Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford – Our success rate is over 98% and we have secured over $30 million in verdicts and settlements over the past three years.

Oregon is one of the states with the best transportation safety laws. According to experts, Oregon has strict laws regarding the use of seat belts, prohibiting the use of cell phones, wearing helmets, and more.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

However, all of this is of little comfort to people in Medford, OR who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

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According to the Oregon Transportation Safety Action Plan, over the past few years, motorcycle accidents, including fatalities, have increased significantly.

ODOT reports show that Oregon continues to register a high number of car accidents each year, despite strict road safety laws. Motorcycle injuries in Medford, Oregon can largely be attributed to human error, including drunk driving, speeding, cell phone use, and distracted driving.

If your motorcycle accident in Medford, OR was caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other damages resulting from your injuries.

The Medford motorcycle accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss have decades of experience in obtaining the best possible legal compensation for victims of all types of motor vehicle collisions, including motorcycle accidents.

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In addition to having the in-depth knowledge to build a strong case to support your interests, the attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss are also compassionate enough to understand the severity of your personal injuries caused in a motorcycle accident in Medford, OR.

The attorney will accept your case on a contingency fee basis, which means your first consultation is free, and no legal fees will be charged if the company is successful in obtaining compensation for you.

In a motorcycle accident in Medford, OR, the driver who rear-ends motorcyclists may be liable for injuries and other damages, if they change lanes or turn.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

All drivers have a legal responsibility to obey traffic laws, including avoiding the use of mobile phones, driving within the posted speed limit, and paying attention to the road ahead.

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Compensatory damages can be pursued through insurance claims, if your accident in Medford was caused by the negligence of another driver, due to dangerous lane changes or driving under the influence.

You can even file a lawsuit against the negligent driver in civil court to claim more compensation. If your Medford motorcycle accident was caused by a defective motorcycle part, defective component, or defective tire, then the dealer, manufacturer, mechanic, or related party may also be liable.

The number of motorcycle accidents in and around Medford, OR has not decreased, despite constant warnings and increased awareness of the dangers of riding a motorcycle. This is especially true in the streets of the city center.

Motorcycle accidents, including fatalities, are increasing nationally, even as death rates have declined for all other forms of transportation.

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This is also true for Medford, Oregon, despite the fact that the city is doing more to prevent traffic deaths through public education, and road structure improvements and construction.

Although technology is advancing rapidly to make cars and other modes of transportation safer for all passengers, there are limits to what can be done to keep riders and passengers on motorcycles safe.

Safety equipment such as jackets, helmets, gloves and boots are a great way to reduce and prevent cuts, scrapes and broken bones. However, they are no match for the safety of trucks or car cabins. Advanced restraint devices in cars, such as metal restraints, air bags and seat belts, are not used in motorcycles.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

Motorcycle accidents are often serious and life-threatening because of the dangers of bicycles. You can benefit from the legal advice of an experienced Medford motorcycle accident attorney, if you or someone you know has been injured while riding a motorcycle.

Medford Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

Oregon’s general statute of limitations in personal injury cases is 2 years, which means you must be sure to act quickly when pursuing a claim. There are some exceptions to the 2-year rule that may shorten the statute of limitations.

Contact a Medford motorcycle accident attorney (after you receive medical attention) to discuss the statute of limitations that applies to you. Your claim may be barred if you attempt to pursue it after the applicable statute of limitations has expired. In simple terms, you may not be able to make a claim if you are late in reaching the law.

Oregon is a state of modified comparative negligence, which means that you can collect damages even if you are at fault for your injuries, as long as your responsibility for the accident is 50 percent or less.

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Medford, Oregon requires all drivers to carry essential auto insurance. If you drive without insurance and have an accident, then you can only recover economic damages, such as lost wages and medical expenses, from the other driver.

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Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering may be part of compensation. Exceptions include drivers whose insurance lapsed less than 180 days after the collision. (They must also prove that before the end of the insurance they have had insurance for at least 12 months.)

An experienced Medford motorcycle accident attorney will be aware of some of the serious and potentially life-changing injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident, such as:

You will need immediate medical attention if you sustain these or other injuries in a motorcycle accident in Medford, OR. You will also need ongoing medical care in the following weeks and months to manage your injuries and have the best chance of recovery.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

Motorcyclists are generally unaware that injuries in a motorcycle accident can have significant immediate and ongoing medical costs, adding up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s because motorcycle injuries are often more severe than other vehicle injuries.

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A skilled and experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Medford can help you file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim to recover compensation that can help you pay for your medical expenses, such as:

There are several other forms of compensation that a motorcycle accident lawyer in Medford, Oregon will be able to recover in a personal injury or insurance claim, such as:

Compensation for repairing or replacing your motorcycle, if it was damaged in an accident can be sought by a qualified Medford motorcycle accident attorney.

Property damage is available as a recovery in the event of a personal accident or insurance claim. It is important to note that compensation for property damage through insurance claims can only be recovered up to the other driver’s policy limit.

One Killed In Medford Crash

A trusted lawyer will help you gather all the necessary documents to replace the value of your bike or the cost of your car damage.

Motorcycle accidents often result in personal injuries that make it difficult or physically impossible to return to work immediately. It is possible that you may be out of work for days, weeks, or even months and lose the associated wages.

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Your Medford motorcycle accident attorney can pursue compensation for all of your lost wages as a result of your injury, if this occurs. This may also include lost wages for doctor’s appointments.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

Your Medford motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain the proper documentation for lost wages, including a doctor’s letter explaining your inability to work because of your injury, and documents from your employer specifying your pay rate and the time you missed work.

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A motorcycle accident can cause a lot of physical pain and emotional suffering. Emotional distress can also include anxiety, depression, insomnia, accident trauma, and reliving an accident.

Compensation for all the physical and emotional issues you face can be pursued through your motorcycle accident attorney in Medford, OR through a personal injury claim.

Solid legal counsel will also help you obtain proper documentation for these damages, as they do not have a monetary value assigned to them, such as property damage or medical expenses.

For example, a lawyer can help you obtain medical records that show the severity of the emotional and physical problems you are dealing with. They may also suggest that you keep a journal where you write down the emotional struggles and physical pain you deal with on a daily basis.

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You should try to collect as much evidence as possible of your pain and suffering, because it can increase your chances of recovering this type of compensation.

Severe motorcycle injuries are almost always life changing because they limit the victim’s ability to do different aspects of their work which prevents them from returning to their work.

Due to physical limitations, some victims had to enter a new line of work. This can destroy your earning potential, now and in the future.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford

You may be entitled to compensation for loss of earning capacity if your injury affects your ability to earn in any way. Based on your experience, skills and education, this amount will be calculated based on your expected income as if the injury had occurred.

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Contact a reasonable Medford, OR motorcycle accident attorney today who will determine all types of compensation you may be eligible for when reviewing your situation.

A knowledgeable legal professional will know that compensation can

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