Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer – WILMINGTON, N.C. – A Wilmington police officer who was fired last year for lying to an Uber driver’s attorney that he couldn’t film law enforcement returned to his old position earlier this year but suddenly retired the next day.

On February 26, 2017, a traffic stop involving Sgt. Video of Kenneth Baker and Uber driver Jesse Bright took the internet by storm, with Baker threatening Bright on cellphone video if he continued to record the incident.

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

Weeks after the incident, when Baker was demoted from sergeant to corporal and reassigned, the Wilmington Police Department released a statement assuring the public that you could, in fact, record police officers. The statement was also forwarded to every officer in the department, officials said at the time.

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But Baker returned after appealing to the city Civil Service Commission, which can overturn personnel actions taken by city departments. Although the commission is governed by the state’s open records law, discussions or decisions involving those involved are confidential, keeping many details of the situation from being made public.

Brett’s car was pulled over because one of his passengers was suspected of being involved in a drug deal.

“Be careful, because there’s a new law,” Baker told Brett during the stop. “Stop (recording) or I’ll send you to jail.”

Shortly after, an unidentified deputy with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Baker’s statement that there was a “just passed” law prohibiting people from recording law enforcement officers.

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Bright then identified himself as a lawyer, said he was unaware of any laws prohibiting the practice, and continued recording.

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Although the deputy, who has never been identified, was only “counseled” after the encounter, Baker was fired three weeks later, including a pay cut, and rehired.

Under the commission’s charter, Baker must appeal the discount to the city’s Civil Service Commission, which will rule in his favor within 10 business days.

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

City officials declined to say when the commission would meet to hear Baker’s case or issue a ruling. However, the charter gives the board 60 days to hear the appeal.

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Although personnel records provided by the Police Department show Baker was reinstated as sergeant on September 27, 2017, it appears that this did not take effect until the employee requested action on January 30, 2017, which was approved in 2018. The action retroactively reinstated his rank, based on an order from the Civil Service Commission, back to Sept. 27, 2017, the documents said.

According to records, Baker retired the next day. Under North Carolina law, no further information about a public employee’s departure will be provided unless he or she is fired.

Back in 2017, attorney Jesse Bright, who moonlighted as an Uber driver, documented his tense interactions with police in Wilmington, North Carolina. The nine-minute clip, which has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube, shows police officers from Bright Films lying about a law that is supposed to prevent people from recording interactions with police.

Now, Brett has shared another new video aimed at educating viewers about their legal rights and how to best communicate with police after an arrest. The new clip, shared on Bright’s YouTube channel on July 6, lasts just seven minutes and is intended to show people how to protect themselves from charges when speaking to police.

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Early in the new film, before walking through a traffic stop in Wilmington, Bright dispels a common belief. “A lot of people think checkpoints are drunk checkpoints,” Bright said. “That’s not true. At least in North Carolina, DUI checkpoints are illegal. They can’t set up checkpoints. You can’t set up checkpoints with the primary purpose of checking for DUIs.”

Instead, Bright noted, police could set up so-called “license checkpoints,” which would allow authorities to pull over drivers to ensure they have a valid driver’s license. This type of traffic stop also gives police the opportunity to detect any suspicious behavior and provides the driver with the opportunity to incriminate themselves.

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To prevent this from happening, Bright recommends relaxing and staying quiet. In the film, he refers to these traffic stops as “shutdown hack spots” because “that’s all you really need to do.” From there, Roshan walked through the checkpoint and remained silent while an officer picked up his driver’s license, looked at it and asked some routine questions.

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

The officer briefly left the car but quickly returned, presented his driver’s license and allowed him to continue on the road. The entire interaction lasted less than a minute, and Bright didn’t say another word.

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In the video’s description on YouTube, Brett writes: “I’m taking this opportunity to explain what a drunk driving ticket really means and how to deal with it, and give you a chance to see my advice in action.”

Several Reddit users praised the class. The video appeared on r/videos in the early hours of Monday morning, creating a comment thread with thousands of posts. One user wrote: “Good advice. Keep in mind that laws regarding postage vary from state to state. Please check your local laws.”

Comments from discussion Comments from dryphtyr discussion “This lawyer/Uber driver shows how to pass a DWI checkpoint without accidentally incriminating yourself.”

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time Bright’s footage has been released. In 2017, Bright’s interactions with police drew widespread attention and made him the subject of a story.

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. In that video, Sgt. Kenneth Baker told Bright that he was prohibited by law from filming police officers; Baker and another officer pointed to a state law they said had recently been passed. Brett said in the film that he had not heard of the law and was told about it later

“If the police give you a legal order and you violate that order, they will arrest you,” Roshan said.

. “The fact that I was not arrested and he did not try to arrest me proves his dishonesty.”

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

“I think this video shows that police officers are willing to lie to get people to do what they want to do,” Brett said.

Police Lie To Attorney During Traffic Stop, Claim It’s Illegal To Record Them

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False news about former President Donald Trump’s death was posted when his son’s X account was hacked. When police arrested Uber driver Jesse Britt and asked him to stop filming on his phone, they didn’t know he was actually a lawyer, and they knew it. Well in his own right.

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On February 26, Brett was driving a passenger car using a ride-sharing app near a pawn shop in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Baker then claimed there was a new law making filming illegal, and when Bright asked him to be more specific, Baker told him to get out of the car. Bright did not get out of the car and told the officer he was recording in case something happened.

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Baker told Bright he was searching his car. When Bright refused, Baker asked for a K-9 unit.

At that point, Bright told police he was an attorney and produced his American Bar Association card to prove it.

A K-9 unit was brought in and indicated the presence of drugs, allowing officers to conduct a thorough search of the vehicle, according to police. They found nothing.

Jesse Bright Uber Lawyer

According to WECT, the Wilmington Police Department launched an internal affairs investigation on Friday. On Wednesday, Chief Ralph Evangelis issued the following statement, which will also be read to officials in the future:

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It is your legal right to take photos and videos of others, including police. In fact, we invite citizens to do so if they deem it necessary. We believe public video helps protect police officers and citizens and provides important information during police-citizen interactions.

However, the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office (which also had an officer on scene) will not be investigating because their officers did not violate any laws.

While the filming issues were troublesome enough, Bright also discovered issues with the K-9 unit. Police refused to tell Bright about the dog’s drug sniffer, and Bright said he believed they did not have the authority to search his car.

I repeatedly asked the sergeant and the K-9 dog what the indicator was that it smelled drugs in the vehicle. They refused to tell me. The K-9 walked the dog around my car, during which time the dog did nothing but smell the car.

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