Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements – The Fulbright Program awards more than 2,000 grants each year to support independent study or research, teaching, graduate study, or artistic practice abroad. The program was founded in 1946 to promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through the exchange of individuals, knowledge, and skills. Sponsored by the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, it is the largest and most prestigious educational exchange fellowship program in the world.

The on-campus deadline for current ASU students and recent graduates to apply for a Fulbright grant is Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The deadline to schedule an admissions meeting and open a Fulbright US student application is August 31, 2023.

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

You will work with Karen Engler in the university provost’s office to apply for the Fulbright US Scholars program.

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For those seeking Fulbright funding to study in the United States, contact your country’s Fulbright Commission. For more information, visit If you are a Fulbright-funded international student or scholar at ASU, contact the International Student and Scholar Center.

The Fulbright Program awards up to 2,000 grants each year to support graduate study, independent study, teaching, and artistic practice abroad. The program was founded in 1946 to promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through the exchange of individuals, knowledge, and skills.

Undergraduates begin their application in the spring/summer of their junior year and move toward the end of their senior year. ASU alumni, master’s and doctoral students may also apply.

The Fulbright American Student Program offers a variety of award funds. The two main types of award are the Study/Research Award and the English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) Award. You can only apply for one grant type per country in one application cycle. If you’re not sure which program is right for you, visit our FAQ page or discuss your options with our advisors.

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ASU students are encouraged to submit their final application by midnight MST on Friday, October 6 to ensure accurate submission.

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Depending on the type of grant and host country requirements, applicants must provide:

Application essays are the most important part of your Fulbright application – plan to write several drafts of each essay and have them reviewed by advisors. Most applicants spend several weeks preparing their application.

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

ASU’s deadline to apply for the Fulbright US Student Program is September 12, 2023, 11:59 pm (AZ time). Currently enrolled students are required to apply through the campus process. Applications are submitted entirely online. The Fulbright application takes a long time to complete – don’t wait to get started! Most successful Fulbright applicants write at least seven of their application essays over a period of weeks or months.

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Students and alumni applying through the ASU campus process must follow these steps in the order outlined. Address any questions or concerns about these guidelines to [email protected].

For details on the types of awards, you can refer to the original series. The award type you choose will inform the country you are applying for – not all award types are available in all countries and many countries offer special awards.

Step 1: I have seen the original series and am eligible to apply! What is my first step in the ASU Fulbright process?

Fulbright admissions meetings should be scheduled based on the type of award you are seeking. On our booking site you will see these three options:

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Introductory meetings are descriptive. We’ll discuss the Fulbright timeline, how specific grants can support your skills and goals, navigate the Fulbright website, and plan next steps. Introductory meetings will be via ZOOM and in small groups with a mentor.

If you’re still deciding on award types (eg, ETA awards and graduate awards), you can schedule a separate intake to explore your options. Please remember… you can only apply for one prize per cycle! So you should focus on how the award will support your long-term goals.

At this point, you will be familiar with the Fulbright program and ready to explore the application sections in depth depending on your award type. On our booking site you will see these three options:

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

In the “Preparing to Write” meeting, we’ll walk through the online application, discuss specific application components (eg, cover letters), and present Fulbright essays as a grant. Applicants who are still undecided should have a short list (no more than three) of options when they arrive at this meeting.

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By the end of this meeting, you’ll have a clear understanding of your award-specific application classes and country options. If you have not yet chosen a gift and country, you will have the opportunity to discuss with a consultant how to proceed.

At this point, you will have more information about your Fulbright options and should be ready to begin the preparation and improvement process in earnest.

If you have not selected a grant type or country at this time, or if other circumstances delay your ability to complete the application process, your next step is to contact an advisor directly by email to set up an individual appointment. Please note that private Fulbright appointments are reserved for students who have completed both acceptance and pre-arrangement to write an appointment.

Step 4: I know the grant type and country, and I’ve opened an application! How can I get help with application materials?

Scholarship Renewal Guide

At this point, you are ready to start preparing your materials and may have additional questions regarding your application. You should schedule an appointment based on the type of donation you have. On our booking site you will see these three options:

This meeting will be in a small-group setting on ZOOM and will be workshop style. In addition to working on your essays, there will be additional time to discuss other application components as a group and to develop effective writing habits. You are encouraged to work on your application materials often, and schedule several meetings when revising your essay. Open all summer, so take advantage of the office and start chipping away at your essays!

All ASU applicants must submit a complete online application by Tuesday, September 12, 2023. Please note that this date is before the submission date listed on the Fulbright website. All ASU applicants should plan to apply by this early date. After your campus interview, you will have the opportunity to return to your application and make changes.

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

Check out YouTube’s Beginner’s Series for details on types of help. Scheduling an intake appointment is a great way to explore your options.

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All currently enrolled students are required to apply through the campus process. Anyone who is eligible for Fulbright can generally apply; However, currently, students who do not register through the campus process may be viewed with suspicion by the National Selection Committee. Alumni can generally apply and are not at fault in any way.

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Applicants must provide compelling reasons for choosing the host country. Research/study grant projects must be closely related to the host country; ETA applicants must provide a compelling reason for their visit to the host country. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate a brief understanding of the host country’s culture and demonstrate the necessary language skills. A “strong desire” to visit the country or “love” for the country is not enough.

In a typical year, the college approves 50 to 70 applications. Of these applications, between 15 and 25 are usually awarded. Arizona State University is one of the top ten Fulbright schools in the country.

If you are an ASU graduate or current ASU student, you can and should work with the office to receive feedback on your Fulbright materials. In addition to 1-1 and group advising, ASU offers a number of resources for Fulbright applicants, including a Canvas page and access to alumni networks. Don’t wait to make your first appointment at our office. We look forward to working with you (and yes, we are open during the summer!).

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As the application develops, applicants should seek advice from faculty advisors, graduate students, and writing instructors.

Most Fulbright research grant recipients are affiliated with universities, although in some countries it is possible to establish affiliations with other organizations such as research institutes or government ministries. The communication letter must come from the institution/individual in the host country where the applicant is proposing to work. Correspondence requirements vary by country, so applicants should note specific requirements for the intended host country before starting the application. The letter of communication must be printed on official letterhead and signed by the secretary. There is no “secret” way to get a contact letter – direct contact with potential affiliates should begin well in advance of the application deadline.

Foreign language ability depends on the country you are applying to. Many scholarships do not require previous foreign language training.

Provost Scholarship Asu Requirements

A Foreign Language Assessment (FLA) must be completed as part of the online application.

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