Auto Accident Lawyer Texas

Auto Accident Lawyer Texas – Cars are an integral part of the fabric of modern society, fueling business and life for everyone from delivery drivers and travel professionals to road trip tourists and busy families. Unfortunately, cars can be dangerous too. Whether someone is driving drunk, distracted, texting while driving, or traveling in hazardous weather conditions, many factors can lead to accidents that result in significant property damage, injury, or death. In densely populated areas like Houston, congested traffic makes the risk of collisions even more common.

Houston and the state of Texas have different traffic laws to protect everyone on the road. From cyclists and pedestrians to semi truck drivers, everyone must obey the rules of the road to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of their passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

Auto Accident Lawyer Texas

Auto Accident Lawyer Texas

The consequences of a traffic collision can be dire and difficult to resolve. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, contact Ben Crump Law, PLLC at 800-598-7557 to discuss your case.

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States may be at no fault or wrong when it comes to traffic accidents. In a no-fault state, victims should seek compensation from their insurance provider, rather than from the at-fault driver. According to Texas traffic laws, Texas is a “fault” state, meaning victims can seek compensation from the responsible party. This only applies if you are not 50% or more responsible for the event per second. 33.001 of the Texas Code of Practice and Civil Remedies.

If another car hits you or your vehicle or property, the driver who caused the accident is at fault and their insurance company must pay compensation. Texas state law sets minimum requirements for auto insurance in such situations. If the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance, you can take a civil action against the driver. However, if they do not have the assets or income to pay the full compensation, it may be difficult to recover the full amount owed to you. A lawyer can help you get just compensation.

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In order to keep costs down, insurance companies may try to settle you for less than you deserve. They may try to claim that their policyholder was not at fault or that it was partly your fault. The process of proving liability and obtaining fair compensation can be complex and overwhelming. Working with a Houston car accident attorney can help you fight for fair compensation.

Holding those responsible for their actions involves a complex legal process. If you have been the victim of a vehicle collision, a Houston car accident attorney can support you in determining the appropriate legal strategy based on your circumstances. A lawyer can help in the following ways:

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A Houston car accident attorney can help you file your claim within the designated time frame as described in Sec. 16.003 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. This code deals with the Texas state statute of limitations, or time limit, within which someone must bring a personal injury charge, including a car accident.

In Texas, victims have two years from the date of the collision to seek compensation. Keep in mind that this timeline may be different if a government employee caused the accident. If the negligence of a Government servant results in injuries, property damage or death of a family member, special rules are applicable by the department. 101.0211 Texas Code of Practice and Civil Remedies under the Tort Claims Act. A Houston car accident attorney can help you navigate this complex task.

Car accidents can cause serious, long-term mental and emotional damage. In addition to the cost of repairing or replacing property, affected drivers, pedestrians and passengers can experience immense physical and psychological trauma and may take weeks, months or years to recover.

Auto Accident Lawyer Texas

The cost of emergency medical bills, property damage, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and long-term health care costs can add up quickly. Victims and their families may experience reduced quality of life as a result of physical and psychological harm. If a person dies from their injuries, their loved ones may suffer wounds that never heal.

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While driving improves enterprise and independence and makes life and business easier and more convenient, accidents can and do happen. Such incidents can be emotionally, physically and financially devastating and have long-term consequences for victims. If another driver caused your accident in Houston, turn to the team at Ben Crump Law, PLLC for guidance. Call the office at 800-598-7557 to talk about your case and discuss your options. Patrick Daniel is a Houston car accident attorney with extensive experience representing those injured in no-fault accidents. If you’ve been injured by a car, truck or other motor vehicle, our team is ready to fight relentlessly for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Almost everyone will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. Although no one is injured in some accidents, the unfortunate fact is that many car accidents result in serious injuries and even death. Tactics used by insurance companies to reduce the amount payable on reasonable claims often make matters worse.

At Patrick Daniel Law, our Houston car accident attorneys defend the interests of people over the interests of corporations. We consider it our duty to hold negligent drivers accountable, which means we have to go toe-to-toe with the big insurance companies.

Houston car accident attorney Patrick Daniel and our team have extensive experience in car accident cases involving serious injury and death. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, find out how we can help by calling (713) 999-6666 today. Your initial consultation is free.

Top 25 Causes Of Car Accidents In Texas And What You Can Do To Prevent Them

There are many different situations to consider after a car accident. For most people, the biggest concerns are: “How long will I recover from my injuries?” “Will my insurance cover the cost of the accident?” “When will my life go back to normal?”

Many car accident victims don’t think about hiring a Houston car accident lawyer until they receive word from the insurance company. Their claim may be rejected or the compensation offered by the insurer may be woefully inadequate for their losses.

In fact, there are several good reasons to hire a Houston car accident attorney – before you talk to an insurance adjuster:

Auto Accident Lawyer Texas

We discuss these and other issues in the following sections. In the end, you should be confident in your decision to have a Houston car accident attorney help you with your case.

What To Do If Someone Files A Car Accident Claim Against You In Houston, Tx

The clock starts ticking the moment your accident claim occurs. You may be shocked and defeated, but you can start building your claim immediately after the accident.

Follow these helpful steps, but pay special attention to Step #1 and Step #2 before moving on to the other steps:

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In Texas, you are required to file an accident report with the police if the accident causes more than $1,000 in property damage or if the accident results in injury or death. If someone is seriously injured (including yourself), call emergency personnel to respond to the scene.

If you are in a serious accident, treatment starts at the scene and continues while you are being taken to hospital. Your first priority after an injury is to get the care you need, so let a professional remove you from the vehicle and then take you to the ED as needed.

Delayed Injury Symptoms To Look For After A Car Wreck

You can be treated and released at the scene if firefighters and rescue workers see no signs of serious injury. Don’t take this as the final word on your status. Some life-threatening injuries, from head trauma to internal bleeding, increase in severity. This can give you a false sense of security along with the adrenaline you feel after an accident.

If you’re ready, take the time to complete the steps below. Then see a doctor as soon as possible.

Insurance companies immediately send accident response teams to the scene of major accidents. Their goal is to collect any and all evidence that will reduce what they owe.

Auto Accident Lawyer Texas

When you’re on the scene, you should do the same, but with another goal in mind: Your records should reflect the full extent of the damage. The best way to do this is to capture images and even videos:

Auto Hauler Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Whether you write it down or take pictures of the documents with your phone, you’ll need the name, address, phone number and driver’s license number of each driver involved in the accident, as well as the name and policy of their insurance carrier. No. on proof of insurance.

If the driver does not present proof of insurance, note this. This may affect how your application is processed.

If there were any bystanders around the scene of the accident, ask what they saw. For every person you talk to

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