San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer – At Associates, PC, our law firm helps clients achieve favorable resolutions in serious personal injury and wrongful death claims, as well as US Coast Guard matters.

Our primary focus is on law related to the maritime industry, including personal injury, wrongful death, US Coast Guard actions, TSA security measures, collisions and vessel ownership. We practice in state or federal court across the country as each case may require.

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

The content and related procedures of maritime and admiralty law are very different from the law applicable to “shore-side” matters. Getting the best result in your case requires attorneys who are skilled and knowledgeable about which law applies, which facts to gather, and how to present evidence.

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Associates, PC attorneys have over 48 years of legal experience successfully representing clients in personal injury, wrongful death, Coast Guard, TSA and other maritime matters.

We have achieved results for injured sailors, mariners, commercial fishermen, marine workers, cruise ship passengers and recreational boaters in the United States and around the world, as well as on waterways and lakes. California, such as the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, San Francisco Bay, and the central and northern coasts of California.

Our firm is ready to help manage legal proceedings to obtain full compensation for your losses and protect your life.

“I am so glad to have met you and have you as a friend, advocate and business partner.”

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Our deep expertise is recognized by attorneys and insurance companies in the United States and underwriters around the world. Lawyers without experience in admiralty and maritime law regularly refer cases to our firm.

We have been providing expert legal advice to clients in the United States and around the world for over 49 years. California has 11 ports, including three major ports the state considers “mega ports” in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland. If you work at a California port or on a ship entering a port, you have a dangerous job. Federal maritime law gives you the right to seek compensation after a workplace accident, and a California maritime attorney is ready and waiting to help if this happens to you.

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The state’s eleven ports include the three largest ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland, as well as eight smaller ports. These are the ports:

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach form the largest port complex in the country. About a quarter of all containerized cargo imported into or exported from the United States passes through one of these ports.

San Francisco Maritime Attorney

Oakland is the nation’s fourth-largest port and is responsible for nearly all of the container cargo that passes through Northern California.

Maritime work is a dangerous business. It is full of dangers that workers face every day. Accidents happen regularly both in ports and on ships.

Accidents can only damage ships, cargo and equipment, but in many cases they also cause injuries to workers. In the worst cases, accidents at sea kill workers.

True, in many cases these incidents could have been prevented if appropriate precautions had been taken.

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A busy port has a lot of moving parts and a lot of large moving equipment, not to mention all the moving people:

Workers who spend a lot of time on ships also face many dangers on a daily basis. Ships calling at California ports employ many sailors who encounter rough water and bad weather.

They may be victims of collisions, overboards, capsized or overturned ships, fires on board, electrical failures or accidents involving on-board equipment and machinery.

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

With many ports and a large maritime industry, California sees many port and shipwrecks. Some are minor and cause no injuries; others harm the environment and money; other incidents still result in injuries or even death to the workers involved.

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Such an event is rarely accidental. In most cases, investigators can point to a fault somewhere or an action that should have been taken to prevent the incident.

In an example of a potentially catastrophic event, a commercial fishing vessel sank off the coast of California in 2012. Fortunately, the crew abandoned ship with their cat and they were rescued safely.

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It was determined that the incident occurred due to a weakness in the hull that caused the ship to take on water. Drowning can be prevented with proper screening and care.

Another shipwreck occurred in 2007 when a container ship collided with a tower on the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay. The pilot of the ship hit the tower when the ship was on its way from the port of Auckland to the port of South Korea.

California Maritime Lawyer

This was determined to be due to the pilot’s poor navigation in low visibility conditions, his use of certain medications and lack of communication.

Although no one was injured in the incident, it resulted in a large fuel spill into the bay, causing major environmental damage and the death of thousands of birds.

Workers in port accidents are not always as fortunate as those who survive shipwrecks. In 2010, a Long Beach dock worker died on the job. He was driving a utility tractor from the port when he hit another utility tractor. The accident was enough to knock him off the tractor. On the ground, he was hit by a car and died.

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

Another tractor accident occurred in 2013 in the port of Los Angeles when the machine fell into the water with the worker in the cab. He could not be rescued from the cabin and drowned.

Maritime And Admiralty Laws In Seattle And Bellingham Wa

If you work in any part of the maritime industry in California, you have the right to seek compensation after an accident at work that injures or makes you sick. If you die at work, your dependents are also entitled to claim compensation.

The money you are entitled to should help you pay for medical expenses, cover lost wages until you return to work, and cover any lost income potential you may face in the future. You can even get money for pain and suffering.

When you find yourself in the predicament of being injured at work, you may face a fight for compensation. Employers’ insurers are not always willing to pay. You may have to file claims under certain maritime laws, go through arbitration, or even go to court to fight your debt.

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Winning against big companies isn’t easy, but a California maritime lawyer can help. With the experience of a professional who has done this work in the past, you can successfully fight those who do not want to pay and get the money they deserve, which will help you get your life back. Each founding partner of CWL has been practicing maritime law for over 30 years. Our San Francisco maritime law firm is recognized by clients and attorneys alike as one of the nation’s preeminent maritime law firms, which is why the largest international law firms turn to us for assistance with their maritime law matters. Our San Francisco maritime attorneys are well versed in US Admiralty law as well as foreign law. Our transactional practice includes representing clients in connection with vessel financing transactions, California statutory tax avoidance, bareboat and standard time charters, crew employment agreements,

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Coastal Safety Compliance, Coastal Compliance, Environmental Compliance, Offshore Joint Ventures and many more topics. You can read about our maritime litigation practice by clicking on the Civil Litigation tab.

Over the years, we have handled a variety of aircraft operations and litigation. From helicopters to airplanes, we regularly help private clients and small companies buy and sell private aircraft on a wholesale and individual basis. We are prepared to litigate our clients’ contractual rights in the event of a breach of contract for the purchase of aviation assets.

Our extensive ocean freight practice includes general cargo trucks. We have represented shipping companies in Carmack Amendment limitation of liability and bill of lading litigation. We have also represented cargo owners and their insurance carriers in cargo loss liability cases. In addition, we have extensive experience litigating driver negligence claims, whether they involve truck or private vehicle drivers.

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer

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