Best Car Accident Lawyer In California

Best Car Accident Lawyer In California – Our California auto defect attorneys have over 40 years of experience settling defective vehicles. As experienced car accident attorneys, we have a track record of success in securing financial compensation for any client who has been injured in a car accident due to a vehicle defect. Neale & Fhima has collected over $50 million for injured clients. Our auto defect attorneys won’t stop until we get justice for you or your loved ones.

Did you know that the average cost of a new car or truck these days is more than $33,000? With this kind of serious financial commitment, California consumers should demand that their vehicles are designed and manufactured safely. Unfortunately, many poorly designed and manufactured vehicles roll off the assembly line every year.

Best Car Accident Lawyer In California

Best Car Accident Lawyer In California

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident caused by a defective car or truck, you may have legal recourse. Our auto accident and auto defect lawyers are tireless in holding manufacturers and dealers accountable when they sell defective vehicles that cause someone to be injured or killed. You deserve to be protected. Call us at (888) 407-2955 for a free initial consultation about your case. We are here to help you.

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Different lawyers have different specialties. Just like you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist for a back problem, you don’t want to go to an accountant for a car defect problem. You want to make sure that the attorney you choose is highly qualified and experienced in auto defect disputes. The lawyers at Neale & Fhima have a successful track record of securing financial settlements and winning cases for clients who were unfortunate enough to buy a faulty car. You have rights and we are here to protect those rights. Car manufacturers and dealers should not be able to avoid selling defective products to consumers.

Auto defect and product liability attorneys usually work on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t get paid until you get paid. Attorneys’ fees and costs are paid through financial settlements and jury awards at the end of the trial. If for some reason your case is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing. Some law firms may have different fee structures depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case and the hours involved. To confidentially discuss rates in more detail, please call us at (888) 407-2955.

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When faulty design and manufacturing create defects in the vehicle that cause dangerous crashes or otherwise endanger the safety of drivers, California courts have ruled that consumers have the right to seek compensation for personal injuries. damage and other damages. In most personal injury cases, you can hold one or more of the following parties liable for damages resulting from vehicle defects:

For decades, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has used the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act to hold automakers accountable for the safety of their vehicles. The law is also used as legal support for ordering the recall of defective vehicles that do not meet minimum safety standards.

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The law is responsible for the recall of 390 million cars, trucks and SUVs; 46 million tires; and 66 million other vehicle accessories. Even with regular recalls, accidents still happen due to unknown vehicle defects. Sometimes car manufacturers and dealers hide defects that harm consumers.

Century are complex machines. Today there are many manufacturers involved in the production of a car. Each seller or component manufacturer in the supply chain may have some level of liability if a defective component causes a traffic accident. According to NHTSA data, the most common vehicle defects that lead to accidents are the reasons people consult a car accident attorney:

Large, multinational automakers have legions of lawyers whose job it is to protect the company from consumer lawsuits and minimize any financial compensation paid. You don’t want to fight a big company by yourself. An experienced and aggressive California auto defect attorney can stand up for you and fight for your rights. It takes an experienced attorney to win against these corporate attorneys, and that’s what we do at Neale & Fhima. Call us today at (888) 407-2955.

Best Car Accident Lawyer In California

These cases usually end in one of two ways: a financial settlement or a court trial. As a plaintiff, it is your decision as to which direction you want to go.

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Settlement: This occurs when the defendant (car manufacturer, dealership, parts supplier, etc.) decides to offer the plaintiff a lump sum of money rather than proceed to trial. They are willing to do this because sometimes it is cheaper to settle than to continue spending time and money defending a lawsuit.

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Trial – This occurs when a settlement agreement is not reached or desired and the case proceeds to a jury trial before a judge. Your auto defect attorney will turn to witnesses, evidence, and legal standards to prove your case in court. If the defendant is found guilty, the jury will award you money for damages, injuries, pain and suffering.

Financial compensation varies greatly from case to case depending on the type of vehicle defect and whether the driver and passengers were injured or, in some cases, killed. In general, the more severe the injury or loss of life, the greater the financial compensation. As such, it is not unusual for these financial rewards to amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can file a product liability car accident lawsuit if a defective part of your vehicle caused injury or damage. This can be done according to one or more theories of responsibility:

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Each of the above theories of liability may provide legal grounds for seeking compensation from the manufacturer or dealer for a defective auto part. To ensure that you receive the maximum compensation from your personal injury case, it is important to hire an experienced Southern California personal injury attorney.

If you are involved in a car accident caused by a car defect, you can suffer serious injuries such as head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, cuts and bruises. You may be entitled to compensation for substantial medical expenses, lost work time, rehabilitation, job retraining, and pain and suffering. For a free, no-obligation consultation on your car accident case, contact the California auto defect lawyers at Neale & Fhima today. Call us at (888) 407-2955.

Aaron Fhima is a trial lawyer who has obtained numerous settlements and verdicts against major corporations and some of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Representing consumers and injury victims throughout the state of California, Aaron’s practice areas include personal injury and lemon law litigation. Aaron has a long and successful track record in managing large defense companies; and does not hesitate to take cases to court when necessary to enforce the rights of his clients. [Attorney Bio]

Best Car Accident Lawyer In California

At Neale & Fhima we have extensive experience helping clients successfully conduct lemon law and personal injury claims. We offer free consultations for clients who need help with both questions. Every day, more than 750 car accidents occur in California, according to the Office of Traffic Safety. About 10 of them killed people.

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California Car Accident Guide (2022)

The resulting injuries and deaths can leave families not only in physical and emotional pain, but also in financial distress as they struggle to pay for hospital bills, physical therapy, psychological counseling and other services to recover. in normal. Severe spinal or brain injuries may require wheelchairs, home repairs, home care, hospital care, or assisted living.

Are you in this situation? An experienced California personal injury attorney at Gomez Trial Attorneys can help you. We can fully assess your situation, investigate your accident, and determine which responsible parties to pursue for compensation to pay your bills and help you recover. If there are permanent injuries, we can ask for compensation to restore your freedom as much as possible. Call today for a free evaluation of your case.

Over the past ten years, we have obtained over $500,000,000 in verdicts and settlements for our clients and have had over 100 verdicts or settlements valued at over $1,000,000 each. Some of the car accident cases we have found include:

While each case is unique and past results do not guarantee future results, you can be assured that the dedicated personal injury team at Gomez Trial Lawyers is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each individual client.

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There are many reasons why a car accident can happen. While some of these factors, such as bad weather, are innocent, most accidents are the result of human error or driver negligence. Traffic accidents tend to be more frequent at night, when there is less visibility, a greater possibility of alcohol-related problems, and a greater possibility of driver fatigue due to the natural body’s night sleep cycle. Some of the most common causes of car accidents in San Diego and across the country include:

Just as there are many reasons why car accidents can happen, there are many different ways that a car accident can happen.

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