Hsbc Investment Banking Job

Hsbc Investment Banking Job – How does HSBC support takeovers and mergers? How are mergers and acquisitions financed? What are the implications of the transaction for the buyer’s financial strategy? If you’re interested in these questions, want to look over the shoulder of an expert, or want practical first-hand knowledge, join us!

You have the opportunity to meet team members and managers from our various product groups (eg M&A Advisors, Leveraged & Acquisition Finance, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets or Strategic Capital Advisors), who will provide you with a variety of aspects and unique insight. Middle in transactions.

Hsbc Investment Banking Job

Hsbc Investment Banking Job

A varied afternoon awaits you, ending in a relaxed atmosphere with dinner and drinks.

Major Hsbc Layoffs: 35,000 Job Cuts And Massive Restructuring Announced

The event is a great opportunity to make connections and submit your application for our 2023 graduate program. Your travel expenses will of course be reimbursed.

HSBC empowers employees to collectively shape the future of banking.

Read here about the most personal experiences at our bank – from employees from Germany and around the world.

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Hsbc To Cut 38% Of Global Banking And Markets Jobs In France, Hr News, Ethrworld

To do this, select “Accept all cookies”. If you decide on the processing of optional cookies, please select “Do not accept optional cookies”. HSBC Germany is a customer-centric international commercial bank. We have a unique position among German banks: globally networked as part of one of the world’s largest banking groups and at the same time personal and individual customer care with the values ​​of our 230-year history. We stand for internationality, comprehensive consulting skills and first-class infrastructure. Our bank was founded in 1785 and employs more than 3,000 people in Düsseldorf and eleven other locations.

Our business areas are: International Banking and Markets, Commercial Banking (Corporate Clients), Asset Management, Group Private Banking and all international functions such as Risk Management, Controlling, Finance and HR.

Strongly held values ​​have always been part of our corporate culture. This is reflected in the sustainability of our company.

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Hsbc Investment Banking Job

HSBC Global Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH, HSBC Internationale Kapitalanlagegesellschaft, HSBC Trinkaus Real Estate, HSBC Trinkaus Family Office, HSBC Transaction Services

Hsbc Private Bank Continues To Expand With Hires

Are you about to graduate, have you received your high school diploma, are you a student or have you already graduated and are now looking for an exciting professional challenge?

Then you will find the perfect opportunity to join us! Intern, dual student, intern, student worker or university graduate – there are no limits for you at HSBC Germany.

From the very beginning, they entered the world of HSBC and became part of an international group that fully responds to customer needs and at the same time occupies a unique position among German banks.

With us, you get the local connections and internationality of one of the world’s largest banking groups. To lay the foundation for your professional work, you will have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge directly in practice.

Hsbc Investment Bank Co Head To Take 6 Month Sabbatical

Extensive opportunities for further development, the provision of holidays and the opportunity to be active in positions in other HSBC divisions in the country are just some of the benefits of working at HSBC Germany. We go to great lengths to make our employees feel comfortable with us. You can find a list of all our benefits here.

About 3,000 employees characterize our company and are our keys to success. Every day, they contribute significantly to satisfying our customers’ needs through professionalism, innovation and continuity.

The global positioning of the HSBC Group constantly offers new perspectives. As a result of HSBC’s relationship with HSBC, Germany is also becoming increasingly international in its workforce. Anyone interested in going abroad has great opportunities with us – some colleagues from Düsseldorf are now working in places like the United Arab Emirates, Malta or China. But HSBC colleagues continue to come to Dusseldorf from England, Chile, India or any of the more than 65 countries where the HSBC Group is represented.

Hsbc Investment Banking Job

Are you about to finish your studies or have you finished them recently? Then you can look forward to the start of your career at HSBC Germany. In charge from the first day, you will be involved in requesting projects from the beginning and will be able to perform interesting tasks. Do you want to keep learning, are you flexible and want to take responsibility quickly? Then you are absolutely right with us! We are looking for lateral thinkers who want to develop the future of banking with us.

Hsbc Bank Salary In India

For a global commercial bank like HSBC, our success is closely linked to our people. They are an essential capital for everything we plan to do in the future. No matter where you work in our bank, you will bring your individual skills from the start and support our transformation process. International Banking and Markets, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Asset Management, Private Banking or International Operations: entry is possible in basically all departments, regardless of the business environment: we are looking for characters with character! Employees who stand up for our common goals and stand up for each other at the same time find convincing solutions for our customers.

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At HSBC Germany, our employees can expect a more challenging start to their careers. In charge from the first day, you will be involved in requesting projects from the beginning and will be able to perform interesting tasks. If you want to continue learning, are flexible and want to take on responsibility quickly, you’ve come to the right place! We are looking for people to develop the future of banking with us.

I had many interesting assignments and my supervisor encouraged me according to my interests and strengths and showed me areas of responsibility where I could develop them.

Apprentices have the opportunity to look into another department from time to time. I got good advice on what areas I was interested in and my supervisor made sure I looked at the classes I was interested in.

Hsbc, Citigroup And The End Of Global Banking

Basically, they all stick together. The culture of wrongdoing has changed for the better in recent years. No more blame.

The desire to be a “better place to work” has only succeeded for a few employees. Unfortunately, most of them do not benefit from it. No real growth opportunity. No promotion of real talent. Vitamin B is needed for promotion and promotion.

Longtime employees are fleeing in droves, and the upper echelons don’t seem to care if these professionals leave or why. They all have the same reason – too little money for too much work and too little…

Hsbc Investment Banking Job

The sentiment is completely destroyed as the process of shipping it abroad is underway. You’re busy outsourcing your own activities, which is absolutely inspiring, because you don’t have any perspective.

Hsbc To Shed 35,000 Jobs In Radical Move To Downsize

A constant pressure of spending is seen here and there frequently and by labor motivation. Here, it is important to go a little more realistically into the package of dimensions to avoid everyone’s worries. No free parking (except Mondays and Fridays).

You should (again) focus more on the needs of your own employees and think ahead if the team’s next request makes sense. There is no point in scaring people before there is a workable solution to the process. Not all are exportable and add value – often not even to the team. Although it may no longer be desirable: a little entrepreneurial thinking will be desirable at the management level.

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Management should seriously question why so many long-term employees are now simply quitting without severance pay. Knowledge is power, but that doesn’t matter to HSBC. Even the bank can’t keep the youth, but if the older workers don’t get any income, what kind of views should the youth have?

It would be great if there were more events/opportunities to meet other interns and exchange ideas.

Hsbc’s Organizational Structure [interactive Chart]

Don’t skip simple things like food. When junior bankers from different banks talk about food allowance, it is unlikely that their employees are shy about talking about the money. Compared to the salary (at least for full-time employees), it is not a very important point, but it is printed in a negative way in consciousness.

Investing €100 a month in good coffee beans and milk can save top bankers money (and time if they don’t have to go down).

Cohesion in groups and classes is usually good. Direct superiors (people) are well integrated and help to make work as enjoyable as possible. The bank tries to support collective work outside of work (voluntarily) with several ideas.

Hsbc Investment Banking Job

It definitely depends on the department/area. But stick together and point the finger at others. Individual problems are group problems and they are solved together.

How Hsbc Global Private Banking Is Adapting To Meet The Changing Needs Of Its Clients

There is much talk but not much said. There are often standard sentences, which are clearly given to all managers (people) by the same coach. Few managers dare to deviate from these guidelines – mainly because they themselves lack sufficient information. In groups, topics are often discussed more openly and you are often told about them faster than through official channels.

Communication in Germany is top-notch, if it’s international, it often fails. DE is a small part of the world and suggestions are of little interest. Globally you have other priorities and don’t think about DE. Even Germany’s good annual results were dampened by generally poor results in other EU countries. That was the reason then.

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