Elephant Math Scholarship

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We at Le Sallai strongly condemn the war waged by the Russian government against Ukraine. We have launched several initiatives aimed at supporting children displaced by the ongoing conflict.

Elephant Math Scholarship

Elephant Math Scholarship

We have allocated a part of our scholarship fund to provide full tuition for children from Ukraine who have the opportunity to start their studies this academic year. The scholarship will cover full tuition, travel expenses, room and board to in-person sessions. Any child aged 10 to 14 living in Ukraine before February 24, 2022 is eligible to apply.

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The first students accepted under this program have already joined our personal session at Chateau Le Sallai. We recorded an interview with the mother of one of them because we believe it is important to share the first experiences of refugees in Ukraine. You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel.

Our team has launched a free open course for students aged 10-17. A wide range of classes including biology, mathematics, languages, history as well as cinema, debates and games are available online. All classes are in Russian and are open to any child from Ukraine and Russia who is currently out of school.

The teachers of Le Sallai Dialogue and Marabou Educational Camp donate their time to this project. We are committed to continuing to do so for as long as necessary.

In recent weeks, we have received many applications, more than our fund can realistically handle. We appreciate donations and help of any kind, including but not limited to

Scholarships Awarded To Homeschool Children

Bank transfer to Le Sallai & Marabou International Studies Foundation.* Press + for bank details. *the foundation is a 501(s)(3) organization. Contributions to 501(s)(3) nonprofit organizations are tax deductible for US taxpayers

The CoolBeez Fundraiser allows you to donate a small amount every time you shop on Amazon (United States only). Follow the link below

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As part of our efforts, we are committed to donating 15% of all proceeds from our educational camps for children in Europe and edutainment programs at Chateau Le Sallai in France to a scholarship fund for young Ukrainian.

Elephant Math Scholarship

Our upcoming programs include spring and summer camps in France and Hungary, as well as two educational programs for families at Chateau Le Sallai.

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We want to offer work, including food and meals, to refugees from Ukraine. We currently have two open positions at Chateau Le Sallai. We want to make sure our award-winning* program is accessible to everyone. To make the program affordable for all families, we offer scholarships. Everyone is welcome to apply, and special attention is paid to:

The scholarship can reduce tuition by up to $10 per month. To apply for the scholarship, enter your email below:

*We guarantee that when you use Elephant Learning for an average of 30 minutes per week, your student’s Elephant Age™ will increase by 1 year or we’ll give you a full refund.

We cover from counting to algebra and our algebra curriculum is designed to help university students who struggle with higher levels of math. Whether your student is ahead or behind, our adaptive algorithms quickly adapt to their level.

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Our system is considered supplemental, but the topics we cover are IMPORTANT. They make the rest of the curriculum easy to understand. The result is a student who can understand the teacher in the classroom.

Mathematics is not for everyone. We understand! Almost half of first and second graders report having math anxiety! Our mission is to empower students with mathematics.

At Elephant Learning, you are fully supported. Our reports and puzzles are simple. Reports help you understand what your student is doing and how you can take learning outside of the system.

Elephant Math Scholarship

Includes what we call Results Counseling: calls to live math coaches trained to teach parents and students to overcome math anxiety and achieve success.

Gamification In Education: Examples & Software For Education

We have worked with students with severe math anxiety and students who LOVE math. Either way, we are your personal success coach.

Elephant Age™ is the average age at which a student outside of our system does the same math as your child. It is calculated based on federal and state standards. Elephant Age provides a metric that allows you to understand how your student is doing at a glance.

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Students over the age of five begin with a placement test designed to find their initial level of understanding. The placement test is designed to start behind your student and catch up with them to build confidence right away. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report that allows you to understand why your student was placed and how their starting elephant age was calculated.

Our curriculum is scientifically developed based on proven early childhood education methods. Along with advanced algorithms that are tailored to your student’s understanding, PhD mathematicians and scientists designed Elephant Learning to be less repetitive and better in every way.

Nature “the Termite And The Elephant”

Our results are proven, we have over 130,000 students who have gone through our system and on average, kids who use our system 30 minutes a week gain 1.5 years of elephant age in 10 weeks.

Our system is so effective that if your student uses it for 30 minutes a week, they will gain at least 1 year of elephant age in 3 months or your money back.

Our award-winning system provides experiences and activities at the student’s level of understanding. By adjusting the level to meet them at their level of understanding, we accelerate learning.

Elephant Math Scholarship

As our system detects that a student may be struggling, we automatically alert you to conversations you can have with your student to ensure their progress.

Ncert Solutions Class 4 Maths Chapter 4 Tick Tick Tick

With our library of math anxiety content and teaching methods, you can be sure to be your child’s best math coach.

We use the latest scientific research in mathematics education to provide students with a learning experience. This is the gamification of mathematics. A proven puzzle-like curriculum like “Angry Birds” but focused on teaching the language of mathematics

The key to any game is the correct score. Our system turns complex benchmarks into Elephant Age™, a metric that lets you know how your student measures up.

Combined with subject-specific videos and parent tips on how to take learning outside of our system, you have the most complete and effective reporting tool on the market.

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Our system continuously adapts to your student. When a student gets an answer wrong, our system detects the gap in understanding and fills it with the most effective activity. When a student answers correctly, we advance them to quickly move to the next level. The result is that the student always receives activities at their level of understanding.

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Our trained Achievement Counselors will be able to coach you and your student to success whether your student has math anxiety or loves math. Two sessions per month for each student are included in the tuition fee.

We were founded by two mathematicians who are doctors and university professors of mathematics. We made this system for our kids and open it up to share with your kids. It is a complete package for working with students regardless of their ability or background. Over 100,000 students have already seen success.

Elephant Math Scholarship

While we cover core subjects such as language, we are compatible with all standards and curricula including UK, AUS and Common Core. Unlike Common Core, our system is simple and you can get involved.

Elephants In The (class)room That Should “unsettle” Us

Your child will learn at least 1 year of math in the next 3 months using our system in just 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, or we’ll give you a full refund.

Our sole mission is to empower children with math. Have a question? We LOVE math and are happy to help! Elia and Kamaria are two peas in a pod — ambitious and creative. Elijah, 13, wants to be an engineer, while Kamaria, 15, wants to finish her homeschooling program early to become a professional modern dancer. Both are smart, but math is the only obstacle holding them back. After six months at Elephant Learning, both children are back on track to achieve their biggest dreams.

After a major family move, each child struggles to adapt to a new academic environment that further erodes their math skills.

Elijah and Kamaria’s mother, Malaika, found Elephant Learning while looking for a cheap and affordable math supplement. He applied for the Elephant Learning scholarship and said: “I decided to apply and apply. I know if we get a scholarship it will be more affordable and my kids will be on their way to excellence.”

Le Sallay Team’s Efforts To Support Children From Ukraine

Although he started out as an elephant below his level, after half a year, Ilija’s ability increased and he reached 100% in all his courses.

Ilija is working hard again in mathematics because what he likes is important for engineers

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