Mesothelioma Va Claims Informational

Mesothelioma Va Claims	Informational

Mesothelioma Va Claims Informational – Our fact-checking process begins with a thorough review of all sources to ensure they are of high quality. We then verify the facts with original medical or scientific reports published by those sources or validate the facts with news organizations, medical and scientific experts, and reputable health experts. Each page includes all sources for full transparency.

The Mesothelioma Center has provided patients and their loved ones with the most up-to-date and reliable information about mesothelioma and exposure since 2006.

Mesothelioma Va Claims Informational

Mesothelioma Va Claims	Informational

Our team of patient advocates includes a physician, registered nurse, health care administrators, veterans, VA-accredited claims agents, an oncology patient navigator, and a hospice care expert. Their combined experience means we support the mesothelioma patient or loved one at every step of the cancer journey.

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More than 30 contributors, including mesothelioma doctors, survivors, health professionals and other experts, have peer-reviewed our website and written exclusive research-driven articles to ensure you get the highest quality medical and health information.

More About Us Testimonial My family has nothing but the highest praise for the help and support we have received from the Mesothelioma Center. It is a team of compassionate and knowledgeable people who respect what your family is going through and strive to make an unfortunate diagnosis less stressful. The Mesothelioma Center provided information and support at no cost to our family. Mesothelioma patient Lashawn’s daughter

Mesothelioma statistics take years to research, which many patients don’t have time for. In this exclusive survey, the Mesothelioma Center asked 220 survivors, caregivers and their loved ones about their mesothelioma status. About 40-50% were eligible for surgery. More than 10% said treatment led to remission.

Some mesothelioma patients find remission with an effective treatment plan and a healthy lifestyle. Remission usually means a significant shrinking of the tumor or a long period without signs of cancer. Our unique 2023 survey found that doctors told 13% of mesothelioma patients that they were in remission or cancer-free.

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A quarter of patients who had remission underwent surgery. However, effective treatment is only part of the picture. For many mesothelioma patients, remission occurs after finding the right combination of treatments.

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According to the survey, every mesothelioma patient who went into remission underwent some type of cancer treatment. Most of them, 32%, received chemotherapy.

The type of cancer was an important factor in the remission rate. Patients with peritoneal mesothelioma were more likely to go into remission (21%) compared to patients with pleural mesothelioma (10%).

Mesothelioma Va Claims	Informational

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for mesothelioma patients, with 32% of responses. The use of chemotherapy was the same for those with and without remission: 32% in both groups.

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The most common chemotherapy drugs were pemetrexed (Alimta) in 30% and cisplatin in 29%. Most patients receive a platinum-based drug, cisplatin or carboplatin, along with another type, usually Alimta.

Carla Fasolo, a pleural mesothelioma survivor from Leesburg, Florida, was diagnosed in 2021. She agrees that the fatigue affected daily activities.

“After the chemotherapy, I was very, very tired, very lethargic. It was hard not to continue with my day jobs,” she said.

For those in remission who received chemotherapy, 36% received chemotherapy with cisplatin. That number dropped to 4% for those who had no forgiveness.

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In February 2023, the US Food and Drug Administration reported a supply shortage of cisplatin and carboplatin. The shortage lasted for several months, affecting more than 90% of cancer centers and forcing some providers to use more expensive or unapproved options.

“This definitely affects our patients,” thoracic surgeon Andrea Wolf told the Mesothelioma Center. “The concept that any critical therapy [for mesothelioma] could be adversely affected by shortages in production or availability is troubling.”

About a quarter of mesothelioma patients have tried immunotherapy. Opdivo was the most common immunotherapy drug. Opdivo and Yervoy are the newest combination immunotherapy approved for the treatment of mesothelioma. For the 82% of patients who did not experience remission, immunotherapy was 9% more common.

Mesothelioma Va Claims	Informational

Immunotherapy is a more targeted treatment than chemotherapy. The drug usually affects only the areas where the cancer is. Side effects are usually more severe and reversible than those associated with chemotherapy.

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The most common side effect of immunotherapy was fatigue, experienced by 25% of patients. After fatigue, body aches and muscle and joint aches were the most common.

According to the survey, 18% of mesothelioma patients underwent surgery. In the remission group, 25% underwent surgery. This number dropped by 9% among those who had no forgiveness. Treatment options depend on patient eligibility. Invasive surgery may be too demanding for elderly or chronically ill patients.

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Among patients who qualified for surgery, 1 in 4 chose not to have surgery, despite surgery being strongly associated with mesothelioma remission.

Of those who underwent surgery for pleural mesothelioma, 69% underwent pleurectomy and decortication, or P/D, while 31% underwent extrapleural pneumonectomy, also known as EPP.

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The pleurectomy and decortication procedure has become an important surgical procedure in recent years. It removes the pleural lining of the chest and removes tumor masses. Some patients with extensive cancer may require an EPP, which removes the entire affected lung.

Almost a third of patients had not seen a mesothelioma specialist, and more than 10% were not sure if they had ever seen one. Many patients are unaware of the need to see a specialist for this rare cancer. People who only see a general oncologist often don’t get access to the newest and best treatments for mesothelioma.

When the specialist told us about [my wife’s] diagnosis, it was really positive. It was helpful. He said, “There are things we can do.” Then I felt there was hope. There were options. Anthony Fasolo husband of Carla Fasolo, pleural mesothelioma survivor

Mesothelioma Va Claims	Informational

Specialists include doctors from various specialties trained in mesothelioma, including oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists. Finding a specialist opens up access to the newest and best mesothelioma treatments, including new therapies through clinical trials.

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Getting a second opinion is essential for cancer patients. You need to feel confident with your provider and make sure they offer the best options. This often means talking to two or more doctors at different cancer centers.

A second opinion is essential because it allows you to evaluate the pros and cons of working with specific cancer centers and their healthcare teams. If you’re not sure about the care you’re getting, you could be putting your health at risk.

Peritoneal mesothelioma survivor Tamron Little told the Mesothelioma Center that seeing a specialist changed the way she approached treatment.

“My experience going to a specialist was like night and day compared to a general practitioner,” Little said. “Once I found a peritoneal mesothelioma specialist, it gave me the hope I needed, that I knew what I needed to do and what treatment was best for me.”

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A second opinion with a specialist is often the best way to enter mesothelioma clinical trials. Research trials provide the latest experimental therapies, but distance to the patient or availability of the treatment center can be limiting factors. Lack of awareness is another important reason for low participation in clinical trials.

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Only 14% of mesothelioma patients participated in a clinical trial. Low participation highlights the need for patients to see a mesothelioma specialist. Participants in a clinical trial may or may not receive the experimental drug. However, participants always receive the highest quality care that is standard for mesothelioma treatment.

The oncologist didn’t think it would last 30 days. I started Keytruda [in a clinical trial], and almost immediately things changed for the better. You can feel it. Something worked for me. Ron Green Survivor of pleural mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Va Claims	Informational

Talking to multiple doctors opens up more options for care through clinical trials. You will have access to the latest treatments such as proton radiotherapy, Tumor Treatment Areas and the latest clinical trials.

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Mesothelioma patients under the age of 50 are 30% more likely than those aged 71-80 to seek alternative therapy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma are between the ages of 75 and 84. Treatments such as medical marijuana, massage therapy and acupuncture are more popular among young people.

Only 14% of patients over the age of 81 had tried any alternative therapy. Complementary and alternative treatments were most popular among under-50s, with 65% of patients having tried some form.

A quarter of mesothelioma patients used medical marijuana or medicinal herbs. Non-electrical nerve stimulation and energy therapy were the least common, with only 2% of patients trying them. Although some patients may find relief from these options, they are not a substitute for traditional medicine.

What really appealed to me was the holistic stuff. I said, “And I wonder if this will help me.” It wasn’t a cure, but it took the edge off. Well, mentally I felt better. It improved my well-being. Kim Madrid survives pleural mesothelioma

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It is essential to approach alternative medicine well-informed and with caution. Some therapies may offer potential benefits, but consultation with an expert healthcare team is essential. Only they can ensure that these options do not interfere with the treatment plan.

It was mostly medical marijuana

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