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Austin Accident Lawyer – If you have been injured in Austin, Round Rock or Central Texas and need help putting the pieces together, contact us or call (512) 931-4911 to discuss your case with a licensed car accident lawyer in Austin.

The increase in the number of cars on Austin’s roads unfortunately leads to more car accidents. Many of these car accidents result in serious injuries. If you were involved in a car accident in Austin, Texas that was caused by someone else’s negligence and you were injured, you may have the right to seek compensation for your damages. You need a qualified Austin car wreck attorney who regularly fights insurance companies to handle claims.

Austin Accident Lawyer

Austin Accident Lawyer

For a complete review of your car wreck case, call (512) 931-4911 today. You can speak with a qualified Austin wreck attorney to determine what steps to take.

What To Look For When Choosing A Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident in Austin, Texas, you probably have many questions, such as:

There are many lawyers in Austin, but it is important to hire an Austin car accident lawyer who has experience with your case. Call today for help from an experienced car accident lawyer in Austin, TX.

When should I hire an Austin car accident lawyer if I was injured in a car accident? As soon as possible, if possible. In the event of a serious injury, it is important to involve a knowledgeable Austin car wreck attorney early on. The insurance company immediately begins working hard to find reasons to deny otherwise valid claims. Important evidence must be collected before it is lost or damaged. If you have been injured in a car accident in Austin, contact Ardalan Law PLLC today for a free consultation.

The statute of limitations for negligence and most personal injury claims, including car accidents, in Texas is two (2) years from the date of the accident or injury. If you sue your insurance company under your liability insurance policy, the statute of limitations is generally four (4) years. There are rules that sometimes extend these deadlines in certain rare cases. In Texas, cases are often won or lost based on statute of limitations arguments. Every case is different and you should speak with a qualified Texas personal injury attorney to determine the statute of limitations and other deadlines in your case.

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Car Accidents Attorney

Handling your own car accident case is never a good idea, especially if you have personal injuries. Claims filed by drivers who are not represented by a car accident attorney are routinely undervalued by insurance companies. They use various tactics and strategies to deny otherwise valid allegations. The most common strategy used by some insurance companies is “delay, deny and defend.” For this reason, car accident lawyers often have to file lawsuits and go to trial for certain accidents. It is always a good idea to consult with an experienced Austin car accident lawyer. Our consultations at Ardalan Law Firm are free and we do not charge unless we win.

There are legal deadlines for your personal injury case, contact or call an Austin car accident attorney today to have your claim evaluated.

An Austin car accident lawyer can help you rebuild your life after a car accident by seeking compensation. There are several types of compensation available to those involved in car accidents, as detailed below. Contact Austin Auto Wreck Lawat at (512) 931-4911 for a free damage estimate.

Austin Accident Lawyer

If you have incurred medical expenses as a result of an accident, an experienced Austin car accident attorney can help you cover past and future anticipated medical expenses. Under Texas law, the defendant pays reasonable costs of necessary medical expenses caused by the wreck. It is up to the applicant to demonstrate that the prior expenses are necessary and reasonable. Additionally, the plaintiff must prove that the medical expenses were necessary to treat the injuries caused by the defendant. This is usually done based on the condition of the victim before and after recognition of the accident, but sometimes it also requires expert advice.

Austin Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were missed from work or had to take paid leave due to a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for past lost wages. Lost wages are considered economic damages, and certain limits for non-economic damages do not apply. If you suffer serious injuries that affect or impair your ability to work or maintain your current job, you may be entitled to compensation for lost earnings in the future. In a personal injury case related to a car accident in Austin, Texas, the burden is on the plaintiff or victim to prove past or future lost wages. The victim must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the negligent person caused the injuries and prevented them from working for a period of time. Future wage losses are sometimes more difficult to prove because there is no proof of future wages. Instead, juries look at evidence to determine whether a person’s injuries are serious enough to prevent the injured plaintiff from performing the same job in the future. Lost wages are difficult to prove for people who do not earn an hourly wage. Although the calculation may seem simple, there are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to proving past wage loss and future loss of earning capacity. If you need help calculating your past or future lost wages, contact a qualified Austin car accident attorney who specializes in recovering lost wages.

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Under Texas law, a victim of a personal injury car accident can seek non-economic damages to compensate for past pain and suffering and anticipated future pain and suffering. What is pain and suffering under Texas law? Under Texas law, pain and suffering means any physical, mental, or emotional distress. Physical pain is generally classified as (1) acute or (2) chronic. Texas law divides pain and suffering into past and anticipated pain and suffering.

Acute pain refers to the physical stress felt immediately after a car accident. Acute pain is different from chronic pain because acute pain usually goes away after a while. For example, pain caused by a large bruise shortly after an accident is considered acute because the bruise is likely to heal. If the injury heals and no longer causes pain in the future, it is generally considered acute and only counts as past pain and suffering. An experienced Austin car accident attorney can help document and claim past pain and suffering caused by an acute injury. Chronic pain is pain that persists and does not go away over time. Chronic pain usually means there is an injury that requires treatment. In the context of car accidents, the most common chronic injuries occur to the neck, spine, or spine. These injuries often cause chronic pain and rarely heal without treatment. Chronic car accident injuries vary in severity, but every accident victim experiences pain differently. A car accident victim with a very large herniated disc may rate their pain as tolerable or minimal, while another car accident victim with less serious injuries may experience much more painful symptoms.

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How Does an Austin Car Accident Lawyer Prove Pain and Suffering? There are two main sources of direct evidence for pain and suffering. The first is a verbal statement from a car accident victim and the second is a medical history interpreted by a health care provider. The best source of pain and suffering is the car accident victim themselves. But this obviously creates some problems. There is no universal language to talk about pain. In our culture, many people feel pressured to hide their pain symptoms or downplay their injuries. People feel unable to talk to others or explain their pain for fear of not being believed. This is an important issue for car accident lawyers who represent car accident victims because the stereotype is that car accident victims overestimate their injuries. The result is that pain and suffering claimants generally only receive compensation if their pain is “plausible.” Thus, car accident victims who have difficulty expressing their pain have more difficulty recovering from the pain and suffering suffered. A non-English speaking person may have difficulty describing their symptoms, which may negatively impact their pain and suffering claim. For a non-English speaking client, it is important to hire a car accident lawyer who understands their language.

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The second most important source of direct evidence of pain and harm is medical records or medical certificates from a health care provider. Healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, chiropractors, EMTs and others are trained to document symptoms, including pain symptoms, in real time. Additionally, some may qualify as medical experts to testify about injuries that cause the accident victim’s pain and suffering. Health care providers typically classify symptoms or “findings” as objective or subjective.

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