Asu Transfer Scholarship

Asu Transfer Scholarship – You’re nearing the end of your degree, and ASU can help you get there with our affordable tuition rates and financial aid award packages.

As a non-resident or out-of-state transfer student, you will pay ASU tuition and fees, on-campus housing and meals. Books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses will vary depending on your spending choices and should be budgeted into your college expenses. To get an estimate of what your costs might be after financial aid, see ASU’s net cost calculator.

Asu Transfer Scholarship

Asu Transfer Scholarship

*Represents the highest possible tuition. See your current undergraduate tuition by linking your program of study to ASU’s tuition estimator.

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You can receive scholarships for many reasons: GPA, residency status, achievements, and more. Find out which ones you are eligible for and apply.

You can search for scholarships at your ASU college, school, or academic department. Scholarship amounts and eligibility requirements vary, and awards are generally limited to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a particular academic program.

ASU offers the New American University Transfer Scholarship to non-Arizona transfer students who meet high academic standards and have financial need. Students must submit an application and complete a FAFSA on file by January 1 for fall or October 1 for spring for priority consideration.

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year to see how much federal aid (grants, work-study, loans) you qualify for. The FAFSA normally becomes available each year on October 1; however, due to updates to the FAFSA, the 2024-2025 FAFSA must be available in December 2023 (and not October). For students starting in the spring or summer of 2024, the 2023-2024 FAFSA is open. The earlier you apply, the more help you can get.

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After submitting the FAFSA, check your email and your priority tasks in My ASU often – you will be notified here if ASU needs additional documents to verify your FAFSA. Students who start ASU in the spring and have already submitted a FAFSA for the year must add ASU to their FAFSA. ASU’s federal school code is 001081.

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More than 11,000 students work for ASU as part-time employees or in federal work-study jobs to help pay for college and personal expenses. Working on campus offers opportunities to meet other students, improve your network and build your resume.

We invite you to take advantage of these programs designed to help reduce the cost of attending college out of state.

Asu Transfer Scholarship

Residents of Western states (non-Arizona) may enroll in the Western Undergraduate Exchange at an application rate equal to 150% of Arizona resident base tuition, plus all applicable fees for fall and spring terms only. WUE programs are limited to select alumni at the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic and West campuses. See the full list of participating programs. Eligible students can save $500 to receive $4,000 in scholarship funds (an 8-to-1 match) for a total of $4,500. Funds may be used for ASU tuition and required fees. Arizona Community College students are eligible to apply for the program.

Resident Transfer Student Tuition

In order to apply your $500 savings requirement and matching funds to your student account, you must complete the following steps.

NOTE: Students who receive a tuition waiver or consortium agreement are not eligible to receive Earn to Learn.

The $500 IDA savings will be split between the fall and spring semesters. $250 of your IDA savings will be counted as an “EDIA Earn to Learn Deposit” for the fall semester and $250 will be counted for the spring semester. View all deposits in My ASU > Finance tab > Account Fees box > Payments

The $4,000 Earn to Learn scholarship includes $2,000 from the federal government and $2,000 from ASU, split between the fall and spring semesters. The scholarship will be listed as $1,000 ASU Earned Tuition and $1,000 ASU Earned Tuition (Private) on the award summary on my ASU for the fall semester and again for the spring semester, for a total of $4,000 per year. . View your scholarship award in My ASU > Finance tab > Financial Aid and Scholarships > Award Summary Pathways for the Future honors scholarship winners during Salute to Service Week ASU transfer students, military service members find that the scholarship program provides more than just financial assistance.

Arizona University Transfer Course Equivalency

For Gil Ruiz, the path to a college degree wasn’t always easy. But thanks to Arizona State University’s Pathways for the Future program, the single father and military veteran is now one semester away from graduating with a degree in engineering (robotics) from the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering. Pathways for the Future Honors Gil Ruiz Scholarship Recipient Download the full image

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Ruiz, an out-of-state transfer student, and other transfer students and former military service members like him find that ASU resources such as the Pathways program and MyPath2ASU help them achieve academic success, not only by providing financial assistance, but also by enabling spend more time on education and building professional networks.

“By helping me financially, the Pathways Scholarship has allowed me to focus on my academic studies,” Ruiz said. “I’m a single dad and I work. If it wasn’t for the Pathways for the Future program, I probably would have had to get another part-time job. Now I can just focus on books (and) maintaining my GPA high, which I’m really excited about!”

Asu Transfer Scholarship

Both Pathways for the Future and MyPath2ASU offer comprehensive support for students seeking to transfer to ASU, regardless of where they are in their academic journey. They also provide valuable advice.

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“Pathways has been a resource for me not only financially, but also because of the guidance they provide,” Ruiz said. “My current internship has been very helpful in building my professional network and helping me to curate my resume the way engineering companies want to be seen.”

Pathways for the Future helps students develop connections between peers, teachers, counselors, and employers that enable lifelong learning and the skills needed to thrive in the workforce of the future. For eligible students, financial assistance is available during the program, including help with any unexpected costs or expenses.

“I also had a situation where I had to use emergency funding, and Pathways was there to give me what I needed when I needed it,” Ruiz said. “I have never had a problem with anything that would have prevented me from continuing my education from day one, applying to ASU, until now, close to graduation.”

Pathways for the Future and MyPath2ASU scholarships are designed to ease the transition to ASU for transfer students like Ruiz.

Asu Earn To Learn

“These days, people have a hard time finding good resources for schools, especially veterans,” Ruiz said. “At ASU I’ve never had to struggle with that. It makes life so much easier.”

Tempe Campus Solutions Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering Scholars Scholarship/Student Life Award New American University Transfer Military Service Student Salute Veterans

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $39 million in funding for 16 projects in 12 states to develop market-ready technologies that will increase the national supply of critical components needed for the clean energy transition. The selected projects, led by universities, national laboratories and the private sector, aim to develop scalable commercial technologies that…

Asu Transfer Scholarship

Downtown Phoenix Campus, Tempe Campus, Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Transfer Student Resources

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, Engineering, Health Care

ASU professor receives federal funding for technology to develop nation’s supply chain for important minerals The funding is part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) program aimed at developing a sustainable supply of minerals.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $39 million in funding for 16 projects in 12 states to develop market-ready technologies that will increase the national supply of critical components needed for the clean energy transition. The selected projects, led by universities, national laboratories and the private sector, aim to develop commercial technologies that can increase domestic supplies of copper, nickel, lithium, cobalt, rare earths and other important elements.

One such project is “Mining Red Mud Waste for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage and Critical Element Recovery” or RMCCS-CER. It is led by Xin Zhang, a chemical engineer at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington, and has as co-investigators ASU professor Alexandra Navrotsky and Washington State University assistant professor Xiaofeng Guo, a group of Ph.D. Navrotsky. Alexandra Navrotsky is the director and brainchild of the Navrotsky Eyring Center for the Materials of the Universe, a professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and in the School of Matter, Transportation and Energy Engineering, and an affiliated faculty member in the School of Earth and Space Exploration. at Arizona State University. Photo by Mary Zhu Download full image

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The funding is part of ARPA-E’s Mining Innovations for Negative Emissions Resource Recovery (MINER) program, which aims to develop market-ready technologies that will increase domestic supply of critical elements needed for the clean energy transition.

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