18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston – Our experienced Houston truck accident lawyers have won billions for truck and 18-wheeler accident victims and have recovered the largest verdicts and settlements in history against the largest trucking and transportation companies in the United States.

As a result of our success, tracking companies take our clients and their cases more seriously, knowing that we will not hesitate to take a case to court, where our lawyers would be invincible, unless they provide a settlement that fully compensates our clients. Giving the family for all the pain and loss

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

While each case is unique, our goal is always the same: to ensure that people injured or tragically killed by the reckless or negligent conduct of others have the resources to care for and provide for themselves and their families throughout their lives.

Houston Truck Accident Attorney

We achieve this by working harder, longer and smarter than our counterparts, by always being available to our clients and taking all the time and resources necessary to ensure that each of our clients receives maximum compensation for their injuries and damage. .

This approach has not only distinguished our car accident lawyers as among the best in the country, but more importantly, it has allowed our clients to take care of themselves, their children and their families for the rest of their lives. their life.

Although many law firms advertise themselves as the best, we believe our clients should make this decision

When you visit our client video testimonials or YouTube pages, you will always see one thing: “We’re not just lawyers, we’re family.”

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Find and make appointments with the best doctors and healthcare providers available, make sure you are able to pay your pending bills or cases, or connect with financial and tax advisors so your recovery continues to grow. Resolved, our attorneys and staff are committed to doing everything we can to be there for our clients and their families, not only while the case is pending, but long after it has been successfully resolved.

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Contact our experienced Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers for a free consultation at 1-888-603-3636 or by clicking here Truck drivers are held to a higher standard than other drivers.

Commercial truck drivers are expected to have more training and experience than regular drivers, which is why they are legally held to a higher standard of care. Trucking companies and their drivers must follow federal motor carrier safety regulations, as well as state and company safety laws and policies designed to protect other drivers on the road.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

In every case we serve, however, we discover federal and state safety laws and violations that put other drivers and passengers at risk of serious injury or death.

How A Louisiana Truck Accident Injury Claim Works

Not only are trucking companies legally liable for driver negligence, but they are also exposed to independent liability (distinct from driver negligence) when they fail:

Because car accident victims often suffer catastrophic injuries that can affect their ability to work, care for their families, and provide for themselves in the future, and are generally at risk, our car accident lawyers refuse to negotiate with trucking companies. Fully compensate our clients for all medical expenses, lost wages, and other physical and economic damages and losses.

With law firm no. 1 largest in Texas and billions in compensation for car accident victims across America, our unbeatable car accident lawyers have the resources and experience to hold the largest trucking companies accountable and ensure that you and your family receive maximum compensation .|

If you or a loved one has been injured or tragically killed in a truck or 18-wheeler accident, our unbeatable truck accident lawyers can help.

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Call 1-888-603-3636, use the chat form on this page, or click here to send us a confidential email via our contact form.

Our car accident lawyers will answer your questions, explain your options, and make sure you have the information to make the best decision for you and your family. Unfortunately, Interstate 45 is also ranked as the highest highway in Texas Areas near downtown Houston are particularly at risk Conditions change when conditions change, such as fast traffic, unavoidable construction, or adverse weather conditions such as rain .

Rear-end accidents involving cars and trucks are common on Interstate 45. Whether it’s near-misses, sudden braking, or distracted driving, the simple fact is that I-45 has its fair share of car accidents.

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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

If you or a family member has been injured by a large truck on I-45, you may want to find the best truck accident lawyer to help you get full and fair compensation for things like medical bills, loss of income, and pain. suffering

Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

Attorney Greg Baumgartner has been winning truck and 18-wheeler accident cases for three decades. Additionally, Mr. Baumgartner has been evaluated in pretrial and traffic accident cases

Call 18-wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner at 281 893-0760 for a free consultation about your rights and options after being hit by an 18-wheeler.

Traffic statistics for Interstate 45’s top six digits per day on the highway Despite ongoing construction to slow Interstate 45, growth in the Houston metro area has squeezed traffic.

The percentage of 18-wheelers or large trucks using I-45 represents a significant portion of overall traffic. Texas has more fatal truck accidents than any other U.S. state. Due to the number of trucks that travel the highway daily, Interstate 45 has a high rate of fatal or injured crashes.

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It’s no secret that large cars take longer to stop than cars or pickup trucks. Rear-end truck crashes occur frequently on I-45 Whether a truck driver is following too closely, traveling at a safe speed, or not expecting traffic ahead, an 80,000-pound vehicle from behind can cause serious injuries.

Car accidents happen every day on I-45 north and south of Houston Most are caused by distracted driving or following too closely Additionally, truck drivers can break the law and are legally prohibited from driving

Spinal cord injuries, such as neck and lower back injuries, are common after rear-end collisions. Additionally, rear-end collisions often result in concussions and head injuries because a large truck weighs more than the vehicle it weighs and the risk of injury serious or wrongful death increases exponentially.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

Surgeries involving neck, back, or shoulder surgery can cost tens to thousands of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately, the minimum insurance required for professional movers and drivers must be a high-limit commercial insurance policy.

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Our car accident lawyers have over 35 years of experience helping accident victims with all types of injuries, including:

Our Texas truck accident lawyers specialize in commercial vehicle accidents We handle Houston truck accident cases and personal injury cases If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident or truck accident, call the lawyer truck accident expert Greg Baumgartner. Car accident victims are unable to find a good car accident lawyer in Houston for their car accident case.

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For more than 35 years, our truck accident lawyers have won lawsuits involving truck collisions involving injury or wrongful death. We have come across cases of road accidents

If you have been injured in an accident on Interstate 45 in Texas or due to the negligence of another, call our experienced car accident law firm for a no-obligation consultation about your rights and options.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Attorney Greg Baumgartner has been helping victims of car accidents on Interstate 45 for more than 30 years, fighting for maximum compensation in every case. Our legal practice is limited to intentional serious injury or loss of family members. We do not handle car accidents and focus on maximizing compensation for the cases we accept.

If you or a loved one has an injury or a serious one and you want the best car accident lawyer you can hire for your case.

Call an experienced i45 car accident lawyer for help! Call (281) 893-0760 for a free, no-obligation consultation

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Houston

Call us to speak with an award-winning Texas car accident lawyer by calling (281) 893-0760 or toll-free at 1-866-758-4529.

Expert 18 Wheeler Accident Legal Guidance

Car Accident Lawyer Why hire a Houston car accident lawyer to handle your case? Lawyers who win cases against professional truck drivers and transporters have infinite knowledge of the laws and requirements that bus companies and their drivers must follow to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. What if I was seriously injured? […] To know more

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