American Express Business Loans Commercial

American Express Business Loans	Commercial

American Express Business Loans Commercial – Infosys’ business model focuses on providing innovative solutions to clients across industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. Infosys is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) company that provides a wide range of business consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Founded in 1981, Infosys has grown to become one of the largest IT companies in […]

Patanjali’s business model revolves around offering affordable yet high-quality products to consumers. Unlike other players in the market, Patanjali focuses on harnessing the benefits of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, to provide a natural and healthy alternative. The company’s product portfolio covers a wide range of categories, including personal care, home care, food […]

American Express Business Loans Commercial

American Express Business Loans	Commercial

Squarespace’s business model is a testament to the ever-evolving digital entrepreneurial landscape. Located in the heart of New York City, Squarespace has carved out its own niche in the web development industry by offering a unique blend of innovation and ease of use. This website building and hosting platform has redefined the art of creating […]

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Encompassing more than just the iconic Windows operating system and suite of productivity software, Microsoft has a series of incredible subsidiaries, each akin to a different celestial body, contributing their unique brilliance to the Microsoft galaxy. These subsidiaries, from virtual reality pioneers to architects of immersive gaming worlds, from custodians of […]

As a technology giant, Meta has carefully crafted a diverse and influential portfolio of subsidiaries, each of which makes a unique contribution to its global mission: uniting people, empowering interactions, and shaping the future of digital engagement. From the immersive world of social media to the frontiers of augmented reality, from the formation of online commerce to […]

Citigroup’s business model, rooted in a leading institution with more than a century of history, is a shining example of its enduring significance in the world of banking and financial services. Located in the heart of bustling New York City, Citigroup’s influence is far-reaching, operating on a scale that few […]

NEWSLETTER Want to receive new business model analysis straight to your inbox? Subscribe now and never miss a new post! Leave this field blank if you’re human: We do the hard work: business planning, brand positioning, communications planning, and launches in complex categories like financial services, healthcare, and nonprofits. We drive measurable results on the bottom line.

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We create unifying and engaging brand communications and experiences based on strategic thinking, research and rigorous testing. We then engage our channel and production experts to execute and bring these ideas to life. Once launched, we expect to be accountable for the results, so we collect and analyze data at every step possible, allowing us to optimize the program and show proof of investment to your executives and board of directors.

We founded this company out of a desire to help clients grow their brands more effectively in today’s rapidly changing media environment. We believe that for these programs to be effective in today’s marketplace, they must be designed to blur the boundaries of the set of media options. Our partners have spent decades mastering key forms of communications—classic brand advertising, results-oriented direct marketing, digital and social media engagement, and fully integrated multimedia campaigns—and we’ve developed an approach that combines these unique disciplines into smart advertising. it should be: persuasion that leads to conversion, regardless of media channel.

A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is long overdue for healthcare professionals, and as we understand how to broaden our appeal to the community and become more inclusive, we realize this is no easy task. We also learn more about bias and the need to address it—both biases our targets may have toward particular health care issues or institutions, and biases we may have that guide how we think or feel about our chosen populations. serve.

American Express Business Loans	Commercial

In recent years, smart healthcare marketers have used the best principles of Neuroscience – the science of the human brain. Neuroscience can help us overcome bias, bridge gaps, and build offers and communications that inspire and motivate our targets to take action. Our latest SHMSD panel – Overcoming Bias: How to Open a Closed Mind? — helps us understand the nature of bias and how to account for it, both when focusing internally and when building the right communications for our targets. The panel featured Donna Walthall, senior director of marketing at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA, and Dr. Sarah Bridges, a leading neuropsychologist and principal of Bridges Consulting.

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Here are some key takeaways that can help healthcare professionals manage external communications and work to strengthen their organization’s DEI:

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1. Remember, bias is inherent in everyone. Prejudice is a fact of life. Our brains are built to keep us safe, and preferences, or unconscious biases, are natural tendencies that can manifest in many ways—from conserving mental energy to showing a preference for things we’re familiar with. However, if left unchecked, bias can influence how we make decisions. For example, we often exaggerate information that comes to mind or look for data that supports our beliefs. In everyday life, many types of bias arise. And both must be recognized and managed.

2. To be successful, a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion must be embraced by the entire organization. It is naive for organizations to believe that hiring a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) will solve all problems if they do not accept and support the program and policy changes implemented by the CDO. Randal Pinkett, author of Data Driven DEI, points out that successful DEI requires planning, metrics, and processes—and all of these key elements depend on the participation of an organization’s employees, who are accountable for the results. Dana-Farber’s Guide to Inclusive Behaviors, an employee-led guide aimed at developing more inclusive ways of working together, outlines daily behaviors that every employee can adopt to help accelerate organizational goals. And Dr. Bridges recommends five key practical tools for challenging bias in an organization:

3. Importantly, marketers should not assume that our commitment to DEI will be accepted by external target audiences. Like us, our targets have their own biases, which will influence their relationship with us. A prime example of this was illustrated by Dana-Farber when their research showed that the low response to a community effort (participation in a free community mammography program) was due to several perceived barriers, for example:

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Therefore, marketing efforts are needed to address this bias directly with positive and inspiring messages that can make targets accept Dana-Farber’s offer and its commitment to helping local communities.

4. Opening closed minds requires building empathy. As mentioned previously, empathy plays a key factor in the ability to implement programs that help organizations foster diversity. Empathy is also the key to opening closed minds. Storytelling allows for empathy because it incorporates characters who relate to the community, are culturally relevant, and removes the perceived threat that the target may feel when entering an unfamiliar situation. At the heart of every good story is a keen awareness and understanding of your target audience’s perceptions, values, and beliefs. Understanding these values ​​and beliefs, revealed through thorough research, facilitates engaging communication. Valuable lessons in creating communications that overcome bias include:

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• Don’t underestimate the feeling of being and maintaining control of the target. I have learned time and time again that health goals rarely think that they are doing nothing to stay healthy. Case in point: smokers, who are often seen as neglecting their health, repeatedly demonstrate that they try to make sensible food choices or monitor their alcohol consumption. In all cases, our targets need to know that what we offer will enable them to continue to take control of their health – not punish them for bad behavior.

American Express Business Loans	Commercial

• Keep communications personal, not institutional. As much as possible, do not communicate using a clinical environment. Feature people close to you, keep the language the same, and create visuals that are simple and easy to understand.

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• Discuss the benefits of treatment, not the problems. Giving targets a problem can trigger a threat response and make them less receptive to action. Emphasizing the positive benefits of self-care (e.g., peace of mind, avoiding future problems, being there for loved ones) will attract more interest and attention.

• Makes it easier to take action. It provides targets with simple steps to help themselves. Schedule a meeting. Call the phone number. Ask a specialist. It provides useful hints, but is not overwhelming.

In short, understanding how our brains work is key to overcoming bias. And whether we are trying to effect meaningful change within our organizations or to acknowledge and welcome our own communities, a fundamental understanding of neuroscience is critical to success. Why we love this card: The Business Platinum Card® from American Express gives you great rewards for business travel by offering 5x points on prepaid flights and hotels booked through You’ll also enjoy access to premium travel experiences, credits to use

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