Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston – We pay insurance premiums with a simple expectation: Our insurance company will offer emergency assistance when disaster strikes. Friendly slogans, charming advertisements and clever promises made it easy to trust our insurance companies. But when we need them most, insurance companies often don’t honor their end of the bargain.

When someone is struggling to get a fair resolution, they turn to our team at Arnold & Itkin. We assist with insurance claims and cases involving:

Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

Our insurance attorneys have a reputation for taking on headline-grabbing cases. When a historic storm like Hurricane Harvey devastates the U.S. coast, we stand ready to make sure people can rebuild their homes and businesses.

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When an insurance company refuses to honor a policy after a serious accident, we help people pick up the pieces of their lives. Our track record in the spotlight means we are prepared for any situation our clients may face.

Our team of insurance attorneys has seen every tactic insurance companies use to unfairly delay or deny valid claims. If your claim has stalled, we have experience getting insurance companies to pay fairly. We have gone up against the nation’s largest insurance companies and recovered more than $15 billion in verdicts and settlements. We fight to level the playing field against the big insurance companies no matter what.

When an insurance company unfairly denies a claim, the process basically follows a script. They are slow to respond, give low estimates and send customers into endless loops to frustrate them. Hiring our attorneys shows your business that their tactics will not be tolerated. Helping people rebuild their lives after an accident or disaster is what we do and we never settle for less than what is best for them. When the insurance company says they can’t do it anymore, we step in to tell them they have to.

Successful insurance claim litigation requires research, dedication and experience. We invest in causes that are essential for success. If the adjusters are not fair, we will make sure to change it with our own investigation and experts. So if the other party is not fair after all our work, we will not hesitate to take them to court. For many insurance companies, hearing “Arnold & Itkin” during the claims process means it’s time to play fair. That’s the strength of our commitment to delivering results for clients.

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Car accidents, natural disasters and medical emergencies are different situations. But people often find that they trust insurance companies to see them through after either one. Our team has experience with almost all types of injuries. We are passionate about helping clients get the compensation they are entitled to because we know how daunting the process can be. We care about helping our clients, we know we can change lives for the better and we never give up the fight. No matter what.

Insurance companies have mastered their tactics. They delay the request in the hope that the person will be frustrated into settling for less than they deserve. In the worst cases, they dismiss valid claims because they hope the claimant won’t challenge them. These strategies have created a business model that is frustrating for claimants but profitable for insurers. It is our duty to fight against these unethical strategies for clients, no matter how much the insurance company tries to overpower us.

Hiring Arnold & Itkin means telling your insurance company that their tactics will not be tolerated. We investigate claims, hire our own experts and fight them. We achieve results by taking care of our customers. When we learn what our clients have gone through before they call us, the struggle becomes personal. Insurance companies are huge and no one deserves to have to deal with their bad faith alone.

Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

Having our firm take on your case means you will have the care, resources and attention only from a law firm that has recovered billions for clients. Texas

How Long Do I Have To File A Car Accident Claim In Texas?

Every 57 seconds, a car accident occurs somewhere in Texas, according to the latest data. If or when you are in one of these wrecks and progressive insurance is involved, this guide can help:

You can easily file a progressive car accident lawsuit in Texas by taking one of the following three steps:

As you prepare to file a progressive motor vehicle accident claim, here’s what you can generally expect going forward:

If Progressive provides your auto insurance, the company recommends that you “contact us whenever you have a loss, especially if you want something repaired.”

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If you don’t report the accident to Progressive, you could be setting yourself up for more problems later, especially if:

Claims representatives will conduct investigations to determine fault for the wreck. Generally speaking, this means doing things like (but not limited to):

On paper, that might sound fair and square. In reality, however, this may not be the case at all. Indeed, insurance company representatives — including those at Progressive — are usually not compelled to conduct neutral, thorough investigations.

Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

Instead, their investigations may be biased by their interests in protecting the insurance company, which may mean:

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While every claim is unique and different payouts may be made for different claims, Progressive is in business to protect its bottom line. In many cases, this means trying to pay as little as possible for the damage.

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Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

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Most car accident victims begin by exchanging car insurance information while obtaining a police report and witness statements. If you are injured, it is important to see a doctor immediately so that your injuries can be registered and the right treatment can be sought. Before you even start putting the parts together, you’ll likely get a call from the at-fault party’s insurance company. It is important that you

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Fully and know that you – the injured party – are entitled to more than just a refund from the workshop. The negligent driver who caused your injury has liability insurance that can be used for damage to your vehicle, property, health and mental injuries.

In addition, your auto insurance includes personal injury coverage that allows you to recover lost wages and medical bills typically up to $2,500, regardless of who is at fault. There are also health coverage payments you can buy with your auto insurance that reimburse you up to $5,000. Check your policy or talk to your insurance agent about coverage information right after a car accident, or have our Houston car accident attorney review your policy for tort claims on your behalf.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage can also help you get through a car accident when the other driver doesn’t have the resources to pay for your financial losses. Furthermore, your health insurance can cover medical expenses even if the other person is at fault for the accident.

Auto Insurance Lawyer Houston

With each of these areas of insurance available for financial recovery, the only thing standing between you and a settlement are the insurance companies. Dealing with agents and representatives can be intimidating and frustrating. In Charles J. Argento, we work tirelessly to search for the responsible driver, their insurance company and your insurance company to ensure that you

Car Accident Claim Lawyer & Attorney Houston

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