up and grabs the mic because the 12 whiskeys in it tell him he can take Eminem’s “Rap God” if he concentrates and drops his vision from double to single. Basically it is, but the tempo is slower and the lyrics are all about cars and low prices.

Animals that drive cars are as old as television, and it never gets old. It’s still hilarious to see that intrepid snail on water skis, whether it’s filling the local news or a hallucination caused by lack of sleep.

Mentorship — Texas Latinx Judges

Dallas Dodge used this trick in one of their recent commercials. They found a bulldog that can skateboard! That is the most offensive of all and, in their opinion, they see no need to add more. They didn’t dress him up in a Hawaiian tourist outfit and make him look like he’s surfing or stick him in front of a green screen and make him look like he’s competing against Tony Hawk on a skateboard in X. Bulldog. typical car dealership. If The Texas Hammer saw this young man or woman, he would cross the ocean to fight a semi-truck, and that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This was hard to find and when you see it you will know why. Debbie Georgatos ran for a Dallas GOP seat in 2011 and her ad choices ranged from funny to terrifying, like a lost driver trying to get out at the last minute.

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He starts talking without looking at the camera – even though there are two cameras in the room – except that one camera is filming in negative light, on the ceiling. The first part (which you can find at Archive.org) features a picture of a baby elephant being washed with a hose and the scariest part of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times…evil Democrats to show them? We don’t know It’s like a last-minute movie by a graduate student with no planning skills. Apparently, we’re not alone in our feelings as Georgatos lost the election after the video gained national media attention, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “The Ridiculist,” as well as global media outlets such as the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s George Stroumboulopoulos. . .

Texas Hammer Lawyer

The 1212 Loop 12 man is respected in Dallas media culture for his catchy address. It looks like a simple, locally produced ad for a furniture store, but there are many fascinating layers to peel back, like pickled onions.

What Is A Mass Tort?

For starters, the speaker seems to be trying to say “necessary” when the addressee is shading him. The movements of his arms were strange and almost hypnotic; they’re moving and it looks like they’re asking her to do a robot dance instead of using her public speaking skills through a weird night school mix-up. Then he collapses and drops the mattress he sold. It doesn’t say anything about “prices going down” or the deal “falling out of the sky.” He collapsed while reading his speech. Did he do it on purpose? Was it a coincidence that the editors intentionally left it out of the final cut? Why do we have headaches now?

The basic description of this arts and crafts supply store ad is different with “three convenient locations.” Confused doesn’t begin to describe it.

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