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Accidente Lawyer – Personal injury attorney Jerome O. Fjeld founded his Houston personal injury firm nearly 20 years ago to help victims who were injured by others’ negligence, lack of care, or injustice. Before becoming a personal injury attorney, he served his country in the United States Navy, where he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal and the Good Conduct Medal. Jerome was fortunate enough to work for personal injury attorney G. P. Hardy III straight out of law school. Jerome often described Hardy as “the Texas personal injury legend and one of the best personal injury lawyers in Texas and the United States.”

As a leading personal injury attorney in Houston, Mr. Fjeld strives to achieve justice for his clients by providing them with the services and representation appropriate to their injury claims. It is very profitable for its customers. His goal is to give his customers the greatest possible chance of getting the best results for their insurance. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident or other accident that was someone else’s fault, their personal injury legal team can help.

Accidente Lawyer

Accidente Lawyer

Our personal injury firm strives to obtain maximum compensation for those who have been injured and harmed by the misconduct of others. A serious injury is traumatic and can be life-changing. We use our experience and extensive knowledge of personal injury law for our clients. If you need a personal injury attorney or representation, contact Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC. Our personal injury law firm specializes in personal injury cases. You can trust our personal injury lawyers to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Most of our personal injury cases are resolved without going to trial or filing a claim for damages. This is because personal injury cases are discussed with the insurance company, the settlement is finalized, and the insurance company pays for the claim before a lawsuit is filed. In most cases, it is best to settle a personal injury case without filing a lawsuit or going to court because it saves time and money. Personal injury attorney Jerome Fjeld has litigated on behalf of thousands of personal injury victims and won millions in personal injury, slip and fall, construction personal injury, and automobile accident claims.

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Before entering into settlement negotiations, he and his personal injury insurance company will carefully determine how much compensation should be paid for the claim in each situation. In Texas, plaintiffs can seek business damages rather than financial damages. Therefore, payment can be made as follows:

Personal injury victims are often at a vulnerable point in their lives. Not only were they facing a lawsuit they hadn’t sought; Most of them are still struggling to recover from their injuries and pay their medical bills. At this point, it is important that you have a good attorney on your side, someone with experience and knowledge in personal injury cases in Texas. Attorney Jerome will do his best to explain the legal process in the language of the staff during the free consultation and review of documents so that the client can be more confident about their own injuries or car accidents.

Personal injury victims can rely on Attorney Jerome and his personal injury team to provide you with sound legal advice regarding your claim and Texas law. Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of a law firm. Each member of his legal team strives to help his clients do the best job possible.

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Attorney Jerome provides medical care to his own injured clients. The disadvantage of a large law firm is that everyone except “our regular clients” thinks they are important to the firm. Big law firms in big buildings, parking lots and elevators that treat clients like numbers. You can feel anonymous. This is unfortunate because all personal injury victims deserve to be heard, knowing that their information is as important to their personal injury attorney as it is to themselves. With large companies, thousands of cases can happen and it may be that a great personal injury lawyer will never meet you in person or even review your case.

Attorney Jerome has a passion for getting to know his clients so he can better represent their interests at the meeting or in the courtroom. He believes that personal injury victims deserve personal attention. He didn’t push anyone out the door or brush off their questions. He takes the time to address your concerns and educate you on the aspects of Texas personal injury law that apply to your case.

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In short, it’s all about respect, giving enough time and attention to your customers. If a reputable attorney doesn’t return your calls or ignores you, does he or she recognize the importance of your calls? How are you doing? If your lawyer doesn’t educate you about your case, they won’t understand how important the issue is to you – and they shouldn’t! Attorney Jerome respects his clients – respects what they have been through at the expense of others. He cares about customers’ trust in him and his team. This belief should not be taken for granted or denied. When you hire the personal injury firm Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, you can expect the respect you deserve – not in words, but in actions.

Accidente Lawyer

Attorney Jerome Fjeld shines in the courtroom and in the trial. He has filed lawsuits all over Texas. If the negotiation fails or the party is at fault and the insurance company denies fault, the lawsuit becomes a factual decision. Attorney Fjeld will prosecute your serious case before a judge and jury. He has a proven track record in the courtroom and has won millions of dollars for clients. He is also a member of the Finance Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Debt Forum. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is one of the most respected advocacy groups in the country. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won millions upon millions of dollars through verdicts and settlements.

What’s The Difference Between A Personal Injury Attorney And A Car Accident Attorney?

Fjeld, a personal injury attorney, has seen firsthand that many trauma victims move on after their injury. If they are unable to go to work for months, they may face financial difficulties. As medical bills pile up, many victims fear they will not be able to afford an attorney to fight for their right to fair compensation. It’s humbling to guide clients through financial ruin. Attorney Fjeld made the decision years ago that he would only assess legal fees if he managed to negotiate successfully or win a cash award at trial. In short, you will not receive a bill unless he wins your case.

Before starting his company nearly two years ago, Mr. Fjeld served in the U.S. Navy, where he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal, the Enlisted Surface Warfare Insignia and the Distinguished Service Medal. As a law student, he was recognized as a Leesfield Scholar by the American Bar Association. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Florida and his JD from Florida Coastal School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in the state of Texas.

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If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else, let Attorney Fjeld and his staff evaluate your claim. You may be entitled to fair compensation. Did a car accident in Houston result in injuries? Evaluated at sea by a car accident doctor in Houston, call them at 713-782-0082

Traffic accidents are on the rise across Texas, and Houston is no exception. The total number of crashes statewide increased 15.9% between 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, accidents in Houston rose 14% in 2021 to a total of 75,336. Deaths in Houston increased 20% between 2020 and 2021, from 375 in 2021. .

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While you have control over safe driving, you cannot control everyone on the road. However, there are risks you face every time you sit in a car. If you have suffered personal injury in a car accident, you need to find a Houston car accident lawyer who can help you reach a settlement. Our CityWide Injury & Accident team is here to help.

Dealing with the complexities of traffic accidents can present many challenges. You must know how to collect evidence, build a case, prove guilt, and seek fair compensation. The initial settlement offered by insurance companies is often far from what you are entitled to. However, the average person cannot expect what benefits they will receive and what they will have to do.

A Houston car accident attorney will guide you through every step of the process in your legal case, including:

Accidente Lawyer

Accomplishing these tasks alone can be difficult at best. After a car accident, when you are already injured and injured, it becomes more difficult than ever to accomplish the difficult task of working together and pursuing a lawsuit or a fair trial. Accompanying

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