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Scholarship Books – National Mean Merit Scholarship Test (NMMS) is a centrally funded scholarship program for Class VIII students from Government, local bodies and government-aided schools in India. This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to outstanding students from poor families so that they can continue their studies without financial burden.

NMMS examination is conducted by state/UT governments. The exam consists of two parts, the Mental Ability Test (MAT) and the Academic Aptitude Test (SAT). The MAT paper consists of questions related to reasoning and critical thinking, while the SAT paper consists of questions related to subjects such as mathematics, science, social sciences, and languages.

Scholarship Books

Scholarship Books

To prepare for the NMMS exam, there are several books available in the market that provide a comprehensive syllabus and provide exercises and mock tests. Here are some popular books on NMMS preparation:

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In addition to books, there are a variety of online resources available for NMMS preparation, including online practice tests, video lectures, and study materials.

Preparing for the NMMS exam requires dedication, hard work and a thorough understanding of the syllabus. By using the right resources and adopting a structured study plan, aspirants can maximize their chances of success in the exam and bag the coveted NMMS scholarship. In 1958, 14-year-old Larry Palmer left his parents and nine siblings at home in St. Louis. Louise boarded a train to attend Phillips Exeter College. exist

Palmer reflects on his experiences as a black boy growing up far from home, learning how to fit into the white world without being separated from his close family. The ninth of ten children, he explains how his sisterhood shaped him while he was also influenced by an elite education. Palmer’s journey from the family’s “second child” to adulthood reveals the personal and often hidden costs of cultural migration.

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“In September 1958, 14-year-old Palmer made an incredible journey by train alone to Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. It’s impossible to read the boy’s story—“Ten The ninth of three children, the sixth of seven sons. ” — without feeling the loneliness of leaving home for the first time — a black boy’s journey into the bastion of white privilege — and the weight of the transformation that awaits him. ” — Kerry Brown, “

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“My uncle Hammy Bissell was the first scholarship director at the University of Exeter, where I was a junior. My father taught in the history department. My wrestling teammate Larry Palmer was a scholarship students. Therefore, Larry and I were (in different ways) seen as outsiders among the other students at the college. Throughout our school life, the town residents, faculty, and “hammy boys” (Science As the children called them) stood out somewhat. At the time, my friendship with Larry was one of my most enduring at Exeter, but that was not until I read his memoirs of social and racial chaos. I never knew the story of what happened in the home Larry left when he came to Exeter. Larry’s extraordinary family history gave me a deeper appreciation for the people I met as a teenager and have known for my entire life. As teammates and friends , I have always loved Larry. Now I know him better.” – John Irving “Marked by moments of profound generosity and solitude,

Telling the story of race, family, and possibility in one boy’s life, while considering what a man leaves behind as he travels between worlds. ” — Sonia Livingston, “

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His family is trying to get together for a family photo. The scene is difficult to frame: family members move around and reunite in different ways, trying to respect the complex rule of the Palmer family. They are a wealthy and complex family with characters as big as King Lear.

Scholarship Books

It is also a book about a very bright young man who attended Phillips Exeter, Harvard, and Yale Law School. It’s a story about his loneliness, his desire to respect his parents’ orders, his difficulty in living in two worlds, and the thankfulness of his ability to find mentors, institutions, and friends to support him. It’s also a deeply moving story, filled with pathos and love, about one family’s involvement in recent African-American history, including segregation, school integration, and dreams made and shattered. Larry Palmer’s books are honest, beautifully written, uncompromisingly sensitive, and unapologetically generous. Palmer disagrees: He was never just this or that. In the best sense, he is what he is: a man trying to stand in the midst of a violent whirlwind. Du Bois Professor Emeritus of Literature, Cornell University

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“A profound exploration of family, longing, and cultural loss through the eyes of an African-American teenager who is sent to live and study at a prestigious New England prep school in the 1950s. This compelling story reminds us that issues of race and The identity issues we grapple with today are nothing new, and when progress does occur, it often occurs at a snail’s pace.” —Dinty W. Moore, “

“An entertaining coming-of-age story told from a unique perspective… In writing Scholarship Boy, Palmer gave me a glimpse into a world I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.” –Kristen Greene, ” Author of “Scholarship Boys”

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“On the surface, it’s the adventure story of a black boy trying to find his way in the all-white, blazer, tie, and sports world of an all-boys boarding school in the 1950s. At its heart, being one of ten kids The youngest, it was older siblings who gave this scholarly boy the quiet courage to navigate the treacherous waters of a strange world and make the most of his opportunities. Each of them gets to shine in the spotlight in this bright coming-of-age memoir Focus, what a fitting tribute.” — Anite Gendler, “

“Palmer’s frank and tender book recalls William Faulkner’s assertion that all good writing arises from “problems within the human heart in conflict with itself.” University of Exeter, and later Harvard and Yale, provided him with… Though Palmer’s story comes to light as the narrator comes to understand, “Those nine siblings — and my parents — were a part of me. “This is my story.” What a touching, illuminating story, and a generous gift for those of us lucky readers.” —Rebecca McClanahan , “

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Larry J. Palmer holds degrees from Harvard and Yale Law Schools and spent much of his career as a law professor and university administrator at Cornell University. He is the author of two scientific books,

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