Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship – Applications for all senior completion scholarships can be requested through the Claremore High School Counseling Office or downloaded below. Completed applications should be returned to the Claremore Public Schools Foundation office or the Claremore High School Counseling Office by the application deadline. Recipients will be announced in May.

The Bluejacket Scholarship was established by Donald and Estelle Bluejacket and is administered by the Claremore Public Schools Foundation. It is Bluejacket’s desire to give back to the students of Claremore in a meaningful and lasting way. With no children of their own, they have given Claremore students a lasting gift.

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

In 2005, her estate was given to the Claremore Public Schools Foundation to invest in the next generation of Claremore students. In 2007, Sam and Hazel Lessley increased the Bluejacket scholarship with a significant contribution. The Bluejackets directed the Claremore Public Schools Foundation to award the scholarship to students “who have demonstrated demonstrated academic achievement.” To honor their wishes and legacy, this scholarship focuses on academic achievement.

Webmaster Scholarship Celebration

The RCB Bank Scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Claremore High School attending a four-year college or university in Oklahoma and is based on academic achievement, financial need and demonstrated community service.

The scholarship is funded as a symbol of RCB’s appreciation for the extraordinary efforts students make to improve themselves while positively impacting others. RCB Bank is deeply rooted in its commitment to Claremore and has proudly served the community since 1936.

The Smith Family Scholarship was established in 2022 by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith. Eight Claremore High School graduates received one-year scholarships of $5,000 for the spring semester and an additional $5,000 for the spring semester while they pursued degrees in music and engineering.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a passion for music and technology and we are very grateful for this investment in Claremore students! The Plus One Scholarship was created to help students whose number of courses is generally limited. Because funding to achieve full-time status comes from enrolling in another course.

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Oklahoma State University–stillwater

Currently, the Connors Development Foundation has received commitments of support from BancFirst, Bank of Oklahoma, American Bank of Oklahoma and First Star Bank, all of Muskogee.

To find out how you can increase student success at Connors State College, visit or contact us at (918) 463-2931.

BrandyAnn Brior is a first-generation college student from Madera, California. As a child, BrandyAnn moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma with her grandmother. In addition to being a full-time student and Salvation Army office worker, BrandyAnn is also an independent tutor for elementary and middle school students.

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

BrandyAnn is a student in the Connors Registered Nursing program, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northeastern State University and then becoming a registered nurse.

Linden Service Scholarship Fund

“Friendships and networking at Connors,” BrandyAnn said. “Student Support Services Advisor Nancy Malone helped me revive my dream of becoming a doctor. I found the guidance I lacked as a child in Heather Darnell’s FOCUS program and realized that there is always hope for success and achievement for those who are determined. I knew it was always there, I only saw it manifest when I started visiting Connors.”

BrandyAnn said the last person in the family to attend college was her great-grandfather, who started his own chiropractic college in Texas. Brior said families don’t value higher education.

“I have overcome a lot to break the cycle and raise my own children in a better situation than what I showed,” BrandyAnn said. “I enjoy singing, creating art, exploring advances in science and medicine, and I am very active and love engaging my son in physical play.”

“Financial planning and preparedness is extremely stressful for someone like me who has to start from scratch and has nothing,” said BrandyAnn. “Student assistantships and scholarships are the lifeblood that flows through the veins of my determination and ambition. Even if I say “thank you,” words will never express my gratitude. You feel that you prefer me. Thank you, Connors and Bank of Oklahoma, for being there in these capacities and helping me change my life goals. God protect you.”

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Wendi Flatt from St. Joseph, Missouri, but now lives in Porter, Oklahoma. Wendi is a full-time student and hopes to become a nurse at an insurance company or an employee in St. Louis. Francis Muskogee after she passed her nursing board.

Wendi said Connors was a good choice for her because it gave her the opportunity to be closer to home and spend time with her son, who is a senior at Porter High School and will graduate the same day as her .

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“Connors State has had a huge impact on my life because as an older student I was worried about how I would teach myself again,” Wendi said. “Teacher Connors helped me in many ways by giving me the tools I needed to be successful in the nursing program.”

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

Wendi said that when she is not at school, she enjoys attending concerts of all kinds and spending time with her friends who have encouraged her on this journey.

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This scholarship will help her family as her husband is currently the only one working, she said.

“It was difficult sometimes just living on your salary,” Wendi said. “It will help pay the bills we will have this month and ease some of the stress of our financial problems.”

“I would like to thank you very much for choosing me for this scholarship. As someone who has been out of school for many, many years, it is very difficult to get back into school. Being selected for this scholarship reminds me that there are people out there who want to pat us on the back for doing well in school, and I’m very grateful for that,” Wendi said.

Jenee’ Hensley is from Muskogee, Oklahoma. When her school and training allowed her to work as a substitute teacher at Hilldale Public School. Jenee earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, where she and her husband lived while he was in the Air Force.

The Cimarron News. (boise City, Okla.), Vol. 23, No. 44, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 2, 1921

Before entering the nursing program, Jenee was a high school teacher. Her husband of 21 years continues to teach and coach at Hilldale High School.

“I heard Connors has an excellent nursing program and it’s close to my home,” Jenee said. “If Connors hadn’t been close to home and affordable, I don’t know if I would have had the opportunity to attend nursing school.”

After completing the Connors nursing program, she immediately secured a job with St. Francis Health Systems.

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

Jenee and her husband have three children, ages 17, 14 and 12, all of whom attend school in Hilldale.

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“When I left teaching and went to nursing school, our family income was cut in half while most of our bills stayed the same,” Jenee said. “The Plus One Scholarship and other financial support enabled our family to pay the bills while I was unemployed.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the bank for this investment in my future. “My education will allow me to better provide for my family while doing something I love and having a positive impact on the lives of others,” she said.

Rolonda Thompson is from Jackson, Tennessee, but now lives in Summit, Oklahoma. Rolonda is a 1991 graduate of Hilldale High School. She is in her fifth year as the adult career development and Procter State Health Certification Program secretary for the Indian Capital Technology Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

“I am the oldest of 14 children. “I have four brothers who attended Connors,” Rolonda said. “There are seven boys and seven girls in my family, including two sets of twins. There was never a dull moment and we had good food, fun and laughter.

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“My older brother, who attended Connors, is now a police sergeant, a registered radiology technician, a contract and purchasing agent for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and I have two twin sisters who recently graduated from Connors and are both silent technicians for the Psychiatry Department from Saint Francis while completing their studies at Northeastern State University.

Rolonda plans to continue her education at Northeastern State University, where she will major in business administration, she said. When Rolonda is not in class or at work, she enjoys cooking, planning family gatherings, designing postcards and banners, writing poetry, and making gift baskets for others. She said she aspires to be a nature photographer.

“I am grateful for the opportunity and the second chance to realize my dream of a better future,” she said. “I am and will always be grateful for this scholarship opportunity.” Our SmartMoney Scholarship program was designed by our 1734 Board of Directors, a team of young bankers at First National Bank & Trust.

Bank Of Oklahoma Scholarship

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