Auto Claim Attorney Near Me Transactional

Auto Claim Attorney Near Me	Transactional

Auto Claim Attorney Near Me Transactional – Amitabh Lal Das graduated B.A.(Hons) from St. Peter’s. Stephen’s College, DU in 1990, followed by his MA in 1992 and completed his law degree in 1995 from the Campus Law Centre.

With his qualification in law, he started working in firms like Vaish Associates and A. S. Chandhiok Associates. After a six-month long legal battle that began in January 2000, Amitabh decided to take up the British Chevening Scholarship, despite his concerns about his successful selection.

Auto Claim Attorney Near Me Transactional

Auto Claim Attorney Near Me	Transactional

With his scholarship he was appointed to Morgan & Walker, Solicitors in London, and when he was again exposed to English law firms, he decided to go into commercial practice at Kocher & Co. In 2004, he was accepted into the Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) LL.M program in Securities and Financial Law. He had to leave due to financial problems.

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He then moved to Sapient in their regulatory and compliance division. After Sapient, he was named general counsel at Yahoo! For seven years. He is currently the Director and Head – Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Max Life Insurance since July 2014.

I was born in Patna and lived in Hazaribagh (first in Bihar, now Jharkhand) till my 1st class in 1985. After class X, my parents sent me to Delhi Public School (DPS), Mathura Road. Stayed in the hostel. In 1987, I passed the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) DPS with top rank in Humanities.

Later, I went to St. Stevens College, University of Delhi, obtained the first division from 1987 to 1990. After that I did MA. (History) at the Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, and continued at St. Stephen’s. I completed my MA in 1992 and passed the first law entrance examination for the LL.B program (1992-1995) at the University of Delhi Campus Law Centre. I completed my law degree in 1995.

After several years of work, in 2000, I was awarded the British Chevening Scholarship by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Great Britain for the Young Indian Lawyers Programme. I am one of the twelve Indian lawyers selected by the British Government for this short program for a Certificate in UK and EC Commercial Law and Practice from the Law School of York. The program included a short stint with a London law firm. The course and internship were successfully completed in 2000.

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In 2004, I was accepted by the Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) for admission to its prestigious LL.M program in Securities and Financial Regulation. I put off joining the program for a year, but couldn’t come up with a plan to pay the expenses, so I dropped out. Not being able to do the LL.M program at GULC is the biggest regret of my life.

I chose humanities after Xth class. Although I was topper in class XII, I chose history over economics for two reasons. First, it was quite poor in the evaluation of my main qualification, Economics being the key to success in the major, and lastly, History was considered a better, more manageable subject. Those days I had high success in IAS exams and I had hopes of becoming an IAS officer. According to the age limit and calendar of the IAS exam, the first time I could write the IAS exam was the year I completed my graduation (B.A.), and I did M.A. I can continue to live in St. Residence at Stephen’s College. So, M.A. History was a natural extension of the first decision to pursue the dream of becoming an IAS, and at that time, in my opinion, there was no better place than St. College. Stephen nurtures that dream and makes it come true.

After my first attempt at IAS exam, with increasing number of vacancies in civil services jobs and knowing that I will be competing for only 50% seats, I thought of a plan B if plan A fails IAS. Law seemed happy, full of expectations for learning and opportunities for success.

Auto Claim Attorney Near Me	Transactional

If I am not good at Public Administration there was also an arrangement that Law would give me a good second subject in the IAS exam so this subject was chosen for my few attempts at this test. All in all, my interest in history was more of a means to an end because it became clear to me that I did not want to be a student of history.

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Similarly, after a master’s degree in history my interest in law became more rooted in reality, dictating the need for a different career plan.

What problems did you face when starting personal training? How did your previous experience help you in this situation?

(Amitabh worked in the litigation department of several firms like Vaish Associates, A.S. Chandhiok & Associates, A.Y. Chitale & Associates before starting his private practice.)

At Vaish Associates, although I gained experience in tax litigation, most of my assignments there fell under the legal advisory function. Indeed, the desire to move from vaish to pure punishment led to this search for further understanding of the court, as I realized that an understanding of methods of dispute resolution and administration of justice should be the basis of its initiation. Law work. . This realization came to me because of my lack of understanding of the practical meaning of court terms like “substitute”, “write”, “mention” etc. Participates in court proceedings. After that I was lucky to work with Mr. Chandiok, where I became familiar with the Judiciary Constitution. In this room, the presentation was first in Delhi High Court and I also assisted him in some cases in Debt Recovery Tribunal and District Court.

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The opportunities for lawyers back then were not as extensive as they are today and it was obvious that young lawyers wanted to advertise themselves early in their careers, and therefore always thought. Path to end branch. As I thought at the time, the decision involved a lot of build-ability in terms of gaining experience at various meetings and then making a call on how broad the private system (or which court/courts) was.

Thinking accordingly, my belief was that I needed to meet a Supreme Court of India lawyer to strengthen my learning. Chandiok and also reach the point of deciding about the scope of the private sector. Atul and Suchitra Chitale were kind enough to give me that opportunity.

Without any social roots in Delhi and a first-generation lawyer, I found the prospect of competing in this job with descendants of established families as well as other members of the team who had been in the service for generations daunting. in Delhi. So, the next step is to decide whether to stay in Delhi, or go for practice in the Ranchi High Court, which I was easily allowed to continue in Delhi. I was surprised that if I go to the table and get jobs from government agencies or government companies to start with, I will get opportunities to solve some problems quickly. Although I initially thought ten years of experience was a limit to setting up a private practice, luck landed me on the desks of many government ventures between 1998 and 1999. My personal time and my dedication, my work with Atul and Suchitra, I had to start a private practice more than I thought before.

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Auto Claim Attorney Near Me	Transactional

The problems I faced were organizing my work related to entrepreneurial management; Management of a business. In a way, being a lawyer is an exercise in business, requiring a skill set that I did not develop at the time. As a lawyer, one needs more than just a law degree, knowledge and experience in advising, writing and arguing cases. Enterprise needs structure, business pipeline and therefore business development, many hands and minds to work together, technical support (email / billing and file systems etc), people sharing, knowledge management etc. Faced with getting a job from the companies that raised me; The empanelment did not mean that I would get a flood of work from them, as there were sometimes negative aspects involved. Although I was learning to handle other cases, the biggest roadblock I faced was the six-month onslaught of lawyers that began in January 2000.

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