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Donate To Irc – The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian aid, relief and development. Emily Martin, Associate Director of the IRC, shares her organizational strategy for increasing donations by building a cross-functional, holistic approach to digital marketing.

As a digital fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee, a refugee relief organization for 90 years, we have built a proven track record of effectively connecting donor aid to families affected by the world’s worst humanitarian crises. With the money we raise from our global donor pool, IRC always makes a lasting impact by improving health, helping children learn, empowering individuals and communities, and addressing inequalities for women and girls.

Donate To Irc

These efforts are made possible by a steady increase in donations, even as the number of families in need increases each year. In fact, in 2021, IRC and our partners reached more than 31.5 million people in crisis-affected countries. Although the challenge is long, we remain optimistic and steadfast in our mission.

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In 2022, we found a new opportunity to review our digital marketing approach and increase donations. We changed our strategy in three major ways, resulting in a 42% increase in new donors compared to our control group. Here’s how we did it.

Our fundraising efforts have historically focused on low performing targets. We had to build a complete strategy to drive insights, views and conversions throughout the donor journey.

At first, our team was hesitant to expand our strategy. Over the years, direct response campaigns have successfully supported our goal of finding donors who are willing to contribute. But we knew it was important to raise awareness on digital channels to create the next generation of donors. We wanted to talk deeply and honestly about how the power of global donors can make a real impact on families in need. Our team found that brands running direct response and branded video ad campaigns had 28% higher conversion rates than branded campaigns.

That’s why we turned to YouTube to unlock rich, new storytelling formats and connect with donors to complement search campaigns.

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We used Video Reach campaigns to deliver extraordinary messages, resulting in over 7 million views, 57 million impressions and a 90% relative increase in brand searches. Our YouTube approach helped create awareness and intent to unlock the wallets of new potential donors.

The new, holistic approach detailed above helped us see how many activities can combine to create something greater than the sum of its parts. To further expand our reach, we should consider being more present in channels where consumers are “ready to donate”. Costs and competition were high in search campaigns with low functionality, and it was difficult to identify additional conversions with effective ROI. To unlock cheaper conversions, we wanted to figure out how we could expand our campaigns beyond Search, looking at ways to steadily increase donations.

After feeding the top part of the function with Video Reach campaigns, we added the function and Performance Max campaigns to enrich the middle part of the function below. Instead of search campaigns, we’ve been successful across more channels. With Google Performance, we were able to access the entire range of Google advertising channels – YouTube, Display, Search, Search and Gmail – from a single campaign.

Donate To Irc

This strategy promoted immediate response and donations at consumer touch points. Here’s how we combine digital ad campaigns to execute a cross-platform strategy.

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When testing these new campaign strategies, it became important to understand the impact of our investments. This prompted us to take a deeper look at our measurement practices to ensure we were accurately measuring the impact of marketing on our donor acquisition goals.

Thanks to advances in data-driven attribution and machine learning-based conversion modeling, our team has been able to automatically uncover a more complete picture of our donor journeys. By choosing a data-driven attribution model, we were able to pinpoint the campaigns, keywords, and ads that had the greatest impact on conversions. This has helped us see interactions between campaigns and invest more in valuable ad interactions that lead to increased donations.

Combined, these strategies help diversify our digital strategy, increase conversions across channels, while improving our measurement framework to assess the full impact of marketing. Our mission is to make our programs a model for global humanitarian response. Our refined, holistic approach to Google Ads has allowed us to match donations and make this mission a reality.

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Sign in to your Google Account and get unlimited access to your content directly. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides a wide range of vulnerable and long-term assistance to vulnerable refugees, including those at risk. groups such as women and children to help them cope and survive the crisis. All donations go directly to the IRC in Tigray, Ethiopia, together with its local partners. The need is urgent and we can do something. Donate directly to IRC at All donations are 100% matched and tax exempt through the International Rescue Committee, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Ethiopia’s Tigray region is plagued by multiple humanitarian crises. The United Nations is calling for immediate life-saving measures and assistance. Living and working in Ethiopia holds a special place in my heart. The current conflict and instability in Tigray is absolutely tragic, with more than 70,000 refugees fleeing ongoing violence in the region and more than 1.7 million internally displaced.

I am raising money to help by participating in the MARATHON DES SABLES in October 2021. While these measures may not improve political opposition, they can provide emergency relief to those most in need: vulnerable women. and children exposed to exploitation and abuse. I can’t stand the growing humanitarian crisis and I’m running… I’m running to Tigra.

All donations go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to deploy aid and supplies in Tigray. The IRC provides critical medical aid, clean water and other assistance on the ground in Ethiopia and other crisis areas. Your donation can help them reach families who are struggling to survive.

Donate To Irc

On the Wavre navigation site, the possible navigation booster, the necessary statistics visit and the permetra de notre site. En savoir plusParamétrer les donuts. MER MATHURI. Your tax-deductible donation will be doubled to provide warm clothing and essential items this winter. The family faces ongoing conflict and harsh winter conditions in places like Gaza, Ukraine and Syria. Give now!

Match extended through 12/31 Thanks to Match, your gift will more than double to help families in crisis this winter.

I support the IRC because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to seek a better future for themselves. My family had this opportunity and I am thankful for it. Rami Malek is an actor and IRC ambassador

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It ignores the global crisis of 2024. Many people are fleeing violence and persecution and are in need of humanitarian assistance. Learn about the world’s worst crises and how to help. Read our Quick View list

In their own words, people share when and why they had to flee and what life is like now.

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El Salvador does not allow people like us, whether you are a man or a woman. When I came to the United States, my dream was to find a decent job and earn an income to support my parents.

At the age of 27, Fernanda Levin had to leave her parents, siblings and home to fend for herself.

It’s scary reading the news and wondering where family members are. All my relatives are in Eastern Ukraine, I am afraid of what might happen to them.

Donate To Irc

Anastasia, a Ukrainian refugee newly recruited and employed in a time of conflict and crisis at home, is rebuilding her life in Poland.

Double Your Impact For Refugees

My kids keep me going. I know that I do this not only for myself, but also for them, so that when they grow up, there will be no problems, they will not live and sleep in fear.

Natalia and her husband Jose traveled thousands of miles sleeping rough on the streets before deciding to go somewhere safe to raise their children.

Get the latest news on IRC’s innovative programs, exciting customer stories, and how you can make a difference. SubscribeHarness Harness the power of the International Committee (IRC) to raise funds and help people in humanitarian crisis.

Thank you for raising money for the International Committee (IRC) and helping people living in the world’s most difficult places. We appreciate your willingness to put our platform to good use.

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When an emergency strikes, you can help us provide life-changing aid, including clean water, emergency medical care and critical supplies. Thanks, we’ll stay

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