Humana Dental Insurance Colorado

Humana Dental Insurance Colorado – We don’t just develop strategy, optimize media plans or create inappropriate ads on the website. We do our best, and we do it every day. This is how we can influence our customers. Not only at the end of the process, but at every step.

When consumers thought of Humana, they thought of Medicare. They certainly didn’t have dental in mind, which is a shame because Humana offers a strong set of dental plans that can help many people get the coverage they need.

Humana Dental Insurance Colorado

Humana Dental Insurance Colorado

That is why we wanted to change their perception with a two-pronged approach. Through a B2B campaign, insurance agents learned why (and how) to sell these standalone packages. Then B2C marketing materials equipped these agents to spread Humana’s new word: dental.

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Created a clear and effective creative concept: Smile Stronger. Officers were encouraged to “Give yourself something to smile about”. Is that something? An additional $4,000 per year for selling dental plans. every sales promotion material—from banner ads to brochures, postcards to print ads—has been put into a strategically designed toolbox that agents can tailor to their market and use to drive sales.

Your B2B materials reached our audience both online and offline. Our direct mail and robust email campaign led Agents to, where they discovered a wealth of informational content such as video, webinars and testimonials. They could also sign up for more information, opening the airways for contact before the campaign.

The convergence of healthcare, B2B and B2C marketing made this campaign its best product. The most important insights were provided by our business knowledge. Our 360 execution brought results. And Humana’s customers weren’t the only ones laughing.

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We brought expertise in all three categories and a carefully crafted 360-degree strategy that ultimately delivered results for our partners at Humana.

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