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Scholarship Application Software – CommunityForce, Inc. is a global technology company providing a full suite of service modules, including scholarship management and grant management, to manage all aspects of business operations for charities, educational institutions, associations and other non-profit organisations. CommunityForce’s solutions deliver next-generation data capture and business intelligence on a fully automated platform to reduce costs and improve efficiency, their Lifecycle Management software is designed specifically for grantees and grantees and is proven to help organizations grow. . Effective in managing the application process for receipt, review, allocation and post allocation. Along with the software…

We are working towards “less paper” in our office, so social media has helped keep everything in one place. Scholars United is a great resource with videos and the support has been amazing. I have been totally impressed with them for a few days now, they have always been helpful and efficient. Couldn’t ask for better service! They always explain things as simply as possible and provide screenshots to show what I need to know. A+ service!

Scholarship Application Software

Scholarship Application Software

Ease of use! I enjoy creating sections for my programs because they are very self-focused and easy to understand. I have created many scholarship and grant applications with minimal hassle and each one is customizable with many options! We also enjoy exploring all the new features we can use over time. It’s nice to know it will work when I build something in CF. One thing we may explore in the future is blind apps.

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What I don’t like are the limitations on the reports that can be run from the system. There is a built-in AdHoc report feature, but it is limited to Excel. I would like to have different ways of managing reports – like Microsoft Word or Publisher. For example, with some of our tutorials, it is not possible to write an essay and place an essay box in an Excel spreadsheet, but still be user-friendly! I would like to see reports where every eligible student can have all the information they need on one page of the report. So if there are 15 students, the report will have 15 pages for each student. Easier than an Excel spreadsheet that scrolls and scrolls.

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We have been a CommunityForce customer for over a year now. Before switching to the CommunityForce solution, we used a custom-built solution developed in-house to support 6 scholarship programs. As with most homegrown systems, we would no longer be able to support them. But most importantly, because we weren’t just building software, we finally understood it as an organization. Our mission is to empower women with educational opportunities. After extensive research, we found the CommunityForce solution. We are lucky to be reminded that every day is the right thing to do. As you can imagine from a custom solution tailored to our business processes, the system had some aspects that were specific to our organization. These features are embedded in our operating policy, which has become CommunityForce’s requirements. CommunityForce stepped up to the plate and implemented solutions to define our uniqueness in no time. To this day, they continue to step up to provide solutions by pointing out obstacles to our needs. As with any new technology implementation, there are always challenges, but the CommunityForce team has always been and continues to be there to help you overcome them. Due to their implementation approach and the intuitive nature of the solution, we are fully capable of building additional operational workflows with support from the CommunityForce team as needed. I think the best way to sum up our experience with CommunityForce to date is to say this. While we are fully aware that CommunityForce has hundreds of customers like us, we feel like we are the only ones. We are committed to being a customer for life!

Support group. Ease of use. Operating costs compared to the previous solution. A roadmap for the future

Thank you so much for this review, Kevin! Our team at CommunityForce is honored to have P.E.O International as an exclusive client! I look forward to many years of cooperation! Reply March 2017

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Those of us who use our scholarship platform have found the software easy to enter data and has few technical requirements. Once we learned the system, we also found it easier to work as administrators. If you have strong technical skills, you will love the flexibility of this system.

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Accessing the system to clone the program and make the necessary changes to the new program was not always easy. It took a lot of research and a lot of video review to figure out the best way to proceed. To be fair, it was a self-service platform and the technology required to fully implement the application platform was required. It was also impossible to open, launch, and track multiple apps at once, which was a requirement for our college savings account. Through monitoring, there was no opportunity to develop student profiles and direct student-to-student email communications over an extended period of time.

Thanks for the great review Joyce! If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please send your thoughts to the Customer Support Portal! Answered April 2019

Scholarship Application Software

Better time management by implementing and using student payroll management software. Having the ability to connect and send submissions to reviewers within 24 hours of the submission deadline is fantastic. We could process applications within 3-4 months. Then build, send to reviewers, evaluate and reward within a short period (2 weeks) of 30 days or more. Electronic documentation of the impartial and blind review process is easy and efficient.

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We have found the Scholarship Management Software easy to use and implement with our applicants. The large number of applications allowed us to apply for more scholarships, increasing the total number of applicants. Additionally, the software allowed us to customize questions, define specific donor criteria for each scholarship, organize letters of recommendation with specific questions, and upload supporting documents.

The most difficult thing is that we are often in the system of endowment and endowment management during the year. We implemented the software at a time when the community forces launched the new platform, so our training was on the old platform. The extra guidance works best for us when we have step-by-step written instructions. Once you have a general knowledge of how the system works, it becomes necessary to maintain an online support flow with program changes. The only problem we have is not being able to call and talk to live support. We have found that resolving the issue via email or contact threads does not expedite the solution. The support is generally great.

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Customer service is very quick to respond. Users log a problem through Zen Desk and an email is immediately sent to them for initial troubleshooting, after which a technical representative provides step-by-step assistance. Community forces customer service is their strongest asset.

Having the ability to create a scholarship program with over 130 scholarships of various sizes has been very rewarding. Each scholarship fund has a general application that meets the student’s criteria. The program tracks scholarship amounts each year, has the ability to apply for student scholarships through the same program, and we can contact students with upcoming deadlines and other important information. A joint program can be cloned and updated every year, so a new program is not created from scratch every year. Finding an information management system that integrates the best scholarship offers can be difficult these days. There is decentralized and incomplete information about scholarship opportunities for students. As a result, applications for awards were rejected as students could not find correct and verified information about funds and scholarships.

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In order to better manage the students’ fees, funds and students and reduce the high administrative workload for the staff, an easy online data storage system should be developed to print details of customers, students’ funds and scholarships. The school’s management system should allow awardees to manage scholarship information and allow students to apply online for awards.

XB software developers have extensive experience in creating school management systems. Therefore, we had no problem creating an online data management information system to connect students and resource managers. The system offers two types of users:

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