Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing

Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing – Jessica Wilkins is a proud Marine Corps spouse and mother of two set to complete her undergraduate education. During five military camps, Jessica took college courses at three different institutions. “I have been studying at universities part-time for the past eight years and I want to obtain my bachelor’s degree by the end of 2017.”

With the help of a $3,000 John (NMN) Coffey/ThanksUSA Scholarship, Jessica is pursuing a Literature, Arts and Sciences major at Penn State University World Campus.

Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing

Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing

Completing her degree through the Penn State program allows Jessica to blend into the local community at Camp Lejeune. He offered services at the school, the local church, and the Groom’s Office. She serves on the OSC Charity Distribution Board and enjoys serving on various committees.

Military Dependent & Spouse Benefits

“I want to thank everyone who helped make the Scholarship possible. The John (NMN) Coffey/ThanksUSA Scholarship allowed him to continue college with his family of four. A boating wife and mother of two, I decided to finish my degree without student debt. Every semester I work hard to go and take as many classes as I can afford. This tutorial helped me to do this and I’m really grateful.

After watching her son struggle with ADHD and dyslexia, Lorena Garcia’s wife decided to pursue an Army degree that would allow her to meet the unique educational needs of her son and students like her.

With the help of a $3,000 Rudy’s BBQ/ThanksUSA Scholarship, Lorena continues to major in Human Development and Family Studies at American Military University.

Lorena plans to pursue a career as a counselor in the public-school system. She plans to draw on her experiences as a military spouse and mother of a learning disabled son.

Higher Education For Military Veterans And Their Families

“My son gave me the courage to continue school. At this level I became a school counselor as well as a role model for my son. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to continue my education. Being a mother of two and a soldier’s wife was difficult at times. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and I am truly grateful.

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Frances Karnuth is a Coast Guard wife, mother of six, and a full-time student at Maryville University in St. Louis. ThanksUSA awarded Frances a $9,000 scholarship to pursue a double major in nursing and psychology.

Frances began her secondary education 20 years ago with the goal of becoming a nurse. Unfortunately, unexpected medical problems, family responsibilities, and her husband’s Coast Guard career kept Francis from her academic studies.

Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing

She spent the next two decades at home educating her children and providing stability for a large military family. When her husband retired after 22 years of service, Frances knew it was time to go back to school. Now in her junior year, she maintains a perfect GPA and hopes to become a licensed nurse practitioner.

Military Spouses Awarded Scholarships From Gs And Supporters

“I would like to express to my mum this kind of scholarship. Back to my school, I have been challenged academically and financially. It is a humbling and great honor to be surrounded by people who encourage me to pursue my dream. Thank you.”

Andrea Barreiro, a local host spouse, was awarded a full-tuition Kaplan/ThanksUSA scholarship to study Psychology in Applied Behavioral Analysis. He just completed his first term at Kaplan, carrying an impressive 4.0 GPA.

“I want to start a business with my husband and the place of performance management and office manager / accountant. Our business will have many aspects that take into the local people and a new job in the community growth.

Andrew’s commitment to the community is evident in every aspect of his life. This is a busy mom of three who is raising her granddaughter, going to school full time and is a lady in Arlington. Provides distance learning for special needs families, interns at law firms, volunteers with various organizations, and participates in family readiness groups. Andrew was named the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Military Spouse of the Year.

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Previous Post What’s the verdict on Starbucks’ magical unicorn drink? Next Post 5 Financial Lessons for Your Kids EAST GREENWICH, RI (August 20, 2020) – The Foundation, a private foundation founded by CEO John Picern to support educational opportunities for military families, announced today that it has awarded 20 annual military spouses. Recipients of the 2020 Scholars, an active-duty spouse appointed to any institution, will receive a one-time $5,000 scholarship to help them pursue a higher education degree.

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“The life of a military spouse revolves around work and frequent moves,” said Maria Montalvo, executive director of the foundation. “This uniquely mobile lifestyle presents financial challenges for military spouses due to high unemployment rates and significant earnings gaps. The Foundation created this scholarship program to help address these barriers and help inspire spouses to earn their degrees to support their families.

Scholarship recipient Angelica Valdez, wife of an active soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, further elaborated on the unique life and incredible resilience of military spouses.

Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing

“Military spouses are some of the softest people I’ve ever met,” Valdez said. “It is a unique ability to adapt and fulfill the social and economic demands placed on military families. The absence of a spouse due to military training and deployment, as well as the uprooting of family and home to a new duty station, can bring many frustrations and challenges. However, military spouses are finding ways to overcome these obstacles and more, creating an easier transition for their families. Their resilience to adapt and thrive is amazing and a true example of resilience.”

To Educate, Nurture, And Care For Others”: Scholarship Recipient Carries Forward A Legacy

2020 marks the fourteenth year of continuous study of this institution and the foundation’s commitment to supporting and empowering military spouses on their educational journey. The allocated funds can be used by the spouses for any expenses related to obtaining their degree, such as transportation to class, child care and school fees. This year’s recipients are pursuing a variety of careers, including nursing, criminal justice, physical therapy, teaching and more.

“My biggest passion is working with the special needs community and making sure I can be a support to them,” said McConnell Air Force Base recipient Brit Haskett, who is pursuing a master’s degree in youth, families and the field. . Sacred Science “I am excited to continue my education in a field that lends itself to my science/province career.”

Since 2006, the foundation has awarded nearly $14 million to military children, spouses and children of personnel at 13 Army and Air Force bases.

Jacqueline Brown is pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of Central Florida, with hopes of becoming a behavioral economics researcher. She is passionate about human finance and is motivated to take this step to help others learn how to become independent.

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Financial Aid For Military Family Members And Dependents

Angelica Valdez is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Oregon State University. He hopes to use his degree to pursue a career in cloud computing engineering to improve systems and computer programming for the social services industry.

Carissa Caban is a dedicated physical therapist and is pursuing a doctoral degree at Methodist University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in health sciences at Eastern Connecticut State University, earned a master’s degree in mental health at Grand Canyon University, and is excited to have her final degree at the end of her career.

Fiona Vinotto is pursuing a doctorate in psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and focuses on helping people with autism. He is proud to be a part of the military community and grateful to have a partner who follows his dreams.

Scholarships For Military Spouses Nursing

Kelly Ocampo is attending the American Public University System to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He plans to become a probation officer and wants to help incarcerated youth. He tries to teach his children by example and makes them understand that education is a social matter.

A Rewarding Nursing Career: Military Spouse Edition

Isabella Stevens is in her final year of law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduation, he plans to serve in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG Corps). In addition to her studies, Isabella is the president of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Association and also the Military Law and Veterans Clinic.

Victoria Oh holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University. Inspired by Victoria’s recent volunteer experiences with survivors of human trafficking, she hopes to use her degree to promote social justice and advocate for more mental health support in marginalized communities.

Saumenig wants to become a social worker and hopes to enter the field after completing her master’s degree in social work at the University of Denver. she

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