Scholarship Tracking Software

Scholarship Tracking Software – CommunityForce, Inc. is a global technology company that offers a full range of service modules, including scholarship management and grant management, to manage all aspects of charity business, educational institutions, associations and other non-profit organizations. CommunityForce solutions offer the next generation of data collection and business intelligence on a fully automated platform to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The Application Life Cycle Management software is designed specifically for grant makers and grant makers and is proven to help organizations do more. Effective in managing the application process through Intake, Review, Award and Post Award. Along with the software…

We are working on “less paper” in our office, so Community Forces has helped us all in one place. Scholars United is an amazing resource and their videos and support are amazing. I contacted them a few days ago in absolute panic and they were always helpful and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for better service! They always explain things in the easiest possible way and give me screenshots to show me what I need to know. A+ service!

Scholarship Tracking Software

Scholarship Tracking Software

User friendly! I like creating sections for my apps because they are self-contained and easy to understand. With minimal problems, I have developed several scholarship and grant applications, and each one is customizable with many options! We also learn all the new features we can use over time. It’s nice to know that when I install something in CF it will work. Something we will explore in the future is blind applications.

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What I like the most is the limitation on the reports that can be run from the system. There is a built-in AdHoc Report feature, but it’s limited to Excel only. I would like to have some way of processing reports – mainly Microsoft Word or Publisher. The problem is that we have an essay and some scholarships, and when trying to make it user-friendly, we can’t put the essay box in the Excel spreadsheet! I would like to see a report where every qualified student has all the information they need on one page of the report. So if there are 15 eligible students, the report will have 15 pages, one for each student. Scrolling and scrolling is easier to read than an Excel spreadsheet.

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We have been CommunityForce customers for less than a year. Before moving to the CommunityForce solution, we were using a homegrown solution that was custom-built to support 6 individual scholarship programs. As with many homegrown systems, this has reached a point where it is unsupportable for us. But most importantly, we finally realized that we as an organization are not in the software development business. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities for women. After a thorough search, we settled on the CommunityForce solution. We are happy to be reminded every day that this was the right decision. There are several aspects of the system that are unique to our organization, as you can imagine coming from a custom-made solution that fits our business processes. This aspect is covered in our operating policy, which has become a requirement for CommunityForce. CommunityForce stepped up to the plate and added features to their solution to accommodate our uniqueness in a short amount of time. To this day, they continue to provide solutions to our requests against event bottlenecks. As with any new technology implementation, there will be challenges, but the CommunityForce team has and will always be there to help you overcome them. Because of their approach to implementation and the intuitiveness of the solution, we can create additional application workflows as needed with the support of the CommunityForce team. I think the best way to sum up our experience with CommunityForce is to say this. When we realized that CommunityForce has hundreds of customers like us, we felt like we were their only customers. We are fully committed to becoming a customer for life!

Support team. User friendly. Processing costs are comparable to previous solutions. The road map to the future.

Kevin, thank you so much for this review! CommunityForce is proud to be a special customer of our P.E.O International team! We look forward to many years of working together! Answer March 2017

Scholarship Management Software Solution

Users of our scholarship platform find that the software is easy to install and the technology requirements are not overwhelming. Additionally, once we learn the system, it becomes easier to work with us as administrators. If you have strong skills in technology, you will love the autonomy of this system.

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It is not always easy to log in to clone an application and then make the necessary changes in the new application. It takes a lot of learning and watching a lot of videos to figure out the best way to proceed. Frankly, it is a self-service platform and one must be very proficient in the technology required to implement the application platform. In addition, it is not possible to open, issue, and monitor multiple applications simultaneously and easily, which is a requirement for our college savings account application. There is no way to develop student profiles by tracking and connecting email communications directly to students, which takes a long time.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback Joyce! If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please submit your ideas to our customer support portal! Answer April 2019

Scholarship Tracking Software

Excellent time management by implementing and using scholarship management software. Being able to draft and submit an application to reviewers within 24 hours of the application deadline is exceptional. We can receive applications in 3-4 months. Then, in a very short period of time (2 weeks), which takes 30 days or more, collect them, send them to the moderators, send them scores and awards. Electronic documentation of the impartial and blind review process is easy and efficient.

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We find the scholarship management software integration easy to use and implement with our applicants. Having more than one application allows applicants to apply for multiple scholarships, increasing the total number of applicants for consideration. Additional software allows us to modify questions, define specific donor criteria for each scholarship, manage letters of recommendation and specific questions, and upload supporting documents.

The most challenging aspect is that we are in the grant management and scholarship management system throughout the year. We implemented the software at a time when the Community Force was launching a new platform, so our training was first implemented on the old platform. There are additional exercises, but step-by-step instructions are the best way for us. Once you have a general knowledge of how the system works, it becomes important to update the online support as the program changes. The only problem we have is that there is no way to call directly and talk to support. We’ve found that explaining the problem via email or communication thread doesn’t expedite a quick resolution either. The support is generally great.

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Customer service is incredibly quick to respond. Users log issues through Zen Desk and an email is immediately sent to resolve the issue, followed by step-by-step assistance from a tech representative. Community Forces customer service is its strongest asset.

Having the opportunity to create a scholarship program with more than 130 scholarships with different criteria has been a great benefit. We may have a common application that matches student information and criteria for each scholarship fund. The program monitors the number of scholarships each year, students have the option of receiving scholarships through the same application, and we can contact students through the program with notifications of upcoming deadlines and other important information. Common applications can be cloned and updated annually, so new applications are not created from scratch every year. Collect large files, set up conditional logic, receive letters of recommendation – all with the drag-and-drop form builder.

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All will be contacted by our email wizard. Create mobile-optimized email campaigns that look great – all by yourself.

Most online scholarship management solutions start and end with an application collection. Tracking, judging, and logistics must be done manually, via email, or in a spreadsheet.

With OpenWater Scholarships, all tasks – application, judges, chairs and administrators – are managed in a single, integrated solution.

Scholarship Tracking Software

Many scholarship solutions force applicants to seemingly unrelated sites to upload their materials. This confuses users and reduces the number of submissions.

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When you use OpenWater Scholarships, our team creates a custom download portal that matches your website and visual identity. Users know they are in a trustworthy place.

Who initiated the application? Who passed? Which judge finished? Which one hasn’t started yet? No real-time reporting

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