Donate To International Rescue Committee

Donate To International Rescue Committee

Donate To International Rescue Committee – The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is providing a range of emergency and long-term support to vulnerable refugees, including at-risk groups such as women and children, to help them cope and recover from the crisis. All donations are sent directly to IRC for immediate use in Tigray, Ethiopia with local partners. The needs are urgent and we can do something! Donate directly on IRC at All donations are 100% matched and tax deductible through the International Rescue Committee, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Ethiopia’s Tigray region is plagued by several humanitarian crises. The UN is asking for urgent rescue operations and support. Having lived and worked in Ethiopia, this country holds a special place in my heart. The current conflict and instability in Tigray is certainly tragic, with more than 70,000 refugees fleeing the violence in the region and more than 1.7 million displaced.

Donate To International Rescue Committee

With a burning desire to help by participating in the MARATON DES SABLES in 2021. in October I am raising money and awareness. While these funds cannot reduce political strife, they can provide immediate relief to those who need it most: vulnerable women. and children facing exploitation and abuse. I can no longer just stand by the growing humanitarian crisis, so I am running… I am running for Tigray.

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All donations are sent to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to distribute aid and supplies to Tigray. IRC provides critical medical care, clean water and other aid in Ethiopia and other crisis areas. Your donation can help them reach struggling families.

Enter the website navigation, accept the use of cookies to offer the best navigation experience, the source of visitor statistics and the transmission of specific content. En savoir plusParamétrer les cookies.GIVE A GIFT: Your tax-deductible donation will be doubled to help provide warm clothing and essentials this winter season. In places like Gaza, Ukraine and Syria, families face ongoing conflicts and dangerous winter conditions. Give it now.

Match extended to 12/31 Thanks to a generous match, your gift will be doubled to help families in crisis this winter. Double my donation

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I support the IRC because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to seek a better future for themselves. My family had this opportunity and I am very grateful for it. Rami MalekActor and IRC ambassador

Crises the world cannot ignore in 2024 A record number of people, many fleeing violence and persecution, are in need of humanitarian aid. Learn about the world’s biggest crises and how you can help. Read our emergency list

In their own words, people share when and why they had to run – and what life is like now.

El Salvador doesn’t let people like us in: you’re either male or female. My dream after coming to the US is to find a decent job, to earn money so I can help my parents.

Donate To International Rescue Committee

At the age of 27, Fernanda Levin was forced to leave her parents, siblings and home to be safe on her own.

Here Are Some Experts’ Suggestions For Donating To Ukrainian Relief

It was so scary reading the news and wondering where family members were. All my relatives are in Eastern Ukraine and I am afraid of what might happen to them.

Ukrainian refugee Anastasia is newly engaged and working through conflicts and crises at home, rebuilding her life in Poland.

My children motivate me to keep going. I know that I do this not only for myself, but for them, so that when they grow up there will be no problems, so that they will not live and sleep in fear.

Natalia and her husband José traveled thousands of kilometers, sleeping rough on the streets, determined to get to a safe place for their children.

Fundraiser By Gen Z For Refugees

Get the latest news on innovative IRC applications, compelling stories about our customers and how you can make a difference. Subscribe Use the power of streaming to raise money for the International Committee (IRC) to help people affected by humanitarian crises.

Thank you for considering raising money for the International Committee (IRC) to help people living in some of the world’s most difficult places. Thank you for wanting to use our platform forever.

When disaster strikes, YOU can help us provide life-changing aid, including clean water, emergency medical care and essential supplies. And thanks to you, we will stay as long as we are needed, helping people and communities to rebuild. Whether you’re a fast gamer, a TikToker, a podcaster, or a proud pet parent, your stream to support the work of IRC can help us inspire more courage in the years to come.

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Donate To International Rescue Committee

The International Committee (IRC) helps people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.

How To Create A Nonprofit Website In 3 Easy Steps

We help restore health, safety, education, economic prosperity and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster. And we are proud to fight for a world where women and girls have equal opportunities to succeed.

In 1933 Founded at the invitation of Albert Einstein, the IRC primarily helped people fleeing violence and persecution in Europe to find safety in the United States. Today, we work in more than 40 crisis-stricken countries, bringing ingenuity, resilience and optimism to make a lasting impact on the people we serve. We also help refugees and other vulnerable people integrate into new communities in dozens of European and American cities. We are approaching the beginning of the crisis and we aim to stay as long as needed.

For more information about the IRC and the highlights of our work, visit our impact page. Also check out 10 Reasons Why IRC is worth mentioning.

Donations collected through your fundraiser will provide the IRC with “unrestricted funds” that will be used to support the IRC’s most critical needs around the world. From time to time, depending on scope and urgency, IRC will offer a Tiltify fundraising event to support a specific disaster response or program area (eg, the Ukraine crisis).

International Rescue Committee Atlanta

As an emergency response organization operating in dynamic environments around the world, unrestricted funds allow IRC to allocate funds to key organizational needs and priorities to ensure maximum impact for the clients we serve. We are incredibly grateful for every penny you contribute to our work, and we appreciate the effort you put into your streams on IRC.

IRC works in more than 40 countries and more than 20 US cities to help people affected by humanitarian crises survive, recover and rebuild their lives.

Anyone can participate in fundraising on the Tiltify IRC platform. However, some platforms, such as Twitch, have an age requirement of 13 years.

Donate To International Rescue Committee

Refugees face many challenges. I am grateful to the IRC for allowing broadcasters to use our platforms in perpetuity. They made the fundraising flow so easy – I can’t wait to work with them again! – Piper Ruhmkorff

International Rescue Committee: Childhood At War — Ari Schnitzer

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You can use whichever platform you’re most comfortable with to stream, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and more. Each platform has a guide to help you create a successful live stream.

Whether you’re a lifelong gamer, developer, or just interested in fun and unique fundraisers, Tiltify is a crowdfunding platform designed to make it easy to raise money directly for the International Committee (IRC) when streaming video games or whatever. it’s what you like to do.

Spread the word and share your campaign with your followers on social media to raise money. IRC offers this special set of tools for streamers.

Give To International Rescue

We hope you have fun and play the games you love! We simply ask that you play family-friendly games when posting on IRC, and refrain from first-person shooters that resemble real-life war and violence scenarios (such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto). If you are unsure or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further guidance.

Before your stream, invite friends, family and anyone else in your networks who might be interested in watching your stream and contributing to the IRC mission. Don’t forget to tag IRC on social media channels to increase visibility and awareness of your event!

You can fundraise in IRC at any time of the year. Additionally, some of the most successful fundraisers are tied to important milestones in your life or important IRC fundraising dates.

Donate To International Rescue Committee

We’ve created the IRC Stream Toolkit to give you access to assets you can use to collect and support your IRC collection. This toolkit includes screens for your streams, save computer graphics, social media banners, badges to recognize your support and more. The toolkit also includes an overview of our work with quick facts and effect examples that you can share with your audience.

Sps Serves: Online Fundraiser For The International Rescue Committee

IRC Streaming Toolkit The IRC Streaming Toolkit offers a variety of graphics and assets, including banner images, splash screens, social graphics, achievement badges, and a special logo for broadcasters. download

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