Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer

Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer – Because the trucking industry is governed by federal and state laws, it is important to work with a law firm that has experience handling semi-truck accident cases if an 18-wheeler is involved in an accident. These trucking companies and their insurers have highly experienced attorneys fighting to limit their liability. You need someone on your side who is equally experienced in proving them wrong.

Truck accident cases are more complex than other traffic accident cases. Below are issues specific to truck accidents:

Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer

Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer

The size and weight of a commercial vehicle often causes serious injuries and damage when it crashes into a passenger vehicle. These accidents often result in death or serious injury

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FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) establishes the rules and regulations that carriers and drivers must follow. When transporters or truck drivers ignore these rules, it puts drivers sharing the road at risk. When commercial vehicles cause an accident, they can and should be held responsible for the injuries and damages they cause. Your attorney should be knowledgeable about state and federal motor vehicle laws.

Because major machinery accident cases often result in significant damages, insurance companies will challenge, challenge, or attempt to discredit victims’ claims to avoid large settlements or damages. The sole purpose of the legal team is to litigate accident cases and limit their liability. Without the help of an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney, the victim may not receive the compensation they deserve.

In a truck accident, it is unclear whether the at-fault truck strayed into your lane or whether the driver lost the load. The defendant’s attorneys may argue that the manufacturer of the truck or the component used in the commercial vehicle is at fault in order to hold the third party liable. The defendant’s lawyer declared that the accident occurred due to incorrect loading and unloading. Examining these facts and identifying the responsible party or parties may be challenging for the layperson.

When a trucking company or driver causes or contributes to an accident, victims and their families have legal standing to seek compensation for their injuries, damages, or losses. An 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle accident lawyer must ensure:

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Detecting negligence can occur in many ways. A driver violated FMCSA hours of service regulations, the driver was distracted (using a cell phone, GPS, or CB radio), or the truck driver was not speeding at the time of the accident.

In addition to establishing liability, you should know that victims who are determined to be partially at fault for the accident can still receive compensation. Louisiana’s pure comparative fault law allows your level of liability to reduce your award by that amount, not waive your award. You can still receive compensation for accidents and injuries.

A solid understanding of the trucking industry and its regulations will often determine the outcome of your cases. Truck accident cases depend on whether the trucker or driver violated federal laws governing their industry. Lundy Lundy Soileau & South has the experience and resources to get the detailed information your case requires. Call our office to speak with our 18 wheeler accident attorneys at (337) 439-0707. When we’re on the interstate and holding our breath. Also known as tractor trailers, these giant trucks are incredibly heavy, dangerous, and—let’s imagine—scary. One wrong move can result in serious injury, lifetime medical debt, and even permanent disability. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Americans who endure the horrors of truck accidents. That’s why it’s important to get a strong truck accident case from Janicek Law. Call a San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer today at 210-366-4949 for a free consultation.

Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer

More than 147,000 Americans were involved in semi-truck accidents in 2020, and 4,965 people suffered traumatic injuries, according to data from the NSC.

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18-wheelers are more dangerous than regular cars. As a result, a semi-truck accident is generally more dangerous than a car accident involving two or more passengers. Below, our truck accident lawyers explain why.

Commercial vehicles, especially 18-wheelers, weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and that doesn’t include the weight of their cargo. It is not uncommon for large rigs to carry more than 80,000 pounds of cargo. When a vehicle this size collides with a passenger vehicle weighing as much as a pickup truck, injuries are often catastrophic.

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Additionally, the size and weight of 18-wheelers make it difficult for truck drivers to stop or slow down. In fact, 18 wheels the length of 2 football fields may have to stop due to their weight.

As we mentioned before, 18-wheeled vehicles can carry thousands of kilograms of load. But they do carry dangerous cargo, such as heavy, sharp industrial equipment or hazardous chemicals. Any motor vehicle accident involving such loads could result in serious injury. All it takes is a wrongful death lawsuit involving a sharp object or tool falling through the windshield onto a small car.

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All vehicles have blind spots. However, large display areas are very dangerous because they are located not only on both sides of the truck, but also in the front and rear. Many blind spots make it more likely that a truck driver will side-swipe a passenger car, causing a crash.

Many drivers often exceed the speed limit; but this is usually because they are late for work or an appointment. Truck drivers often speed up because it affects their speed. In other words, many truck drivers are typically paid per mile. The less you travel, the more money you can make.

That’s why many truck drivers do whatever it takes to cover as many miles as possible, even if they don’t want to drive on little sleep or stop to perform vehicle maintenance for safety reasons. This behavior increases the risk of truck accidents.

Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer

Average car accidents can sometimes be complicated depending on the severity of injuries, different insurance policies, negligence, and more. However, 18 vehicle accidents are often more complicated for the following reasons.

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Semi truck accidents are more complicated than the average car accident because there are many more components involved. Not just all drivers, but also major trucking companies, truck owners, truck driver employers, truck parts manufacturers, truck owners and more. So if a driver partially sues the truck driver, he or she may have to sue all the other parties as well.

Additionally, semi-truck accidents are often complicated because all commercial vehicles are backed by larger insurance policies with policy limits that are much higher than yours. This is because trucking companies know exactly how dangerous large vehicles can be. Naturally, they do their best to protect themselves in truck accidents. It doesn’t matter if a negligent trucking company or driver puts the blame on you, offers you incredibly small compensation for your serious injuries, or completely dismisses your truck accident case.

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Finally, truck accident cases are more complex than regular car accident cases due to the amount of evidence required for a successful case. We all know that obtaining a police report and taking photographs of the accident scene is critical evidence. But what most people don’t understand is that when you crash an 18-wheeler you need to find other evidence, including:

That’s why you need an experienced truck accident lawyer from Janicek Law on your side. We have years of experience successfully dealing with trucking company attempts to lure the injured party. We know how stressful it can be to get the compensation you deserve from an insurance company. The serious accident lawyers at our law firm handle all aspects of your personal injury recovery.

A Guide To Navigating An 18 Wheeler Accident In Baton Rouge

A semi truck accident attorney at Janicek Law Firm can help you obtain fair compensation for the injuries listed below.

Semi truck accident victims have 2 years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit under Texas law. This strict timeline encourages personal injury victims to file claims when their evidence (police reports, witness statements, pictures of the accident scene, etc.) is available. Victims who wait more than two years to file a lawsuit against an 18-wheeler and trucking company may have their cases dismissed entirely.

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, it is important to have an attorney to help you through the process. But in cases where a semi-truck driver is at fault, it is more important than ever to hire a truck accident lawyer.

Eighteen Wheeler Lawyer

These cases often lead them to fight on behalf of commercial entities with significant assets and high-profile insurance companies. Your lawyer should be able to go head to head with these elements. We know how this happens in Janicek’s Law

Why Are 18 Wheelers Called ‘semi Trucks’?

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