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Charlotte Uber Accident Lawyer – Have you been involved in a distracted driving accident in Charlotte? Distracted driving is a growing problem across the United States. Today, smartphones have taken the risk of distracted driving to a new level. Distracted driving can cause bodily injury, property damage, or even death. You need the help of a skilled Charlotte distracted driving accident attorney to get justice if you are involved in a car accident.

Our professional team at Ted A. Greve & Associates can help you build a strong case today. We can help you recover these damages:

Charlotte Uber Accident Lawyer

Charlotte Uber Accident Lawyer

Ted A. Greve & Associates is ready to help if you have been hit by a distracted driver. No one is above the law in North Carolina. Let our car accident attorneys build a strong case for you to hold the negligent driver accountable. Contact us today at (800) 693-7833 for legal representation. We guide you through the entire trial process.

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Any activity you do while driving that takes your eyes or thoughts off the road is considered distracted driving. This is anything that distracts you while driving, including texting, eating or singing.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 8 people die every day due to distracted driving in the United States. Taking your eyes off the road to change your playlist at 55 mph for 5 seconds is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field blindfolded. Distracted driving increases the chances of being involved in a car accident.

It may take you up to 3 seconds to fully regain your attention after a distraction. Those seconds may seem negligible, but they are the fine line between safety and a vehicle accident. Three seconds may be all you have if you’re speeding or in danger. Those seconds are everything. You can’t drive safely if you don’t pay attention to the road.

Distracted driving is usually associated with cell phone use. Different types of distracted driving can increase a driver’s visual, manual, and cognitive impairment. All types of driving distractions fit into these three categories:

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Visual stimuli can draw your eyes, leading to distracted driving. Visual distractions take the eye off the road. There are times when visual distractions are unavoidable. For example, children playing on a nearby field may hit your windshield with a ball. It’s a distraction.

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You might take your eyes off the road for a second to see a billboard or a construction site. Turning to look at a passenger or looking at your GPS are forms of visual distraction. They do not necessarily mean that the driver takes his hands off the wheel.

Here the driver must take his hands off the wheel. Some drivers feel that one hand is good enough when using the wheel. Your reaction time and driving ability will suffer when you neglect to use both hands on the wheel.

Charlotte Uber Accident Lawyer

For example, what happens when a deer suddenly flies out of a bush? It would take you at least a second to hold our steering wheel with both hands. You might end up hitting the deer or crashing into a tree. Continuing to eat, smoking, texting, drinking, searching for things, and fiddling with your stereo system are common types of manual distractions. You could end up driving off the road if you don’t drive with both hands.

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Cognitive concerns do not include looking away from the road or taking your hands off the wheel. They are distractions of the mind. Your mind can be blocked even though your hands are on the wheel. You are less alert when your full concentration is not on the road. Cognitive disturbances include daydreaming, road rage, talking to other passengers, listening to the radio, and using hands-free devices.

Emailing or texting while driving carries a $100 fine, and using a phone for a driver under 18 carries a $25 fine in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, simple contributory negligence statutes apply. Fault in a distracted driving lawsuit is based on negligence. You cannot recover any damages if you shared any fault in the accident. In a fault condition, the plaintiff must make a distracted driving claim against the defendant’s insurance. Here, the at-fault driver’s policy would cover the plaintiff’s injuries.

You can file a personal injury claim against the injured driver to seek monetary and non-monetary damages. Here are some of the compensation costs you may be awarded in Charlotte after a distracted driving accident:

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Plaintiffs may also seek damages under North Carolina law. These damages do not cover the plaintiff’s loss, but the defendant’s wrongful actions. They serve as a lesson to prevent the accused from repeating similar actions in the future. Intentional harm and gross negligence may require punitive damages.

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You can get maximum compensation after an accident if you retain the services of a qualified attorney. At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we have legal experts who can build a strong case for you. We can help you recover losses incurred in a distracted driving accident in Charlotte.

In North Carolina, you must file your auto accident claim within three years of the date of the accident. You will be barred from claiming compensation for your distracted driving accident case if you do not file your claim within this time frame.

Charlotte Uber Accident Lawyer

On the other hand, you must file a wrongful death claim within two years of the date of the accident. This is the timeline for wrongful death claims in North Carolina. Contact Ted A. Greve & Associates today for a case evaluation before the statute of limitations expires.

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Our experienced Charlotte car accident attorneys can help you in a variety of ways. This gives you plenty of time to recover and focus on your recovery. We understand that you have been through a traumatic ordeal.

Our team of experts will conduct a full independent investigation to determine exactly what happened. We will disclose all possible insurance policies for your claim. Ted A. Greve & Associates can help you prepare your claim and submit the documents.

Our Charlotte distracted driving accident attorneys will handle all settlement negotiations with defense attorneys and insurance adjusters on your behalf. We will go above and beyond to ensure you receive a settlement that matches the value of your claim.

We are willing to meet with defendant’s attorneys and insurance adjusters in court if we reach an impasse. Our Charlotte car accident attorneys will prepare your claim to present a compelling case in court.

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Are you worried that contacting a Charlotte distracted driving accident attorney could be expensive? Thinking of giving up on the lawsuit because you don’t have the money to pay the legal fees? Do not do it!

At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we work on a case-by-case basis. Our legal fees are a percentage of your compensation. We do not work on an irrevocable retainer basis. Contact us now for a free case evaluation. We do not charge any advance fees.

You may be entitled to compensation if a distracted driver injures you. The driver may have been on the phone, eating, daydreaming or talking to someone in the car. Our Charlotte distracted driving accident attorneys can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. We guide you every step of the way to get the compensation you deserve.

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Charlotte Uber Accident Lawyer

At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we have an experienced team and resources to ensure you get the best legal help for your North Carolina distracted driving claim. Our team includes trial attorneys, skilled trial representatives, medical experts and licensed insurance adjusters. You are in safe hands!

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You need the help of expert Charlotte distracted driving accident attorneys if you have been involved in a distracted driving accident. Talk to us now rather than later if you have been involved in a collision. Remember that there is a time limit in North Carolina for filing auto accident claims. For a free case evaluation with one of our car accident attorneys, call Ted A. Greve & Associates today by calling (800) 693-7833.

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Easy group to work with. Patient in dealing with his customers and taking care of business. I would recommend working with them if you need their services.

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The staff is very understanding and

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