Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships – Scores of builders, landscapers and other hard-working families filled the room, many of them immigrants, who looked expectant, hopeful. Many high school students sat on the sidelines of their parents driving them to a new country, remembering how they once didn’t know a word of English but studied hard, got good grades and ended up here at Grand Canyon University on a Friday night. .

Flavio Busto’s father jumped up, turned to the 25 students and parents, and began a chant that was quickly joined by others:

Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

Yes, they received the full-tuition Student Inspiring Student Scholarship from GCU, which is awarded to high-value students from families in need from surrounding neighborhoods.

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Many said it meant the difference between not getting into college and being able to follow your dreams.

So Evelina Silva turned to her single mother of three, who bakes cakes for a living, hugged her tightly and cried.

“It’s been a long battle,” said mother Claudia Silva, an immigrant from Mexico, whose thoughts were translated by a family member. “We have fought alone for a long time. All the sacrifices have been worth it. I am so proud that she was able to achieve this goal.”

Evelina vividly remembers how she sat in the classroom alone and did not know a word of English, “I went from being an A student to an F and wondering how to announce that I have difficulties”. But with the help of her English teachers at elementary school and later at Thunderbird Middle School, she made it through the night.

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“To help people,” she said. “I want to help people understand that their experiences affect them in a negative or positive way.”

Jen Mitchell, who just five days earlier started working as director of SIS and the Learning Lounge, where recipients are trained on GCU’s campus, said other GCU employees may be familiar with the joyous reactions of students and families during SIS’s surprise announcements, but she was stunned.

Not for nothing if you know what it means to families – now 675 have been offered scholarships.

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Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

SIS recipients come from a variety of backgrounds, but Friday night the room was filled with mostly Latino students and parents who heard messages in both English and Spanish.

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Bianca Hansen, an SIS scholar and learning advocate, told the group that she remembers the night as the first step in her education, but the community she found at GCU made her “realize that I was working on something bigger than myself.”

Jesus Ruiz Suarez, who was awarded a scholarship on Friday, already has that in mind. He has advocated for other immigrants, especially Dreamers like his older sister, and said he recently had to speak with Gov. Katie Hobbs about educational opportunities for them.

After studying at Brophy College Prep, it means a lot to be surrounded by such a diverse crowd with similar backgrounds, he said.

“I’m usually around other people who aren’t like me,” he said. – It’s nice to see how people flourish. Their parents worked so hard to get them here.

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Jesus said his mother, Isabel Suarez, who watched her older sister Sandra Ruiz graduate with a nursing degree at GCU and younger brother Martin Ruiz excel here as a sophomore, was still shocked when she heard it Friday and translated her thoughts:

“She said she felt like she was going to pass out from the emotions that came over her. It was amazing to see all of her children achieve their dreams.”

Ruiz Suarez will join a rare place in his family. Only his uncle had a college education, and that was because the entire extended family pitched in to help him become one who could walk. He is now in college paying tuition for four years.

Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

Her 16-year-old brother drowned, and the family left their home to find a new life in Phoenix. Both mom, Iliana, and dad, Jose, work long hours in construction so that she would have opportunities that they didn’t have.

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“Without God, I don’t know what I would do,” said the Burkada Catholic High School senior, who will major in psychology. “My parents really helped me. When I was down, they were always there for me.” The mission of Grand Canyon University’s Students Inspiring Students (SIS) scholarship program is to provide local students with the opportunity to pursue a private college education. Many inner-city students in our community are unable to pursue their dreams of a college education due to many challenges, including financial difficulties. To make private Christian education an accessible reality for all, GCU’s Students Inspiring Students program provides students with the means and confidence to pursue and achieve their dreams of a college degree while giving back to their community.

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GCU and SIS have awarded more than 650 full-tuition scholarships and awarded more than $7 million in scholarships to students since 2016.

You can move local high school students forward in their education by supporting this program today. Your gift goes directly to the SIS scholarship and helps cover all tuition and course fees. Make your gift to the SIS Scholarship Program below to change the future of deserving youth in our community.

I would like to thank the person who funded my scholarship that allowed me to attend college. I would like them to know that they have helped an immigrant achieve a lifelong goal of getting an education. Thanks to people like them, the world becomes a better place. Jose Monares, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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If I met a person who donated money to a scholarship, I wouldn’t know how to thank them. Thanking them would be just the beginning. Thanks to their donations, they enable children with less means to create a better future for themselves and their families. I would like them to know that they are really making a difference. Johanna S. Gonzales, Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics

While at GCU, I realized that if all the kids had someone to look up to, it could make a difference in their outcomes and allow them to become someone better. Now I look back on life and see that what I only dreamed of has become possible through SIS and now I am starting my career and starting to realize my lifelong dream. Sean Oliver, Bachelor of Laws

As for many, college was not the best choice for us due to financial struggles and challenges. The scholarship was a blessing – an opportunity for us as students to realize our dreams and goals. It has helped my family and they are very proud of me for being the first generation to get a bachelor’s degree. John Nguyen, Bachelor of Science in JusticePHOENIX, April 1, 2019 // — Grand Canyon University surprised 50 high school students from Phoenix and Glendale with full-tuition scholarships.

Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

The Students Inspiring Students (SIS) Full Tuition Scholarship is designed to increase educational opportunities for students with limited financial resources. The SIS Scholarship is a collaboration between GCU, the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation, local high schools, and business and philanthropic leaders.

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Each year, the university awards full-tuition scholarships to students from inner-city high schools who maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average, demonstrate financial need and receive 100 or more hours of academic assistance in the GCU Learning Lounge, a free after-school tutoring program. and a mentoring program.

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When SIS scholarship winners enter GCU next fall, they will pay as college students and provide 100 hours a year of mentoring and academic support at the Learning Lounge to help the next cohort of K-12 students.

“We invest in human capital,” says Dr. Joe Veres, GCU’s vice president for student success. “This scholarship program is now in its fourth year at the university, and it’s working. It’s great to see these students spend time in the Learning Lounge, receive a scholarship, and succeed on campus. They are bright, remarkable young men and women who just need a financial boost, to go to college.”

The average GPA of this year’s 50 SIS Scholars, who come from 15 different Greater Phoenix high schools, is 4.1. In addition to high academic performance, recipients must also receive strong recommendations from GCU Learning Lounge Leads (Learning Advocates).

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GCU President Brian Miller said he hopes to attract more donors to the SIS program to increase the number of scholarships. GCU matches all donations to the scholarship program.

“The best part about this program is that as a donor, you’re not just investing in a younger person who now has the opportunity to get a college education and create a better future for themselves,” Miller said. “That in itself is inspiring enough. But this scholarship will impact hundreds more high school students by working in the Learning Lounge as a GCU student. It invigorates the entire community. Our goal is to create an education-focused inner city. A community that people want to be a part of.”

“The impact this program is having on our country is truly transformative and could become a model to be emulated nationally.”

Does Gcu Offer Full Ride Scholarships

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