Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

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Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

Many countries operate programs that grant residency to foreign investors such as the United States’ EB-5 investment visa program. These programs are intended to increase the country’s level of foreign direct investment by providing incentives to those who are willing to make big money. The requirements of these foreign investment programs and the residency status granted to investors vary from country to country. Some countries grant permanent residency as part of their employment visa programs, while others only grant residency status.

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Alternatives to the US EB-5 employment visa program include employment visa programs of other countries around the world.

Investors can obtain citizenship by investing in the independent Commonwealth of Antigua & Barbuda, located in the Eastern Caribbean. To be eligible, applicants must be over 18 years of age, meet the program requirements, and choose one of three employment options:

It can also include the applicant’s spouse, minor children, and foster parents or grandparents. Dependents between 18 and 26 who are in college, and dependents over 18 who are physically/mentally disabled are eligible. but also.

An Antigua & Barbuda passport is valid for five years and the recipient does not need a visa to travel to 150 countries. After obtaining citizenship, the entrepreneur must spend at least five days in the country to be eligible for passport renewal.

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Eligible workers from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can apply for the Austrian Red-White-Red Card. The Card is valid for 12 months and is issued to the holder of permanent residence and employment with a qualified employer in Austria. Examples of eligible applicants include:

Applications may include a spouse/common-law partner and minor children, including adopted and stepchildren. Holders of the Austrian Red-White-Red Card can apply for the additional Red-White-Red Card, which provides one year of residence in Austria, as well as self-employment and work is not limited to a particular employee.

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In addition, Austria is one of the EU countries that offers citizenship and passports to investors without the need to live in the country. Investments in the Austrian economy are necessary, for example in businesses that provide jobs. The Austrian residence permit allows travel to all Schengen states without a visa and after at least six to 10 years of residence the investor can apply for citizenship to determine whether such investments provide the development and implementation of new technologies or job creation. The application process usually takes 24-36 months. The investment should be between 8-10 million euros.

Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

Australia allows foreign investors to immigrate through their employment visas. Unlike the EB-5 program, which leads to permanent residency, the Australian investor visa only allows foreigners four years of temporary residency. After four years, the visa holder can apply for other types of visas that may lead to permanent residency.

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The Business Innovation stream (or visa 188A) is for investors who want to start and manage a new business, or develop an existing business in Australia. The minimum investment in the business is $200,000, but an additional $600,000 must be transferred to Australia (Note: some states require a higher investment).

The Investor stream (or 188B) requires an investment of at least 1.5 million Australian dollars in a state or territory of Australia usually in Government bonds.

The Significant Investor Stream (or 188C) requires an investment of A$5 million in Australian investment over a four-year period.

The Premium Investor Stream (or 188D) requires an investment of 15 million Australian dollars in investments in Australia for twelve months.

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The Entrepreneur stream (188E) is for people with funding of at least $200,000 and at least 30% ownership interest in the business company.

The 132 Business Talent – History of Business Prominence requires an investment of at least 1.5 million dollars, although some states require a higher amount.

Investors may be interested in residing in Belgium, a country with highly developed airports, cities, roads and railways, and various tax incentives.

Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

The residence permit is usually issued within two to three months after the work permit is issued. The permit is subject to annual renewal at least for the first three years, after which a residence permit is issued.

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The applicant’s spouse and children may join the applicant as a resident in Belgium through a family reunification process after issuance of residence permit.

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Investors have two options to apply for the Bulgarian Immigration Investor Program, full investment or investment.

Both investment loans have a five-year term. Applicants must have a clear criminal record in their country of residence and country of birth.

Canada is known for its provincial residency programs, including the Immigrant Investor Program of Quebec, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

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As of September 2018 Prince Edward Island has one path for entrepreneurs through the Province’s Selective Program – the Work Permit Stream. Applicants must have a minimum net worth of CA$600,000, make a minimum investment of CA$150,000.

For the New Brunswick Entrepreneurship Stream, foreign entrepreneurs must demonstrate a minimum net worth of CA$600,000, management or ownership experience of at least three out of five years, make a minimum investment of CA$250,000 in a certified business.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Stream requires an applicant to have a minimum capital of CA$600,000 from regulated sources and a minimum investment of CA$200,000 or CA$ 400, 000 if a Key Personnel is requested.

Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

The Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program requires applicants to legally have at least CA $500,000 in business and personal assets; and they plan to invest at least CA$300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or at least CA$200,000 in another Saskatchewan community.

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The Manitoba Business Investor Stream (BIS) is for those with a minimum net worth of CA$350,000, making a minimum investment of $250,000 for businesses located in the Manitoba Capital Region, or $150,000 or if it is a foreign business. the region,

Cyprus suspended its CBI program in November 2020. However, the residency-by-investment program is still available. An investor can obtain permanent residency for himself and his family in Cyprus by: investing at least 300,000 euros (plus VAT) in a new house or apartment; deposit at least 30,000 euros in their Cypriot bank that must remain there for three years; create their annual income of at least 30,000 from abroad, which increases to 5,000 euros for each person (spouses and children).

Investors have two options when it comes to investing in Dominica for economic citizens; they can apply as an individual applicant or a family applicant. As an applicant, the entrepreneur is required to make a non-refundable deposit of $100,000. As a family applicant, depending on the number of children involved, the entrepreneur must pay US $175,000, US $200,000, or US $350,000.

Processing applications for economic citizenship can take between 6 and 14 months and all applicants must undergo a personal assessment.

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French Tech Visa holders have the option of obtaining a residence permit. In order for entrepreneurs to qualify for a residence permit, they must invest 300,000 euros in tangible or intangible assets, investing directly or through a company with at least 30 percent ownership shares, 10 percent of the company is invested, and they work. . to create or protect jobs within four years of employment.

Although Germany does not have a special visa program for entrepreneurs, the German residency law allows foreign entrepreneurs to apply for a three-year residence permit. Investors need to establish their own company or invest a large amount of money in a German company. It takes about three to four weeks to set up the company. The visa application process takes about three months. There is no requirement for capital expenditure, but there is a minimum requirement for a registered capital of the company, which is set at 25,000 euros.

Visa holders can obtain a three-year residence permit that can be extended to a residence permit if the applicants prove that their business is successful. Spouses and minors can also apply for family reunification residence permits, which provide them with benefits that other types of visas do not provide. Successful residents can obtain citizenship with a valid EU passport after having lived ordinarily and legally in Germany for at least eight years.

Loan Programs For [country Name] Residents

Entrepreneurs who wish to move to Hong Kong to set up or join a business can apply for a Special Organization for Investment Visa. This option is a work permit issued to the business owner as an employee of his own company in Hong Kong. There is no minimum investment requirement.

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