American Express Loans Business Commercial

American Express Loans Business	Commercial

American Express Loans Business Commercial – We do the hard stuff: business planning, brand positioning, communication planning, and launches in complex categories such as financial services, healthcare, and non-profits. We drive to the bottom, the results are quantitative.

We create integrated and engaging brand communications and experiences based on strategic thinking, rigorous research and experimentation. Then we combine channels and production experts to implement and bring those ideas to life. When launched, we expect responsibility for results, so we collect and analyze data at every possible stage, helping us to optimize the project and show proof of ROI to C-level executives and your board.

American Express Loans Business Commercial

American Express Loans Business	Commercial

We started the company based on a desire to help clients grow their brands effectively in today’s rapidly changing media environment. We believe that in order for programs to be effective in today’s market, they must be designed to blur continuous media options. Our partners have spent decades managing the most important forms of communication – classic brand advertising, direct marketing based on results, social media engagement and social media, and multimedia advertising – and we have developed an approach that combines these unique disciplines into smart advertising. Should: Lead to conversion regardless of media channel

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is an important focus for healthcare marketers, and as we look at how we broaden our appeal to people in our community and become more inclusive, we know this is lacking. Easy work We also learn more about biases and the need to work with them—both biases we may have toward certain health care issues or institutions and that may guide how we think or feel about the populations we serve.

In recent years, smart healthcare marketers have used the best theories of neuroscience – the science of the human brain. Neuroscience can help us navigate biases, bridge gaps, and build relationships and connections. that motivates us to follow our goals. Our previous SHMSD panel – Overcoming Prejudice: How to Unlock Closed Minds? – Help us understand both the nature of bias and how to account for it when focusing internally and building the right type of communication towards our goals. The panel featured Donna Walthall, senior director of marketing for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and Dr.

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Here are some key steps that can help those in healthcare who are managing external communications and want to strengthen their organization’s DEI:

1. Remember, prejudice exists with everyone. Prejudice is a fact of life. Our brains are designed to protect us, and unconscious preferences, or prejudices, are natural tendencies that can be expressed in various ways – from preserving our mental energy to showing preferences for acquaintances. But unchecked, biases can affect our decisions. For example, we tend to overestimate information readily available to us, or look for facts that support what we believe. Every day, many types of bias come into play and they must be recognized and managed

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2. To be successful, all organizations must be committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. It is common for organizations to think that hiring a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) will solve all problems unless the CDO accepts and supports the program and policy changes that the CDO implements. Dr. Randall Pinkett, author of Data Driven DEI, points out that successful DEI requires plans, metrics, and processes – and all of these critical elements depend on the involvement of the organization’s employees who are responsible for the results. The Dana-Farber Guide to Inclusive Work, an employee guide, addresses the daily behaviors of each employee to help advance the organization’s goals, aiming for a more collaborative way of working. and Dr. Bridges suggests important practical tools for challenging bias in organizations:

3. Importantly, marketers should not assume that our commitment to DEI will be accepted by external target audiences. Like us, our targets have their own biases that will affect their relationship with us. An important example of this was described by Dana-Farber, when their research showed that the low response to community efforts (participation in the free community mammogram program) was due to several awareness barriers such as:

Therefore, marketing efforts are needed to address this bias with positive and motivating messages that target Dana-Farber’s offerings and commitment to helping local communities.

American Express Loans Business	Commercial

4. Openness requires empathy As mentioned earlier, empathy plays an important role in being able to implement programs that help organizations promote diversity. Empathy is also key to openness Storytelling is empathetic because it includes relevant characters from the community, is culturally relevant, and helps alleviate the danger the target feels when entering an unfamiliar situation. At the core of a good story is awareness and understanding of the target audience, values ​​and beliefs. It is the understanding of these values ​​and beliefs, discovered through thorough research, that makes it easier to relate to the law of communication. Valuable lessons from the communications industry that overcome bias:

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• Don’t destroy the sense of control and objectivity We have learned time and time again that health care targets rarely believe they are doing nothing to be healthy. Case in point: smokers, who are often considered neglectful of their health, often try to make reasonable food choices or control alcohol consumption. In all cases, our goal is to know that what we do will help them take more control of their health – not punish them for bad behavior.

Keep communication personal, not institutional Don’t communicate using the clinical setting as much as possible Show the person involved, keep the language of friends, and create a simple picture And easy to understand.

Discuss the benefits of care, not the problem. Greeting a target with a problem can trigger a threat response and make them less receptive to the task. Emphasizing the positive benefits of self-care (eg, peace of mind, avoiding problems on the road, being there for loved ones) leads to greater interest and attention.

Make it easy to take action Take simple steps to help yourself reach your goals Book an appointment Call a phone number Ask an expert Give helpful advice, but don’t overdo it

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In short, understanding how our brains work is key to prejudice and whether we are trying to create meaningful change within our organizations or to recognize and welcome our communities, a basic understanding of neuroscience is essential to success. Membership card

Take advantage of a personal relationship that includes a dedicated B2B support team to help you every step of the way

Our flexible developer environment is designed for innovation and iteration so you can scale at your own pace.

American Express Loans Business	Commercial

Card On-Demand enables end users, who are American Express customers, to register their eligible American Express accounts in your software and create and fund virtual cards on demand for business payments.

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A: American Express Sync is a program designed for B2B software companies to embed American Express capabilities into their solutions. Now, selected partners can embed virtual cards with integrated transaction data

A: Interested companies should send an expression of interest email to [email protected] and a member of the project team will share the partner application. If your application is approved, we will call to review the program, the initial process and next steps.

A: Successful partners offer unique value solutions to help business customers manage their business and control their costs. We work with companies that provide automated solutions, including (but not limited to) automated accounts payable, expense management, expense management and procurement. Partners will be evaluated and selected based on strategic fit, geographic focus, and project capabilities. Due to product limitations, we currently partner with companies that have operations in the United States

Q: What does the integration process look like? Will I receive support from American Express during integration?

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A: Once approved, the partner’s engineering team will provide access to related products through APIs in Amex for website developers and assign integration experts to support the partner in the integration process until production begins.

A: Yes, partners may create a marketing portfolio to raise awareness of integrated services with current and potential customers. All Sync partners receive a communications toolkit with resources to help them market their combined services to customers. All collateral generated by partners is subject to review and approval by American Express prior to use

A: Partners may receive mention of the American Express Sync Commercial Partner Program (with your consent) in press or other communications and may be featured in the ‘Partners’ section of the program home page. Partners may exhibit at industry events or other functions in which American Express participates

American Express Loans Business	Commercial

Q: Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with the integration process?

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