Investment Banking Job Calgary

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Canada has a strong investment banking industry that supports its domestic market and is a global hub for mining and resource companies.

Investment Banking Job Calgary

Investment Banking Job Calgary

Investment banking in Canada is concentrated almost entirely around Toronto, with smaller centers in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Calgary Downtown Vacancies Drop To 27%

With the recent downturn in Canada’s energy industry on the back of falling oil prices, Toronto’s relative status has only grown (at Calgary’s expense).

Coverage of client companies in the United States based on size and investment banking capacity. Bulge bracket and elite boutique banks will cover megacaps and largecaps, middle market banks will cover midcaps and smallcaps, and regional boutiques or industry boutiques will cover microcaps.

Canada’s capital markets are generally less deep than those of the US (Canada’s investment banking market is smaller with fewer investors).

For example, when Canadian companies issue debt in the public market, the size should be relatively small (C$150-500 million) because there is not enough market demand (buyers of Canadian bonds) and Canadian dollar bond capital. The number of cars is limited. . Such as Canadian insurance companies or asset managers not having enough money. Large Canadian lenders will often issue in the US.

Annual Report 2021 2022

In Canada, the investment banking industry is dominated by domestic incumbents or the Big Five banks – all universal banks whose core business is retail and commercial banking, but which also have capital markets arms. These banks are:

This list has thinned out significantly over the past few years as Canada’s investment industry has matured and stabilized.

Mergers and acquisitions – As expected, bulge bracket banks are big in Canada and will be in the top 10 for most M&A because most cross-border deals will be done using global networks. Whether it’s a Canadian pension fund looking to expand or a global firm buying Canadian assets, a bulge bracket bank will typically be involved. RBC and BMO have expanded their presence in the US and contested the bulge bracket. Meanwhile, for domestic M&A, the Big 5 have a profound impact on the business:

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Investment Banking Job Calgary

Debt Capital Markets – Bulge Bracket Bank will play a major role in the issuance of US dollar debt to large Canadian corporations as well as junk bonds and debt through its leveraged finance team.

Goldman Sachs Salary

Meanwhile, the Big 5 are lenders through their corporate banking arm, and thus will typically participate in a proportion of debt capital markets (or equity capital markets businesses).

Equity Capital Markets – Equity raises in the US by large Canadian companies (i.e. IPOs and secondary issuances) often involve bulge bracket banks because they have a rolodex of large buying institutional investors.

As discussed earlier, almost all coverage will be conducted in Toronto, while all francophone coverage will be based out of Montreal and corporate banking will be in all markets associated with investment banking coverage.

Recruiting for investment banking has historically come from undergraduate business-focused schools. Contrary to history, American investment banks recruit from the most prestigious colleges and universities, not just business-oriented ones. Historically, the top feeder schools have always been:

Canada Expected To Buck Trend Of Big Investment Banking Layoffs

Recently, however, Canada’s major universities have begun to improve. Many banks have taken steps to move beyond the traditional feeder pool of business schools and now welcome STEM majors. With the list of semi-targeted schools expanding:

As in the US, investment banking for all the Big 5 is around $85,000 at the analyst level – assuming it is in Canadian dollars with a new long-term exchange rate of $1.30 to the US dollar.

At the associate level, compensation is lower from a base perspective than our global peers but bonuses are higher than base salary. This trend is the same for every subsequent position on the ladder.

Investment Banking Job Calgary

A Canadian associate’s base salary in the Big 5 is C$100,000 to C$125,000, while the bulge bracket will pay a base salary of up to C$200,000 (the same as the US base adjusted for foreign currency).

The Talent We’re Looking For

The bulge bracket bonus in Canada is lower as a percentage of base salary and is generally the same as in the US with FX adjustments.

Covid-19 has affected Canada, as well as other countries in Europe and the United States, causing major changes in investment banking. Eastern Canada, where most of its investment banking business is based in Toronto and Montreal, has been hit by the coronavirus.

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As such, most Canadian investment banks and broader capital markets franchises have implemented work from home, with most client interactions and internal meetings handled by Zoom and Microsoft teams.

Although Canada’s burden of Covid-19 cases is not as high as in the US and Europe, the Canadian economy shrank in 2020 and is likely to experience anemic growth in 2021 as Canada’s exports and trade are largely with the US. .

Investing In Calgary Real Estate

However, Canadian investment banks remain busy despite Covid-19. Canadian investment grade bond issuers have taken advantage of the open debt capital market window to maintain liquidity or pay off future maturities due to market uncertainty.

In addition, the Canadian investment banking industry has greater coverage of metals and mining than mining in the economy. Precious and base metals have opened up and junior and senior miners have taken advantage of the Canadian equity capital market to raise funds.

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Investment Banking Job Calgary

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Royal Bank Of Canada

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Investment banking is a very specialized field and has good job opportunities. This includes helping large companies and institutions with funding. Investment banking also involves providing financial advisory services to these organizations and helping them launch in the market. Read more about job opportunities and expected salary if you want to do this course.

Although job opportunities in investment banking are high due to these courses, Canada is still a small market in this regard. Countries like USA and UK are big markets and have more opportunities and advantages. If you want to make good money, Canada may not be the right fit for you, as the investment banking market is small with fewer benefits.

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In most of the leading investment banking countries, you will need to complete a Master’s degree in Business Administration. But, luckily for you, that’s not the case in Canada. You can pursue any degree related to investment banking. But now many universities in Canada offer degrees in investment banking.

Telus’ $19 Billion Alberta Investment Will Benefit Calgary, Edmonton, And Leduc

An investment banking career can be the most difficult to achieve in competitive countries like the US and the UK. But in Canada competition is more because there are less positions but the process is easier than other countries. An investment banking career is something that people do out of pure interest.

Although Canada has an established, but small market, it still has its advantages. While work hours typically call for 90-100 hours per week, the amount of work in Canada will be less. With an investment banking market only the size of LA, Canada focuses heavily on sectors such as mining, natural resources and energy.

Canada has not expanded its borders in terms of investment banking but working in this sector in Canada means that people will get more exposure as they have to work on many things with fewer people in the industry. If you are not satisfied with low salary and enjoy family time, then Canada is the best option for you.

Investment Banking Job Calgary

Canada, as mentioned earlier is a smaller market and it is more difficult to get a good position in this industry. The top Canadian banks that provide good positions and well-known benefits are listed below.

Fall Job Fair 2023

As the list shows, it is the top bank involved in investment banking in Canada. However, there are also smaller banks such as Paradigm Capital, Capital West, and others.

As the list above shows, the main banks that offer good salaries are all located in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. So, the closer you live to these cities, the more job opportunities there will be and the easier it will be.

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