Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land

Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land – At West Law Firm, we provide aggressive legal representation on behalf of injured victims and their families. People who come to our firm not only get a Sugar Land personal injury attorney, they will also work with a certified personal injury attorney.

This honor distinguishes our founding attorney as a true expert in the field, giving clients the satisfaction of knowing that their case is in the hands of a legal expert. We understand how traumatic it can be to be involved in a serious injury accident and how difficult a legal case can be.

Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land

Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land

Our team wants to handle the legal side of things while you focus on recovering and moving forward. Additionally, our company has a contingency fee policy, which means you won’t owe us anything until we reimburse you!

Us Highway 59 3 Vehicle Crash Results In Fatality [sugar Land, Tx]

When you work with our firm, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is in the hands of a highly regarded and respected attorney. Scott West is a triple board certified attorney who is ready to fight for our clients. When you entrust your case to our firm, you can be sure that you have an expert legal team on your side.

Scott West regularly visits accident sites to conduct inspections. Our attorneys’ dedication to each client is evident in situations like these – going out into the field and inspecting the accident scene to find out how the accident occurred and what damage it caused to the client.

Rest assured that when you hire our firm, we will be fully committed to your case and will work hard to get you the results you want. Police tell us the officer was obstructing a previous incident on Sunday when their cruiser was struck by a truck. Authorities are investigating this as a possible DWI.

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) — A Sugar Land police officer is in critical but stable condition after a crash on the Southwest Freeway, authorities confirmed.

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Police tell us the officer was preventing a previous incident around 2 a.m. The police said that the driver involved in this accident collided with the wreckage, lost control of the car and collided with an interior wall.

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The officer exited the vehicle to conduct a field sobriety test. After returning to his patrol car, which was parked in the emergency lane, authorities said he was struck by a pickup truck.

During a news conference around 11 a.m. Sunday, police said the officer was pulled over by other officers and performed CPR. He was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital for Life Ride.

Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land

While emergency responders were tending to the officer, police said a woman in a Jeep struck a pickup truck.

Personal Injury Attorney Sugar Land, Tx

The driver of the pickup truck was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is expected to survive. He is screened for possible use of psychoactive substances.

The Sugar Land Police Department later identified the officer as Ruben Moonias. Munoz is a veteran officer who joined the Sugar Land Police Department less than a year ago after coming from the Northeast.

Sugar Land Police are working with the District Attorney’s Office to file appropriate charges. Attorneys at Stuart J. Jasso has practiced accident law for more than two decades. Cypress is a rapidly expanding area in Texas that is notorious for car accidents. Areas like the major intersections at Cypress Rosehill, Spring Cypress and Fry are very congested and subject to many accidents. Some rural areas, such as Fairfield, Town Lake, or the Houston Premium Outlets on Interstate 290 and Beltway 99, are notorious for traffic accidents. If you have been injured or involved in an accident in Cypress and want to know what to do next, contact the personal injury attorneys at Stewart J. Goss for a free 24/7 consultation for more information. You may be injured, you may have questions about what to do next, and you may not even know where to start. Remember, we offer a free consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us now at 800-898-4877 or click here to send us a question or get more information. Get a free consultation now for free. When you choose to hire us, you pay us nothing upfront, and you pay nothing at all until we win your case. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of victories, our team of car accident attorneys in Cypress, Texas will leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best possible recovery from your injuries. What’s more, we are one of the largest and top-rated personal injury law firms in the state, and we pride ourselves on treating our clients like family, so contact us now. Frequently asked questions from our potential customers:

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We can answer all these questions and more. We are a national law firm based near Cyprus with multiple offices across the country. We also work with affiliated law firms in most states that share our focus and commitment to excellence. No matter where you are, we can help you, so call or contact us now. We are available toll-free 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 800-898-4877, or you can contact us now by clicking here to submit your case for review. What are the six most common causes of accidents in Cypress? According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the leading causes of accidents on Texas roads were: 1. Distracted Driving Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in Cypress statewide. Most of these accidents result in death or serious injury. Using a cell phone while driving is one of the main causes of distraction. This increases the risk of failure. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, people who drive and text are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who don’t. 2. Drunk Driving Overall, Texas has a high rate of drunk driving. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that one person is injured or killed in a traffic accident every twenty minutes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the effects of alcohol or drugs are worsened by:

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3. Driving while tired. Driving while fatigued also poses a danger on Cypress and Texas roads. Most drivers cause accidents because they are too tired to drive safely. Drowsiness has the same effect as alcohol on your body. Drowsiness reduces reaction time, diminishes your awareness and impairs judgment. 4. Speed ​​The faster you drive, the less time you have to react. The higher the speed, the greater the braking distance you need. At speed, even applying the emergency brake can lead to an accident. Speed ​​increases the force of the blow. Excessive speed reduces the ability of your car’s safety systems, such as seat belts and airbags, to protect you. 5. Backing out Backing down is following another car too closely and is a common habit for most people. This habit is often caused by distracted driving, impatience, impaired judgment due to alcohol or drugs, or road rage. Rear-end accidents cause head injuries, whiplash, and other injuries. 6. Refusing to give up. Drivers cause accidents or accidents when they refuse to give way to another vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle, or bicycle. Such accidents often occur when drivers are about to turn at intersections, enter highways, or pass through crosswalks and do not see clearance signs. What should I do after an accident? If you are involved in a car accident, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

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When the police arrive, they tell the investigator exactly what happened. If there are things you don’t know, say so. Don’t guess or say wrong things. If the police ask you if you have any injuries, do not say no. Rather, say you are not sure. Most often, injuries in car accidents are discovered several hours after the accident. Ensure accuracy of other stakeholder data. An accident can happen through no fault of your own. In this case, the official police report exonerates you and holds the other party accountable. Do not try to settle costs with the at-fault party, even if the other driver asks you to do so. Through your description of the events, the officer determines who is at fault and gives that person a citation.

Texas Liability Insurance Requirements Texas law requires drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Insurance ensures that they are able to bear financial responsibility if they are at fault in an accident. If you are injured in an accident that is not your fault, the minimum liability insurance may not cover your costs. As mentioned, insurance companies can let you down. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Cypress, consult an accident attorney to learn about fair compensation. A Cypress personal injury attorney will help you if your insurance company denies your claim or

Car Accident Lawyer Sugar Land

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