Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer – Oil rigs can be very difficult places for people to work because the constant high noise level makes communication difficult and certain types of accidents are more common and lead to possible injuries. Anyone who has been injured on the job while working on an oil rig will want to seek the help of a New Orleans oil rig accident attorney.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Protection (BSEE) reports that 65 people died and 160 were injured in marine incidents last year. These incidents included 274 elevator incidents, 87 fires, 81 collapses, 73 gas leaks, 11 spills, 7 collisions, one explosion, and one loss of well control. enters.

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

Many victims of oil rig accidents have many questions about their rights after the accident. Examples of the most common questions people ask are:

Common Causes Of Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

Falls are one of the most common types of oil rig accidents, and falls can result in broken or fractured bones. A spinal cord fracture can cause paralysis.

Operating heavy machinery can result in possible limb amputation injuries if the equipment is used incorrectly or safety procedures are not followed. Cuts and deep wounds are also possible.

In these cases, a person can file both a workers’ compensation claim and a negligence claim. These cases are more commonly known as third party personal injury claims.

A third-party lawsuit allows victims to recover more damages than workers’ compensation. When you need help filing a third party lawsuit, you always want to make sure you are working with an experienced New Orleans oil rig accident attorney.

Industrial Oil Rig Accident Kills Worker In Humble,tx

You should understand that any party filing a claim against a third party will have their own attorney to defend them against liability claims. In most cases, the insurance company will be responsible for hiring an attorney in these cases and try to defeat your claim by proving that you were actually at fault for your injuries.

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When you hire your own experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case, you will have someone on your side with legal experience who knows how to handle all of the actions that an attorney can use. Most importantly, you may be in a situation where the insurance company wants to settle your case, and an attorney can negotiate a full and fair settlement of your case so you know you will receive the most compensation.

You may receive a settlement offer from your insurer shortly after the accident, before you even have a chance to call an attorney. Don’t feel pressured to accept such an offer, as any offer you receive may be far below what you are entitled to, so accepting such a settlement will save you legal fees and protect you from further compensation claims. does. if the premium is not enough to cover your future medical bills.

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured or a loved one has died as a result of an oil rig accident in Louisiana, Texas, or anywhere else on the Gulf Coast, do not attempt to handle your personal injury claim on your own. Trial attorneys can provide you with comprehensive legal representation and will work tirelessly to help you recover every dollar available.

Offshore Workers: 5 Reasons Why Rig Life Is More Dangerous In Winter

Our company begins with a fully independent investigation of your accident to secure important evidence, and then takes whatever steps are necessary to help you recover as much as possible. You can call (504) 229-3117 or contact us for a free consultation with a New Orleans oil rig accident attorney. If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed in an accident, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Houston oilfield attorney at Haun Mena.

Oil well blowouts are also called derrick blowouts, oil well blowouts, and oil rig blowouts. They are associated with accidents due to the enormous pressure associated with the extraction of oil from underground.

The materials that extract oil rigs are created under great pressure over millions of years and must be handled with great care during drilling. An oil rig explosion most often occurs when one of the following steps occurs during drilling:

The pressure force generated by surface explosions can cause the entire drill string to be completely ejected from the well, resulting in the explosion of oil, natural gas, sand, rock, mud, fire, etc. prove fatal. Surface explosions can damage or destroy the device itself and seriously injure crew members.

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Texas Refinery Explosion Accident Lawyer In Houston

Underwater explosions are a concern for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that they occur in remote areas of water. Subsea wells can be anywhere from 10 feet to 8,000 feet deep, complicating the problem of stoppage.

Underground explosions occur when fluids from high-pressure areas flow uncontrollably into low-pressure areas, often from deeper to shallower areas. Underground explosions also have the ability to deal significant damage.

With proper attention, care and skill, an oil rig explosion can be prevented. Oil producing companies must carefully observe the following:

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

These standards and regulations are intended to guide the selection, maintenance, and use of well-managed equipment:

Houston Oilfield Injury Lawyer

With the help of appropriate measures, it is possible to control the oil platform “house” and prevent oil platform explosions.

Blowout preventers, the main line of defense in making sure a blowout doesn’t happen, work by sealing wells and resisting extreme pressure after a shock or when hydrocarbons begin to flow uncontrollably.

If protective devices are working perfectly, they can stop an explosion almost immediately, but if they are not well maintained or the operators operating them do not have the necessary training and skills, their effectiveness is much lower.

Oil rig explosions can cause all kinds of serious or fatal injuries, but the most common are:

Injured Oil Worker ‘lived In Hell For 2½ Years’

If you’ve been injured on an oil rig, you may be able to seek compensation for a number of losses or legal damages to aid in the recovery process.

An injury on the job can put you out of work for a long time – or end your career altogether – and the financial and emotional toll associated with it can be enormous.

The emotional pain you experience from a massive oil rig explosion can rival the physical pain you suffer.

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

At Haun Mena, we dedicate our practice to supporting injured oil industry workers in all of the following roles:

Offshore And Maritime Accidents

We are Houston personal injury attorneys experienced in handling oil rig explosion cases, providing injured oil workers and their families with the care and legal skills they need to achieve a positive outcome. Bring our experience and legal perspective to your full recovery efforts. For more information, contact us online or call us today at 713-561-5334.

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Hiring an attorney will give you the best chance of getting full compensation for your losses and recovering as much as possible.

Your attorney will likely work on a contingency basis, meaning you will pay a pre-agreed percentage of your settlement or settlement until the matter is resolved.

Your claim may be settled out of court, but if the insurance company refuses to negotiate fairly, going to court may be your best option.

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Contact us today to start your FREE case review. We are just a call, a click or a short drive away. The most successful oil field lawyers in history are the risks of working in the oil and gas industry

If you or a loved one has been injured in an oil field accident, remember this: entrusting your future to an oil company prevents you from receiving full compensation for your injuries. Their main goal is to avoid liability at all costs and minimize compensation for you and your family.

Oilfield workers in Texas and across the United States are at risk of serious injury and death from preventable oilfield accidents and explosions. These incidents are not just statistics, but a reminder of a systemic problem in which oil companies prioritize profits over the safety of their workers and suppliers.

Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

The good news is that you don’t have to fight alone. Our undefeated oilfield accident attorneys have done this hundreds of times, winning some of the largest settlements and verdicts in United States history.

Risks Of Working On An Oil Rig

We’re here to stand up to these corporate giants and their teams of lawyers, to make sure you get the justice and compensation you deserve, and to force companies to be safer so accidents like this don’t happen again.

The oil and gas industry is the nation’s most dangerous when it comes to serious and fatal injuries.

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