Humaniti Donation

Humaniti Donation

Humaniti Donation – We can help families restore hope as they prepare their children for the new school year Your donation will provide essential school supplies and care packages to families in need across Canada

Helping vulnerable families, including single-mother families and Canadian Aboriginal families, as they plan to return their children to school.

Humaniti Donation

Humaniti Donation

We’re asking you today because every child deserves an equal start in life. Your donation will go directly to support single-parent families who are falling on hard times or who can’t afford backpacks, pens, pencils and other essentials. Our campaign will not only cover school supplies, we will also provide care packages for single mothers

Families In Yemen Need Us More Than Ever

The cost of living in a post-pandemic world continues to rise. The ability to provide shelter, food and basic needs is a struggle for many families, including single parent families Our goal is to help provide comfort to those who need it

More than one million people in Ontario live in poverty and income inequality is increasing. The statistics surrounding single mother families in the Greater Toronto Area are astounding

With the help of donors like you, Humanity will provide 2,000 backpacks filled with school supplies and care packages to single Indigenous parents and their children. Our partners at IDRF and HCI helped fund this project, while our partners at Uniqlo provided the items for the care packages and the rest went to our generous donors.

The more donations we receive, the more school supplies we can give to children, so they can grow and develop and have a great school year!

Humaniti 2021 Impact Report By Admin Humaniti

As parents and children prepare to do back-to-school shopping, they may be faced with the inability to purchase essential school supplies, and Humanity is here to help.

As the name suggests, we provide more than just backpacks and school supplies Humanity also wants to give back to mothers, so we put together care packages Everyone deserves a little relaxation

On August 19, 2023, the Backpack Band will fill 2,000 backpacks (twice as many as last year!) for deserving children and put together care packages for their deserving mothers. Each backpack will be filled with the following things:

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Humaniti Donation

Each care package will be filled with supportive and healing products for these moms, including some special gifts from our partners at Uniqlo!

Gift Of A Lifetime’: Humanity Auxilium Partners To Send Orphans To Life Skills Camp

Help families break the vicious cycle of poverty by helping out-of-school children attend school

Around 22.8 million children aged 5-16 years are out of school. This means these children do not have access to: • Teachers • Role models • Textbooks • More advanced brain development • Behavioral development Lack of education These children are forced into child labor where they work long hours in difficult conditions. Not attending school causes another major problem these children face: they are sold into the labor market at the expense of loans taken out by their parents. Without money, education or a purpose in life, these young children are destined to suffer a vicious cycle of poverty for the rest of their lives

The Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) in secondary education in Pakistan is 43 percent. This figure is the lowest in the region, compared with 73 percent in India and Bangladesh and 98 percent in Sri Lanka (UNESCO Institute of Statistics). The figure drops to 9 percent at the third level – a very low percentage by global standards

Today, education is the main driver of development of any economy and helps transform the lives of its people. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan, emphasized the need for education:

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“Without education we will become total darkness, and with education we will become light. Education is a matter of life and death for our country The world is moving so fast that if you don’t educate yourself, you will not only be completely left behind, you will also be left behind. “

Children in the West try to pretend to be sick to get out of school and stay home to play games on their personal devices, while children in Pakistan dream of going to school but are forced to work hard to earn a living. About 9.7 million families in Pakistan live below the poverty line and have to make heartbreaking decisions to feed or educate their children. Extreme poverty forces families to help their children farm and engage in other rewarding activities Due to the loss of education, more than 12.5 million children aged 10-14 are involved in exploitative and dangerous work. From working without a globe in a room next to an infected syringe to walking through town without breathing for five minutes, children are forced to live lives filled with loss and dissatisfaction. Although both boys and girls are pushed into extreme poverty due to lack of education, it is girls who are most affected. By sixth grade, 59% of girls are out of school compared with 49% of boys. These poor girls, who are expelled from school, are forced into early marriage to men twice their age They are often subjected to domestic violence, abuse and are expected to become mothers Frequently life-threatening birth complications such as fistulas Many babies suffer from low birth weight and stunted growth One of the many reasons why Pakistan has the world’s highest child mortality rate Providing high-quality education and support is critical to breaking this cycle of misery and saving millions of innocent lives from a future we fear will happen to our own children ! The biggest obstacles in advancing education in Pakistan are poverty, lack of structural and systematic infrastructure and patriarchal attitudes of society. This binds young women to expectations of a docile domestic lifestyle

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With the right resources, Pakistan can educate and nurture its growing youth population Leveraging huge benefits for young people that can help lift their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty! In 2014, world famous Pakistani cricket icon Shahid Afridi launched SAF (Shahid Afridi Foundation). A non-profit organization focused on improving the conditions of underserved communities in the areas of education, health services, water facilities and sports rehabilitation. Shahid Afridi Foundation School (SAF School) aims to enroll and provide quality education to out-of-school children, especially in remote and underserved communities in the country. SAF’s vision is to empower the development of the minds of the younger generation, both academic and non-academic, by providing them with opportunities for holistic mental and physical development.

Humaniti Donation

Unfortunately, most schools in big cities do not provide education in a systematic way and the situation in rural areas is very worrying. Most of the existing schools are dilapidated buildings with unnecessary furniture and are run by poorly qualified and poorly paid teachers. To this end, the SAF School Initiative seeks to build state-of-the-art schools in the country with co-curricular opportunities for students. Increase educational awareness in the community through family counseling sessions and providing professional and skills development training to teaching staff.

Humaniti Save Yemen

SAF Schools have saved hundreds of innocent lives from future hardships and given them hope of a promising and bright life With a network of 14 schools in Pakistan: • 8 in Karachi, Sindh • 3 in Neelum Valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir • 1 in Lahore , 2 in Punjab • Nowshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Currently 4210 students are enrolled in SAF schools. That’s 4210 beautiful children who will grow up to realize their dreams and help their families escape the vicious cycle of poverty!

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Educating girls is an important investment We at SAF firmly believe that the nation’s progress lies in the hands of its mothers, sisters and daughters We want to see every girl get a basic education because the women of this nation are the future Help Shahid Afridi and SAF make this dream come true by sponsoring children’s education Invest in them today

$25 covers the student’s monthly tuition fees, school supplies, textbooks, and uniforms You are awesome! May God bless you and your fortune to help students in need. You will be rewarded for educating a child, helping low-income families, and ensuring a better future for students in Pakistan.

TWO students’ monthly school fees include a $50 fee, school supplies, textbooks and uniforms. You are extraordinary! May God bless you and your fortune to help students in need. You will be rewarded for educating a child, helping low-income families, and ensuring a better future for students in Pakistan.

Vision Circle Goes Virgin Galactic! — Space For Humanity

$100 covers the student’s monthly course fees, school supplies, textbooks and uniforms You are awesome! May God bless you and your fortune to help students in need. You will be rewarded for educating a child, helping low-income families, and ensuring a better future for students in Pakistan.

$250 covers TEN students’ monthly school fees, school supplies, textbooks and uniforms You are awesome!

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