Environmental Defense Fund Donation

Environmental Defense Fund Donation

Environmental Defense Fund Donation – The Environmental Defense Fund helps a leading nonprofit environmental advocate make an impact with its first digital-first annual report.

For more than 50 years, the Environmental Defense Fund has been a leader in the fight to make the environment safer and healthier for us all.

Environmental Defense Fund Donation

Environmental Defense Fund Donation

For its 2020 annual report, the Environmental Defense Fund is committing to a digital approach for the first time in the report’s history. It would encourage a limited print edition rather than the other way around. A leading environmental advocacy group rocked North Street for both its conception and launch.

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The resulting online experience weaves stories, interviews, photography, video and data visualization into a beautiful and compelling narrative that guides the user through EDF’s remarkable achievements and wins for the planet’s development.

The visual system designed by North Street was then translated into a sleek and attractive magazine with smaller print than previous years.

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Environmentally Sustainable Charities: A Worthy Workplace Initiative

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that you must enable or disable cookies again each time you visit this website. This mission is an important Earth environment conservation fundraiser. for everyone. Using our deep expertise in science and economics, EDF delivers bold, game-changing solutions to tackle the greatest challenge of our time – climate change. We work to stabilize the climate, strengthen the capacity of people and nature to thrive, and support human health. Working in more than 30 countries, we focus on the areas where we can have the greatest impact. From reducing transport pollution around the world, to slowing the warming we are currently experiencing by reducing methane pollution, to strengthening nature’s own ability to stabilize the climate.

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Our mandate: A sustainable climate and healthy, prosperous people People and communities everywhere are facing the serious environmental, economic and health impacts of climate change. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is laser-focused on tackling the climate crisis and achieving our vision of an Earth that matters for all. Thanks to your generous support and leadership, EDF is working with a wide range of partners and alliances around the world to promote innovative solutions that: • stabilize the climate • strengthen the capacity of people and nature • support people’s health Our presence in 30 countries is spread out, and we have focused heavily on four anchor regions—China, India, Europe, and the United States—which together produce nearly half of climate pollution.

We are working with government, industry and a wide range of partners to promote a clean and modern energy transition for everyone towards a carbon-free future.

Environmental Defense Fund Donation

We ensure that communities can cope with the current climate impacts while reinforcing nature as a big part of the solution.

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Oceans work by region. EDF is working worldwide to promote reforms to make sustainable fishing the norm for most ocean fisheries. By empowering fishing communities with secure, long-term rights, we hope to create a thriving ocean that provides more fish in the water, growing populations and more food for thriving communities.

We partner with communities, companies and governments to improve our air and water quality, deliver safer products and inspire new innovations.

EDF partners with academic institutions around the world, ensuring that we are part of the latest research in environmental economics.

Although the climate news is dire and the issues are complex, we have the greatest opportunity to create a world in which people and nature can thrive. With your support, EDF scientists, economists, lawyers and policy experts, together with hundreds of partners, are working in 30 countries to fight climate change and protect people and the planet. We are grateful for your commitment and continued participation.

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Together, we can avoid the worst effects of a warming climate and create a planet that matters for everyone.

Since 1967, EDF has helped drive lasting change that supports a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world. We tackle environmental challenges using our knowledge of science, economics and innovation. We match these efforts with a commitment to ensure that our work protects everyone’s rights to clean air and water and a healthy environment – ​​including those most vulnerable to climate change and other environmental threats. We aim to systematically integrate environmental justice into our work around the world and strengthen our capacity to collaborate with environmental justice, community-based and frontline organizations to address local and global issues.

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Just as communities rely on their roads, bridges and public utilities, EDF relies on its infrastructure information technology, resources, financial and legal expertise and – most of all – people to contribute to delivering our resources and achieving our environmental goals. doing.

Environmental Defense Fund Donation

Today’s tough environmental challenges – and the increasingly specific program objectives in this ambitious new strategic plan – underline the need to strengthen EDF to achieve new levels of performance. Reach the entire world.

Natural Resources Defense Council (nrdc)

Human Resources: Our strength as an organization lies in our skilled staff, board and network of partners. We aim to hire and train an international workforce of top aviation talent and build a strong pipeline of leaders and experts to advance our mission. As our work takes us into new geographies, we rely on strong local leadership, build partnerships with effective local stakeholder groups and ensure our internal governance capabilities support our growth.

Diversity: EDF envisions a world in which people of all backgrounds and experiences feel connected to the environmental challenges we face and involved in creating sustainable, equitable solutions. We will realize this vision by continually increasing the diversity of our workforce, enhancing our cultural competency and partnering with diverse communities on environmental justice initiatives. We are among the first green organizations to rank high on diversity: 63% of our employees are women, 26% identify as people of color, and 25% of senior leaders identify as people of color.

Legal and Corporate Services: As EDF’s global presence expands, we will ensure that our infrastructure operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, that we comply with local and national laws in various geographies, and that we have the staff and employees to retain There are active plans for Their assets are safe and secure wherever they work or travel.

Information Technology and Resources: Powering a complex global organization requires a world-class system, including a best-in-class information technology infrastructure that integrates data and users around the world and protects their privacy and security. When it comes to resources, our mission is to find the most innovative and cost-effective solutions while reducing our environmental footprint, such as in the recent redesign of our headquarters in New York that comfortably accommodates 20% more employees in the same space. Efficient lighting and heating design to save energy and costs.

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Finance: Our finance team acts as a trusted advisor and business partner to organizational leaders, identifying opportunities to better allocate scarce resources, improve processes and reduce business risk. We are also reviewing all our costs to ensure we are maximizing cost savings and leveraging EDF’s purchasing power.

Growing partnership between the United States and China to address climate change: Leadership commitments made by President Obama and President Xi resulted in the adoption of the United Nations Climate Change Agreement in Paris in September 2015.

A year later, the two countries formally signed the agreement at a meeting with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon. At the same meeting, the United States and China also reaffirmed their commitment to work with the UN Aviation Organization to ensure the development of a carbon-free aviation industry – the eighth largest contributor to global carbon pollution. In addition, both countries reaffirmed their commitment to phase out potent climate pollutants hydrofluorocarbons under the Montreal Protocol.

Environmental Defense Fund Donation

Continuing to reduce emissions from two of the world’s biggest carbon polluters is a top priority. We will work together with both countries to reduce emissions and promote clean energy innovation.

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International expansion: Experiences from Namibia to Chile and the United States show that, with good management, fisheries can recover, bringing more fish, more food and more wealth to fishing communities. Preliminary research led by EDF and our partners shows that sustainable fishing could help make 79% of the world’s ocean fisheries healthy within 10 years – and turn a story of loss into one of hope for the world’s oceans. EDF is working to distribute these fishing solutions in key countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Wildlife at risk: EDF has developed an innovative idea to bring wildlife conservation into the 21st century. Called the Habitat Exchange, the program encourages private landowners, businesses and conservationists to work together to help wildlife and local economies grow. Farmers and farmers are rewarded

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