Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree

Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree – Online learning is very convenient, especially for people like me, who can’t go to campus or travel abroad to study.

The new knowledge and skills I gained through this program made me an educated person for everyone

Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree

Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree

Through high school, I earned an online Master of Science in Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Through the MSc Public Health program, I gained valuable insight into the fundamentals of effective academic research.

I got my dream job in a big company, and I believe that my master’s degree from the university played an important role

Learning from experienced professors, many of whom are experts in their fields, has increased my confidence as a professional.

Study online for programs offered by universities on the other side of the world, and graduate with the right qualifications, credits and experience!

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme For Inter And Bs 2023

Submit all necessary documents to determine if your educational qualifications meet the minimum requirements of the program/partnership.

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Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree

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Gist Scholarship In South Korea 2024

Any cookies that may not be specifically necessary for the website to work and are used primarily to collect user personal information through analysis, advertising, other related content are called non-essential cookies. User consent is required before enabling these cookies on your website. Ambition, good relations, internationalism – our students and PhD candidates are building bridges between Germany and their countries.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung () is a political foundation, inspired by Christian democratic values, committed to promoting democracy and the rule of law, the implementation of social and market-economic systems and the promotion of human rights in Europe. And the whole world.

Based on these principles, our foundation offers international undergraduate and graduate scholarships to study and research at universities in Germany. In this way, we are actively promoting the dialogue between cultures, the creation of international networks and the internationalization of universities and science.

The next regional elections will be held in 2023 in cooperation with the offices in Turkey, Sing Cyprus and the South Caucasus.

Sbw Berlin Scholarship

After completing their studies in Germany, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hopes that its former teachers will make an important contribution to the development of their country’s relations with the Federal Republic of Germany.

Currently, our teachers come from 55 countries around the world. Their subjects are diverse: law, science, music and medicine, just to name a few. A small amount.

Our International Students program is aimed at international students and graduates who got a university degree and who intended to complete a master’s or master’s degree, a doctoral degree or a research study of at least four terms at a university in Germany.

Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree

Our scholarship program includes financial aid, individual mentoring, an extensive seminar program and access to a global network. After completing our studies, we continue to stay in touch with our alumni and participate in our international programs.

Top 100 Free Online Colleges / Free Online Degrees 2021

The duration and level of funding varies for different types of studies. Graduate students (Master’s or PhD) receive a monthly scholarship of €861. The maximum duration of the scholarship is two years. After being unconditionally accepted into a doctoral program in a German university, the doctoral student receives a monthly scholarship of €1.200. The maximum period of funding for PhD students is three years. We also offer research grants in Germany for a minimum of three semesters.

In addition to monthly loans, we also offer our teachers several grants. Upon request, we offer a health insurance subsidy of up to €120 per month. We also offer a family allowance of €276 as long as you and your spouse live together in Germany for three months and your income does not exceed €450 per month. In addition, we provide a child allowance of €194 per month for children living with you in Germany. The requirements are the submission of an official German translation of the child’s birth certificate and an official denial of your request for the public benefit of the child.

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In addition, PhD students can apply for financial assistance to continue their research abroad. However, we do not pay for participation in meetings or seminars.

Funds received from courses at universities in Germany related to your studies can be reimbursed up to €1,500 per semester. However, we do not refund regular semester fees due to annual registrations or re-registrations.

Bando Bocconi Scholarship For International Students Undergraduate 201314 Final

Being a Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholar means more than just financial support. Our teachers benefit from an extensive feedback support program. They became part of the active and living network. The project is based on three pillars: 1. Personal contact and word giving recommended. 2. A large seminar program – with more than 180 events per year – for all our programs. 3.000 teachers in Germany. 3. Regional and local activities of more than 140 different university associations.

Our staff and university representatives supervise and consult with our own teachers. They monitor your academic progress and how you participate in your college seminar program and club activities. Our foundation places great importance on the continued growth of your commitment. The overall goal is to support you in discovering and developing your personal strengths.

The purpose of the meeting held for our teachers is to expand the knowledge of our teachers as a whole. The seminar provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with experts and other professionals. Topics include history, politics, economy and society at the national, European and international levels. . In addition, training and workshops help our teachers strengthen their soft skills and facilitate the transition from education to professional life.

Scholarship For Online Bachelor Degree

The local university group, “Hochschulgruppen”, is run by our own teachers together with representatives of our foundation at the university, the so-called “Vertrauensdozenten”. Each semester, they create a different activity plan for themselves. These local groups also help you settle in and get used to your new surroundings.

Higher Education Opportunities For The Students Of Balochistan & Fata Provision Of Higher Education Opportunities For The Students Of Balochistan & Fata (phase Ii)

It is a special event for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to strengthen the cooperation between our current and former teachers. More than 14.000 students are a strong global network of students who play a role in politics, economy, science and society around the world and who, at the same time, are committed to our foundation and its faculty now. More than 50 regional associations around the world and professional micro-networks Provide access to our alumni and make them connect with our roots. This alumni network also provides practical help: its members provide community support that provides support to current and former teachers in times of need. Moreover, the network promotes scientific and social activities.

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1) Every year a new country or region is submitted for our selection method. In 2021 we will focus on Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Latin America (cooperation through our office in Peru) and interviews will be conducted online. If you live in these countries, you can send a written application directly to the responsible office – please check their website for the exact form and address. Students living in countries not listed cannot apply for the international selection process in 2021.

2) If you live or study in Germany, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship through the local option using our online system. Please complete the online application form and upload all the required application documents. Please do not send any documents by post as these will not be considered. The application period ends on July 15 (12:00/noon) every year for local systems.

Please download and complete the application form and attach the following documents if you are applying for the MA-Scholarship.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

If you are applying for our internal selection process – and not through our international office – please use the campus portal and submit the necessary documents there.

“Gemeinsam für eine Zukunft in Sicherheit” Internationale Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten aus fast 40 Nationen debattieren in Berlin die Zukunftsperspektiven internationaler Sicherheitspolitik 5 May 2023 Current Report Diskussion über Konflikden6

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