Scholarship Scholarship – We are pleased to announce the winner of the Fall 2017 Cancer Alliance Scholarship, Natalia Jaramillo, a graduate student specializing in clinical psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

In 2014, Jaramillo received an unexpected phone call from a nurse in New York. She learned that her father was terminally ill, and it was urgent that he return from California to see her. Before her arrival, Jaramillo had no idea that the surprise call would change her life forever. “My father was a healthy 52-year-old man who worked in construction and learned salsa dancing in his spare time. He was dynamic, strong, gentle and loved by many in our community and even in his native Colombia,” she explained in her essay. Scholarship Scholarship

“When I got to see him in the intensive care unit (ICU), I couldn’t believe how weak and vulnerable he looked,” Jaramillo continued. “I felt so powerless at that moment and all I could do was hold his hand and stay by his side.” After several weeks in the intensive care unit, the father was transferred to Albany Medical Center. She remembers the endless flow of doctors in and out of the room trying to solve her father’s complex case.

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The answers didn’t come until doctors decided to perform stomach surgery to help him eat and hopefully lose weight. Surgery unfortunately revealed cancerous tumors that had spread to her abdomen. His family was told that he would have little time to live and that there were no treatment options available to him. So after recovering from surgery, the father returned home to live out his final days as he loved them. “He lived his life with integrity and courage until the very end, doing all he could to help those around him,” Jaramillo wrote in his essay.

After his death, Jaramillo reassessed his life goals and decided to devote his research to identifying ways young people cope with trauma and stress. She immediately went to work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), where she began conducting research studies to understand what children and their parents experience in this environment. Her studies led her to interview a twelve-year-old boy recently diagnosed with advanced leukemia, whom she got to know over the course of several weeks.

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Jaramillo recalled his struggle to breathe while interviewing her, but his insistence that he was able to continue the interview and did not need a break. She was inspired by his courage, but learned a more valuable lesson from him. At the end of the interview, Jaramillo asked her about the hardest thing she’s ever experienced in her life, expecting her answer to be about her leukemia and the pain she went through while undergoing treatment. But the boy broke down and said: “The hardest thing I’ve experienced in my life is bullying at school. Over the years, my peers made me feel inferior and spent too much time on my own.”

The interview made her realize the wide range of traumatic experiences young people can experience and how these experiences can affect them more than a serious diagnosis. Her two years at CHLA gave her the opportunity to interact with countless families facing their own trials. Her studies and interactions led Jaramillo to realize her desire to develop evidence-based interventions for the diverse needs of young adults who have experienced trauma.

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Driven by her discoveries and her own passion for learning how mental health affects Latino communities, Jaramillo decided to lead a study among Latino families admitted to the PICU. “I wanted to identify whether Latino children experienced higher symptoms of acute stress disorder and reported higher pain scores than non-Latinos,” she wrote. “Although current research shows higher traumatic stress symptoms in Latino adults, this topic has not been investigated in children.”

Her study included 59 participants in an urban CHLA PICU, and found no significant differences between stress or pain scores among Latino and non-Latino youth in the hospital. She was able to present her findings in a poster and symposium at the annual congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. “The applicability and importance of this research at CHLA supports my desire to pursue a lifelong career as a clinical researcher,” explained Jaramillo.

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Jaramillo is now beginning his first year as a graduate student in the clinical track of the Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology program at UCSB. She explained that her research during her six-year program will “focus on examining the coping mechanisms and resilience of youth who have experienced trauma or been victims of violence, with a particular focus on ethnic minority and immigrant populations.” Her goal is to make a significant contribution to the field and live her life by serving the needy. Scholarship

As she begins her studies, Jaramillo is grateful for the additional opportunities that the Cancer Alliance scholarship will provide her. “Being able to receive the scholarship will allow me to spend more time on my studies, volunteer more time in the community and mentor students who also want to attend graduate school without worrying about the financial burden. My long-term goal is to become a leading researcher, clinician and mentor at a research university.”

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“My professional goals, whether research, clinical or academic, are intertwined with the need to help those in need and give back to my community,” Jaramillo continues. “I know it will be a challenging road, but I am lucky to have the presence of my father to support me through the obstacles I may face.”

The Cancer Alliance is honored to award a scholarship for the Fall 2017 semester to Jaramillo, who has dedicated his life to serving youth in need. We look forward to seeing the difference she will make in many lives as she continues her studies and research

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Students applying for this scholarship must be enrolled in a two-year, four-year, community or junior college or graduate degree program on a full-time basis. All US students are eligible, but must be in good academic standing with a 3.0 grade point average or higher at their institution.

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Katherine’s son Hayden began experiencing cancer symptoms as a seventh grader. As he and Catherine studied for their respective tests, Hayden recognized the difficulty

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